XE (XE.COM) Money Transfer Review

Established: 1993. Owned by Euronet since July, 2015. Merged with HiFX since December, 2018.

International Clients: ✓ Internationally

Currencies Offered: Approximately 60 Currencies. Full list available on website.

Minimum Transfer: No set minimum.

Trading Via: Website platform or mobile app.

Offices In: UK, Canada, US,Australia and New Zealand


✓ XE Money Transfer for european based individuals is now provided by HiFX Europe Limited, regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Provider.
✓ HiFX is also regulated in Canada, Australia and New Zealand where the rebrand to XE money transfer similarly applies.

Fees: No Fees Worldwide. Exchange rate depends on volume/currencies.

Promotional Code: None that we could find.

Client Reviews:  Over 29,000 reviews on TrustPilot.

[True as of May , 2019]

Client Rating:Approximately 96% positive feedback. Prior to merger with HiFX, XE had about 70% positive feedback.

Pros and Cons


Since 1993

Ultra-Accurate Currency Quotes

Owned by Industry Giant Euronet Worldwide

Now provided by HiFX, fully regulated in all jurisdictions present


Poor app functionality as it stands

No Industry Awards or Recognition (for Money Transfers)

Our Rating: Pending

Status: Not In MTC’s Most Recommended List

 View Why This Review is Pending

Our Top Rated Alternatives

Currencies Direct
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 39
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, India, South Africa.
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    No Fees from Anywhere

    96% Client Satisfaction
World First
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  • Our Rating : 93.4%
  • Friendly, Professional Service

    Corporate FX Expertise

    Superb Rates, No Fees

Read Full Review Below:

Company Information and Credibility

Company Size:  

XE.com, which was established in 1993 in Ontario, Canada, is one of the Internet’s first currency exchange rate providers. Nowadays, there are hundreds of websites offering up-to-date information (we also have our own foreign currency rates section), but back when XE was established, there were none.

Between 1993 and 2002, together with the popularization of the Internet, XE.com became a synonym for everything currency related. It created a variety of tools, graphs, and APIs, and many companies were happy to pay a monthly retainer to gain access to them.

In 2002 XE started XE Trade, an online international money transfer service. While it was still selling currency data packages to companies, this has supposedly become the company’s main revenue stream. Since 2002, XE Trade Money Transfers has processed more than $10 billion in global payments and has served thousands of businesses and individuals.

In July 2015 XE.com was bought by Euronet, the owners of HiFX and Ria money transfer (among others). The company employed 20-30 employees in Canada prior to the purchase.

Regulated By: 

XE Money Transfer, now provided by HiFX, is regulated in Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Adding to XE’s existing licenses in the US.

In its younger years and prior to using HiFX as their payment providers (as part of the acquisition by Euronet Worldwide), XE worked with Western Union. Which is also, of course, fully regulated, being the largest non-bank money transmitter in the world.

XE’s Announcement on Moving to HiFX in 2016:


XE Money update as of January 2019:


XE.com is well-established and appears to be trustworthy considering how long it has been operating. It is extremely well-known as the world’s currency authority (Its motto is “the world’s favourite currency site”).

XE Money Transfer is now being consistently delivered by HiFX who are regulated themselves with the FCA and other jurisdictions.  This is preferable to the previous set up where you would hope XE.com were choosing the right outsourced FX partner for yoru transfer. It is still not listed as one of the best currency transfer companies to provide the service

Client Feedback


There are over 29,000 TrustPilot reviews which are 96% positive. With the strong XE brand, usage of the service and indeed the number of reviews appear much higher than before, perhaps incorporating HiFX reviews too.

For the sake of comparison, companies like World First has around 7,000 verified reviews on Feefo.

