Money Transfer Guide – International Payments, Banking & Business

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited May 22, 2023

Below you can find our Money Transfer Guide, help you our readers learn more about transferring money, banking, and business. All these articles written by the MoneyTransferComparison staff. Our goal is to provide our readers with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying processes relating to international money transfers and the companies facilitating such services (whether commercial foreign exchange specialists, or banks).

We welcome content suggestions and our contact form is available on our About Us page. If you are looking for more information about how currency brokers work in general view our currency broker guide.

International Banking & Foreign Exchange Services

  • What is an FX transfer?: Explore a comprehensive guide on foreign currency transfers, where FX companies and traditional banks are compared. Discover potential savings, enhanced efficiency, safety measures, regulations, diverse payment types, hedging tools, KYC requirements, along with the influence of peer-to-peer and cryptocurrencies on the industry.
  • Best Exchange Rates for Bank Transfers: Uncover the nuances between official interbank and private/corporate exchange rates, learn about spreads, markups, and factors influencing rates. Understand the perks of currency brokers and online money transfer platforms, how to get the best rates, make currency predictions, use hedging tools, and understand the impact of global events on currency volatility.
  • UK Currency Brokers Comparison: Dive into UK currency brokers, differentiating them from forex trading brokers, understanding their services, benefits, and how they compete with banks. Learn factors to consider when choosing a currency broker, how they cater to businesses, and the varying onboarding process for UK and non-UK clients. Perfect for those needing to send money internationally or exchange currencies.
  • Best Money Transfer Services in Australia: Australia’s international money transfer services, understanding their process, pros, cons, fees, and exchange rates compared to banks. Explore security, regulations, supported currencies, financial advice, and service comparisons. Learn the importance of a trustworthy, cost-effective service and why Australia is a major hub for international transfers.
  • Paying The ATO From Abroad: Discover the tax obligations for Australians working overseas, highlighting potential high fees with ATO’s suggested payment methods. The content recommends the efficient, cost-effective OFX for ATO payments from abroad, offering direct debit payments and seamless reconciliation using your PRN, making it an affordable, user-friendly solution for managing overseas tax obligations.
  • Best International Money Transfer (USA): The top 5 international money transfer services for Americans in 2023, comparing methods, banks, and best-in-category companies. Understand the benefits of specialized transfer services, the impact of strong USD exchange rates, and recommendations for smaller transfers. Gain insights to choose the service best tailored to your individual international payment needs.
  • Best International Money Transfer (Canada): Learn about international money transfers from Canada, noting high fees and complex processes with traditional banks. Explore the advantages of non-bank transfer services popular in the UK, USA, and Australia. Understand transfer fees, hidden costs, savings, and popular transfer routes.
  • Send Money To / From South Africa: Challenges and benefits of international money transfers from South Africa, emphasizing the use of transfer companies over banks due to strict foreign exchange controls. Understand the benefits including better rates, bespoke services, and simplified large sum transfers. The content also explores the impact of skilled worker emigration on South Africa’s economy and growth prospects.
  • Best Remittance Companies: Assist individuals in selecting optimal remittance providers to affordably transfer money internationally. We also cover remittance companies, their benefits over banks, various transfer methods, and the impact of mobile transfers in sub-Saharan Africa. Gain tips on saving on fees, avoiding pitfalls, and effectively supporting families, making investments, and managing finances abroad.
  • Best Money Transfer Apps: The best international money transfer apps for Apple and Android, understanding their usage benefits, savings, and customer satisfaction. Explore the top three apps and other options, noting their features, compatibility, and user ratings. Learn about the pros and cons of app vs. desktop services, and gain insights into industry growth trends and app popularity.
  • How To Transfer Large Amounts Of Money: Effective methods for transferring large sums internationally, emphasizing specialized currency brokers over banks. Overview international transfer services, top companies, their fees, and qualities. Specific currency corridors and benefits of brokerage for large transfers in property, business, and pensions. Learn about convenient transfers to/from the UK, US, EU, and others while receiving expert advice on avoiding costly fees.
  • Receiving Large Amounts Of Money From Overseas: Learn how to efficiently and affordably receive large sums from abroad with detailed reviews and comparisons of foreign exchange companies and step-by-step instructions. We cover solutions for individuals, businesses, expats, freelancers, and special cases like fund repatriation and foreign checks, the guide aims to streamline overseas fund reception and maximize savings.
  • Best Way To Cash A Foreign Cheque in UK: Learn how to cash foreign currency cheques in the UK, discussing challenges with banks, and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of international money transfer services like Currencies Direct. Includes a case study revealing high bank fees and poor exchange rates.
  • Non Sterling Transaction Fees Explained & How to Avoid Them: Explore non-sterling transaction fees, understanding what they are, when charged, and how to avoid them. Compare fees from major UK banks to cheaper challenger banks and fintechs. Learn about the best currency accounts/cards, calculate non-GBP transfer fees, and get tips on using cards abroad.
