Post Office International Payments Review

  • Website:
  • Currency services: Travel money (cash), International Payments (to bank account abroad)
  • Status: Doesn’t quality as a money transfer company according to our definitions, as it is a White Label operation.
  • Our Verdict: Post Office have chosen a very reliable partner for its international money transfer services, Moneycorp. The company which has existed since 1979 is a definite industry leader and one of our top chosen services (view our Moneycorp review). If you are looking into a Post office Money Transfer review, because you are unsure whether the service is good you can go to the source and  sign up with Moneycorp directly. Their website is more comprehensive and informative than the Post Office’s.


This review is different in structure than other reviews on this website. We encourage you to have a look at the following list of recommended companies reviews which are much more comprehensive and in-depth than what we could offer about Post Office International Payments.

  1. World First Foreign Exchange Review
  2. Currencies Direct Money Transfer Review
  3. TorFX Foreign Exchange Review


The Currency is a White Label – What does it mean?

The UK Post Office money transfer services (and also cash-to-cash transfers) are operated licensed payment providers and not the UK Post Office itself.

Below you can find the statements from their own website.

On the International Payment Page (Address:


On the Cash Transfers page (Address:



That indicates that in fact, these services are operated by a third party (here’s an explanation from Wikipedia on how White Labels operate).


Are white labels and agent deals necessarily bad?

The simple answer to that is no, it’s not necessarily bad. As a matter of fact, the Post Office chose a very reliable partner to handle money transfers – Moneycorp. It’s one of our most recommended currency services.

On their cash transfers, they chose a very “natural” partner, and decided to become agents with Moneygram. The company has a tremendous international reach with over 300,000 agents working with them across the globe, and allowing clients to fund an international transfer by cash, as well as withdrawing it by cash. Although the company has been receiving some criticism about its services, it still has certain capabilities that other companies don’t.

The thing with white label deals is that there is no specific reason why not to approach the service provider itself. Specifically, with Moneycorp, clients who sign up through our referral link are eligible for preferential rates and no-fees on any transfer amount.

Similar setups: Virgin Money bank also uses World First as its money transfer providers.


UK Post Office Client Reviews

UK Post Office Money Transfer reviews on  ReviewCentre are generally very negative. Most of these client reviews are dated to before Moneycorp’s usage era (The Post Office used several payment partners to handle its international money transfers over the years, shortly before Moneycorp came HiFX).

It could be that some of the complaints we have discovered are directed towards Moneygram’s cash transfer services. Moneygram complaints are not scarce.

The complaints were mainly about the following topics:

  1. Hidden charges and fees
  2. Lack of transparency, difficulty understanding the pricing
  3. Unhelpful service


 Concluding Words

You are likely to get a great service and competitive rates with the Post Office international payment service, but why use them them instead of Moneycorp directly, especially considering the great promotion we with them?

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Ron Lorrey


Tapas Chatterjee

Post Office is one of the most rip-off company as a money converter. I wanted 50 euros for my daughter so I checked on their website and the conversion rate was £45.16 but when I went to the Post Office in the Bretton Centre, Peterborough, they charged me £47.62 which were £1.0456 and the official rate was £1.00=1.14 euro.


Absolutely disgusted with this services , Very poor communication regarding our money transfer and customer service who blatantly lie to get you off the phone , I phoned to request an update on our money transfer which had taken 5 days ! to be put on hold for 10 minutes then disconnected
I will definitely not use them again

Stella Mountney

Absolute disgraceful service – to be avoided at all costs. I can’t tell you how much they mucked me about for 24 hours and then promised to contact BUT DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Terrible shame.

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