Clients who loved XE Trade said the following:

  • They like to stick to the bigger, better-known brands
  • Rates were excellent
  • The registration process was easy
  • The transaction went smoothly
Dissatisfied clients have reported the following faults:

  • Some clients complaining that the online system is not as easy to use as before
  • Rates appear to have been raised for some HiFX clients since the migration to XE
  • Some trades are taking too long to go through
  • Clients are not forwarded to the managers if they want to speak to a higher authority within the company
  • Clients receive less money than they anticipated
  • Client support is outsourced and non-professional
  • At times, rates are worse than banks


A small number of  XE reviews we have discovered online are negative, detailing a number of reasons for their poor rating: non-responsive staff, poor rates, and a trickier online platform.

The 96% of positive reviews we have found online provide the complete opposite notion. The positive reviewers are extremely satisfied with the service they have received, the rates, and every other aspect.

There are additional reviews on the Comments section of this review by non-verified clients who provided feedback in regards to the service they have received.


Discover More Companies 

Exchange Rates & Fees

Fees: XE proudly states they do not charge any fixed fees per transfer. Prior to 2017, this information was not mentioned on XE.com, so the firm has perhaps changed its fee structure or just chose to apt for more transparency than before.

Exchange rates: The exchange rates in which XE.com uses is not visible on the website. You have to register and sign into the online system, or speak to a phone representative, to get the current rates. These rates depends on the currencies and the volume of trading.

If we were to look into the 100+ XE reviews we that were collated on our website, we can see mixed opinions about the exchange rates used by XE. The most recent user comment from Jan 17, 2018, mentions a 1% margin “below the bank rate” (we suppose that’s the interbank rate that reader is referring to). That is somewhat average for the industry, really depends on the volumes and currencies.

Limits: Not specified on the website.

XE Business Model and Ownership:

Euronet Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq: EEFT) is a large money transfer company worth US$4 billion by market capitalisation and handling over $77 billion in cash per year across 155 countries. Euronet acquired XE.com in a cash and shares deal worth around $100 million. The acquisition is this year being followed up by XE.com switching its payment provider from Western Union to HiFX.

HiFX is a global provider of foreign exchange and already a part of the Euronet group of companies. The Euronet takeover has allowed XE.com’s online brand to be matched with HiFX’s reputation and market position.


XE earns revenue from two services tied to currency exchange rates: currency data and international payments. XE earns subscription-based fees for delivering global currency exchange rate data through its proprietary currency data API and earns transaction-based revenue from XE  Money Transfers, its online international payments service made available to businesses and consumers through HiFX who have now rebranded their own business to XE Money Transfers too.


We could not determine whether XE rates are better than their competitors, on par, or worse, due to mixed client opinions.

Global Reach & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer: Yes (HiFX dealer).
  • Offices: UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • Ways to Approach: Telephone, online and via email.
  • Translations: No.
  • Accepts Clients: Worldwide.
  • Currencies Handled: 60+.
  • Client Reviews: Nearly all positive post HiFX rebrand


XE.com accepts clients internationally with no limitations but their main aim are clients from North America, Australia-NZ, the EU, and the UK. There are different sections on the Money Transfer section on XE.com devoted to people from these different locales but the content is highly similar between these different sections where the main thing to differ is the end user agreement depending on which region you’re in.

Now that HiFX has also come under the XE name it means XE will be in the UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand in addition to their original office in Canada.  This is a marked improvement from before when it was just Canada and is a fairly consistent map of coverage in line with the big providers in the market. For the sake of comparison, its highly-rated competitor World First boasts offices in  5 continents, and more than 10 functioning offices in total.


Additional Functionalities

XE.com is the best online currency exchange calculator, and has everything relating to this aspect – currency pairings history, interesting statistics, currency exchange apps, API’s, etc. All of the aforementioned services are great but are outside the realm of international money transfers.

In international money transfers, however, XE offers the following: options (including Forwards), regular payments, online trading system and of course spot transactions. We could not find any additional information on the type of options offered by XE and we are not sure whether they are offered only for corporate clients, or private clients can use them too.


XE Trade online system is similar in function to Transferwise and Currencyfair. You can use the online system to move money from point A to point B with no trouble.

Regarding other more complicated functions – it’s hard to say. There isn’t enough information about them on the website, and there are few client reviews out on the market discussing it.

