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We have reviewed 100 different money transfer companies, services, and apps. We have conducted a thorough background check and analysis for each. We are the first review-first international money transfer website, established in 2014. The project is managed by Mr. Alon Rajic, an ex-executive for a publicly traded company, who have been quoted and interviewed in regards to his financial expertise in multiple publication.


We have a team of writers who are industry experts with hands-on experience in personal finance and banking. The following esteemed writers have written for us:

  • Mr. Badre Bouarich – An ex-HSBC trader with extensive experience in corporate FX and hedging.
  • Russell Gous – Former employee of WorldFirst, bringing years of experience in foreign exchange services.
  • George Tchetvertakov – Previously worked with Moneycorp and specializes in investigative reports and corporate FX.
  • Kyle Prevost – A well-known Canadian personal finance blogger who adds a unique perspective to our reviews.

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Our business model is based on affiliate partnerships. When users visit a money transfer service through our links, sign up, and make a transfer, we receive a commission. This allows us to offer all our content and recommendations for free without any ads, maintaining a user-friendly and clutter-free website.

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