  • Are UK Banks Set to Join the Money Transfer Race?: The potential of UK banks joining the FX race for individual and small business money transfers. Amidst global remittance market growth and the rise of specialized FX brokerages and fintechs like TransferWise, UK banks, while maintaining significant market share, are losing customers.
  • Sending International FX Payments: How to make international FX payments and save money, comparing banks, FX specialists, and online methods. Understand the differences between international and domestic payments, explore various FX payment services with use cases for businesses and individuals. Reviews of top FX payment providers and exploration of alternative payment methods like cryptocurrencies and multi-currency accounts are also included.
  • Can a Wire Transfer Be Reversed?: The possibility of reversing wire transfers after transaction errors, covering domestic and international scenarios, error prevalence, and potential outcomes. Understand that reversing transfers can be difficult or near-impossible due to payment speed and completion.
  • Can I Use a Debit Card to Transfer Money Abroad?: Top transfer companies that accept debit cards, payment options, potential pitfalls, and payment processes. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using a debit card for overseas money transfers.
  • What is Spot FX?: Understand FX spot rate, pros and cons of spot trading, and recommended providers. We also explore spot trading’s suitability for individuals and businesses as part of a comprehensive currency strategy.
  • How Long Do International Transfers Take?: Examine international money transfers, factors impacting transfer times including destination, banks, currencies, intermediary banks, and initiation time. Explore the SWIFT system, faster alternatives like, and non-bank services. Understand potential delays, various external factors, local payment times, and World Bank Remittances Data
  • How to Avoid Intermediary and Beneficiary Bank Fees?: Discover how to avoid recipient bank fees in international money transfers. Understand the role of intermediary banks and their potential fees. Explore solutions like currency brokers or transfer providers to bypass SWIFT transfers. Learn about the differences between domestic and international payments and how SEPA and SWIFT networks work.
  • How do Foreign Exchange Companies Turn Profit?: How foreign exchange companies generate profits by applying spreads or margins and potential transfer fees. Compare foreign exchange brokers to banks, understanding how brokers work with multiple clients, buy currencies from banks, and add their margin for customer rates.
  • Free International Money Transfers – Do they exist?: Discover cost-effective ways to transfer money internationally, debunking the notion of free transfers and explaining how banks and money transfer firms profit. Popular methods of sending money abroad and evaluating their cost-effectiveness.
  • International Money Orders: The relevance of international money orders in the digital era, covering their functionality, availability, and acceptance in different countries. Delve into the potential of online international money orders, discussing features, costs, and safety considerations.
  • How to Transfer Pensions Abroad from UK: A comprehensive guide on transferring a UK pension abroad, highlighting important considerations and potential pitfalls. Understand the significance of transferring to a ‘qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme’ (QROPS) and explore top services for overseas pension transfers.
  • How Much Money is Transferred Internationally Each Year: The world of global money transfers, analyzing the substantial funds flowing across borders annually and their impact on industries and economies. Delve into key areas such as remittances to developing countries, international trade, B2B transfers among smaller enterprises, and overseas investments.
  • How The Economy Impacts Currency Exchange Rate: The relationship between the economy, currencies, and exchange rates. Learn how factors like interest rate differentials, current account, public debt, and trade account affect supply and demand dynamics, shaping currency appreciation or depreciation. Understand the significance of future expectations in driving market volatility and making informed decisions when exchanging money.
  • Is a Bank Transfer Safe?: Discover the importance of reputable payment providers and secure payment networks. Learn how to avoid phishing scams and man-in-the-middle attacks. Implement tips like two-factor authentication, strong passwords, and regular account monitoring for enhanced security and peace of mind during bank transfers.
  • Is The Bank Transfer A Good Payment Method? (Travel Focus): Explore the pros and cons of using bank transfers versus credit card payments for international travel expenses. Compare fees associated with credit card transactions, including foreign transaction fees and FX markups. Discover payment options for specific travel expenses like safaris, cruises, car hires, and hotels.
  • International Money Transfer Fees: Uncover the varying fees and costs among major banks in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, and other countries. Highlighting disparities within the same country, the article emphasizes the impact of hidden FX markups on total transfer costs.
  • Swift Codes, IBANs, Routing Numbers and Sort Codes: Learn about the SWIFT, BIC, IBAN, routing numbers, and sort codes and their purposes in facilitating international transfers and how their formats work.
  • How to Transfer Euros to a UK Bank Account?: Explore different methods, including using your bank, specialist providers, or multi-currency accounts. Compare fees and exchange rates from various banks, and discover alternatives like digital multi-currency accounts for seamless Euro to GBP transfers.
  • How to Transfer Dollars to a UK Bank Account?: Understand the conversion process and suitable options for maintaining USD or converting to GBP. Explore transfer methods like banks, currency brokers, and international payment companies. Learn about banks offering USD accounts in the UK, their fees, and eligibility requirements.