XE Review: Bottom Line

When it comes to XE.com money transfer services (or XETrade) we do not have a definite bottom line. Some of the information we needed to formulate an opinion is missing. This review includes an objective overview of the data were were able to collect, and you are welcomed to read through it to form your own opinion of the company and its services.

We will strive to fill in the gaps in the coming months so we are able to give XE a definite rating, but for the time being we have revoked their rating to “Pending“.

If you are keen to use a money transfer company that has been verified and approved by us, you can use the button below to discover the top recommended companies on our website.


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Chris Corfman

I send money from the US to the Euro Zone every so often to purchase musical instruments. I’ve never had a problem with fx.com. The rates have almost always been the same as the bid, and very close to the actual exchange rate. Once there was an additional small charge, I think from a bank.

I’ve never had a problem with support; on the contrary, the support has always been very quick and helpful.

Transfers take a few days or a week. My experience is that security and verification is taken very seriously.

Ryno Terblanche

Terrible service. I’ve been asked too many times to prove who I am, even though I’ve been using this service for over ten years! See ya xe trade


Avoid them , I’m a British citizen originally from Kurdistan north Iraq , I was on holiday in Kurdistan and I was going to turkey from Iraq , I’ve transferred some money from my pounds account to my USD Citibank account. They ask me to send them a bank statement and price of income so I did , I’m a self employed, they have hold my money they keep playing with me , I cancelled it but they don’t want to return my money they keep telling me we can’t give you a time when we have an update we… Read more »

M Walji

Disgusting and very unprofessional . Website shows a rate and they quickly take your money then they start their nonsense with demanding more and more documents. Eventually they start fibbing you off a week later still no transfer and still no refund. Then they demand a large deduction of fees if you cancel. Damned if you cancel and damned if you dont because they will not transfer. Its a scam organisation FCA should close them down i still have not had my refund or my transfer and its over a week. All calls are simply given a standard reply someone… Read more »


Excellent article. I’m going through many of these issues as well..


xe.com agreed to convert USD6024.75 to CAD7500 for me. They took the USD6024.75 out of my USD bank account, and never deposited the CAD7500 to my CAD bank account. Instead they sent me an email saying that they decided to cancel the transaction and close my account. When I asked them to send me back the USD6024.75 they took, they told me to contact my bank to get my money back. My bank says I need to tell xe.com to send me my money back. Xe.com is refusing to send me my money back. When I called on the phone… Read more »


I registered with XE in order to compare the costs involved in transferring a gift from my parents. It turns out that what was happening all along is, I authorised a trade, for which now I am charged more than £700. Whilst there were boxes to tick and emails, I do not remember anywhere the warning that this is a live trade. Will never use them again. M

Arfana Sallman

Im very pleased how XE handled it in a timely manner.
Contacted me few minutes after, authorized the transfer and sent me an email confirmation.

I see it as honest company.

Sally Aquilina

I used xe for 2x transactions, and won’t be anymore. I am transferring savings from Australia for a house deposit in Ireland. I’m not in a huge rush on this, so xe’s limit trades looked great, and I didn’t look much further after that. In August I transferred$10,000. The wire and EFT options had fees, so I chose the draft option. I assumed the cheque arriving would be local, and I had checked the rates with my bank re cheque deposits. All the while assuming the cheque would come from a UK or Eu bank. It came from bank of… Read more »


I ask a simply question that I’m living in north Cyprus and my home country is Pakistan so can I send money by Xe to pakistan???
Plzzzz reply me is must.


Very funny we have been told in 4 days benificiary will receive funds in Pakistan. It is our contractor invoice amount he has to pay his employees.but today is 5th day. And customer service audacity is praiseworthy saying same line as parrot – pls check with your bank and when we asked MT 103 or any other code which we can be given to our bank as international payment reference number, we got reply we will check with our bank and then no reply. how come a money transfer service does not have any substantial proof to produce apart from… Read more »


I wish i had seen this before starting this transaction. I asked to transfer £800 into a family member’s account in Ghana for arrangements for my mum’s funeral celebrations. I got an email saying i need to send some documents to prove who i am and where the funds were coming from. I have done that and then now they come back to me saying because i used the business account which i am the director they cannot go on with the transaction. I then asked the guy on the phone to cancell the transaction and send my money back… Read more »


I tryed to send some money using this site 10 days ago, and the transfer not arrived yet.
They are keep saying that they have send the money, and they keep doing investiogation with their bank.

I`m not sure if I will ever get my money back.

This is just a scam.

Mia Anderson

Today I completed by 4th dealing with XE, paying in Euro and sending Canadian dollars to my son who is studying in Ontario. First deal 16k CAD; 2nd 7.1k CAD; 3rd and fourth 2.2k CAD. Each time without a hitch. Their transfers have always completed on the date that XE has quoted. No additional fees. Better exchange rate than my bank or OFX. Initially I had to resend identification proof, as what I had originally sent was insufficient but once that was established there were no further issues. I hope I continue to have such positive experience with XE for… Read more »


Even though the web is set up to completely trash XE Money Transfers.., I used them for the first time recently and had absolutely NO issues. It was a flawless transaction. They charged be no fees.., just 3 beeps on my end.., so an all out cost of about $9 US. Compared to other sites.., and ESPECIALLY compared to a FLIPPIN BANK.., who get you with ludicrous upfront costs of up to $40.., then they ding the hell out of you on the conversion and take another 6 points. NO FLIPPIN WAY!! It was easy.., and fast.. took less than… Read more »

Guenther T.

I’m a new customer with XE and didn’t quite read all the documentation ahead of time and missed that they are now a UK based company. A consequence of that (or the patriot act?) is, that EU citicens need to transfer their funds to a bank in the UK (which I only realized after I initiated the first transaction). This is inconvenient for me, as I wanted to transfer funds from the USA. I called them up and we discussed the dilemma and my options and in the end they cancelled the transaction in my behalf at no cost for… Read more »

Jon Smith

I’ve been using Xe for 5 years now. I’ve got winter home in Arizona. It did seem like there was a bit of a hiccup when they switched over a year ago. I had to reconfirm my ID. But I haven’t had any problems in the last six months. Always get a good deal. It’s usually, below 1% the bank’s rate.


I started using them in 2003 , have done about 25 transactions since. I have always been content with the service. I have transferred in both directions from CAD to EUR and vice versa and it never took longer than 2 days to receive the money. The exchange rate was close to fx rate and much better than what my bank was offering and no fees. I will keep using them.


I am still waiting for my money to be transferred. My recipient has not received the funds and it is already 6 months gone by – Oct 2017. They are not trustworthy. If Xe read this, please refund my money.
It’s like I’ve been robbed legally.
I’ve called numerous time, to no avail, they always tell me to wait 30 days for an answer. Sounds like a brilliant 419 scam.


WORST COMPANY EVER!!! I had set up an account thinking I was all good to go, then all of the sudden they blocked my account, for NO REASON. Their excuse was that “they had some concerns” non of which could be validated. Long story short, I was not able to transfer money and lost on the exchange rate because they could not get their act together. INCOMPETENT TEAM and COMPANY.


the whole thing and I mean it who is the client is the client and the per diem for a few minutes and I will send the money to work on the client to get a few things done and I will be there at learning to be there at learning to be there at learning to be there by to work for me to come by to see you joined yesterday but


I started the registration process, but they were asking for very sensitive info such as social security number, driver’s license, besides address, phone number, and email address. I did not registered as a result of these questions. I use Xoom and they never asked for social security or drivers licence. What if one gives them all your personal info and somebody hacks their systems? Too risky!

Silvia Diaz de Laspra Morales

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY AND NEVER EVER USE IT. I tried making a transfer of 10,000$ from the US to Spain. The account details they gave me were inaccurate and I was unable to transfer them the funds. I contacted customer support, and I can confirm they are slow and unprofessional. It takes more than 20 minutes for them to pick up the phone, and this is money you are paying for making an international phone call in case you are not located in the UK. They couldn’t tell me why I was being unable to transfer the money, and… Read more »

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