  • eWallets For International Payments: Compare larger wallets like PayPal and Skrill based on speed, ease of use, fees, country and currency restrictions, and functionality. Discover alternative money transfer companies and multi-currency accounts as cost-saving options for transferring and holding money in different currencies.
  • How to Withdraw Money From PayPal To Your Bank Account: Discover how to withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account. While PayPal offers easy withdrawals, businesses and personal sellers may find its fees comparatively higher. Alternative options are also discussed, providing potential fee savings and a customer-friendly experience.
  • How to transfer money from PayPal to Transferwise?: Learn how to transfer money from PayPal to a account. Discover step-by-step instructions, including a comparison of payment fees between PayPal and

Tax and Legal

  • Tax Implications of Transferring Money to the UK: Navigate the tax implications of transferring money to the UK. Understand factors like residency status, income, savings, country source of funds, remittances basis, inheritance tax, and fund repatriation. Gain insights into money transfers from different countries and arm yourself with valuable information.
  • The KYC Requirements in UK: Gain an overview of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for individuals and businesses when registering with financial services providers, specifically money transfer companies. Explore required documents during onboarding and enhanced due diligence for high-risk customers.
  • International Money Transfer Regulation in UK (FCA Focus): Understand the role and history of the FCA, different types of authorizations for money transfer providers, and discover top-rated authorized companies for secure transfers. Learn what to look for in a well-regulated, safe money transfer provider and the importance of choosing an FCA-authorized payment provider in the money transfer space.
  • International Money Transfer Regulation in Europe: Understand the European Union’s legal framework, including the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and the roles of different authorities in regulating the financial sector. Discover the advantages of selecting European regulated payment providers, the impact of Brexit on regulations, and ongoing efforts to combat financial crime and enforce compliance in the industry.
  • Declaring Foreign Bank Accounts to HMRC: Understand the significance of declaring foreign bank accounts to HMRC for UK residents. Explore potential penalties and legal consequences of non-compliance. Learn about worldwide income reporting requirements and the Common Reporting Standard, enabling HMRC to access offshore account information.
  • Customs Fees and VAT on Imports to UK: Explore key points, different categories of imported goods, and the calculation and payment of VAT. The article also discusses the impact of Brexit on imports from the EU, affecting UK consumers and European retailers.
  • Investing in Property in Europe from UK: Gain insight into overseas property investing in the European Union for Britons post-Brexit. Discover the minimal impact of new rules on buying and selling property abroad. Explore the current landscape for UK citizens considering property purchases in Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy.

Business Matters

  • Business Foreign Exchange: Discover the potential benefits of dedicated corporate FX services for international transactions. Gain a brief overview of top business FX services and uncover tips for maximizing the advantages of using a corporate foreign exchange specialist.
  • How FX Hedging Works?: Learn about the five pillars of a successful currency hedging strategy, explore instruments like forward contracts, limit orders, and stop-loss orders, and discover top companies for hedging currency risk.
      • Currency Forwards Contracts: Discover how forward contracts allow individuals and businesses to secure exchange rates for future transactions. Delve into the popularity, pros and cons, and common questions surrounding forwards. Gain valuable insight on the best and most accessible specialists for booking forward contracts.
      • FX Options for Hedging: Learn about the process of buying and selling FX options, different hedging strategies, and various types available. Discover recommended platforms for purchasing FX options and learn how they can be used for speculative gains or hedging against currency movements.
      • FX Swaps: Learn about FX swaps, their distinctions from FX forwards, and their suitability for short-term currency solutions. Discover top providers of FX swaps for small and medium-sized businesses.
      • FX Limit Orders: The benefits and risks of using foreign exchange (FX) limit orders for businesses seeking to hedge their positions in the FX market without venturing into the costlier and more regulated options market. Explore the top brokers for purchasing FX limit orders, learn the distinctions between limit orders and stop-loss orders, and gain insight through real-life examples.
  • FX Payment Automation: Explore the transformative impact of automation on the payment industry. Fintech startups such as Airwallex and Kantox are at the forefront, offering cost reduction and competitive exchange rates, challenging traditional financial players. As AI advancements replace white-collar professionals, the article examines how payment automation has the potential to revolutionize international commerce.
  • How to Increase Profit Margin as an Ecommerce Business Selling Internationally: Discover five crucial steps to enhance profit margins for ecommerce businesses, particularly in international selling. Gain insights into understanding gross and net profit margins, and explore practical tips such as price adjustments, cost optimization, on-site conversion improvements, increased average order value, and effective management of FX costs and exposure for international sellers.
  • The Best Online Payment Gateway Systems in the UK: A comprehensive comparison of the top five online payment gateways for small businesses in the UK. Evaluating factors such as fees, credibility, security, cost, and overall quality, the author presents a detailed analysis of each payment gateway.
  • FX Risk Management: With the increasing importance of exchange rates and the rise of ecommerce, SMEs and corporations face heightened risks. The article explores key elements of currency management, such as currency mapping, streamlining accounts through treasury management, and developing an effective FX strategy.
  • How to Invoice International Clients from UK: Navigate the complexities of invoicing international clients with this comprehensive guide tailored for UK businesses. We offer practical tips and information to ensure successful invoicing while complying with current legislation and best practices.
  • Best Global Payroll Services: Discover the top global payroll services for 2023 in this comprehensive analysis, designed to assist businesses of all sizes with their international hiring and payment needs.
  • Best Employer of Record Services: Employer of Record (EOR) services for hiring employees abroad without a local entity. It compares EORs to freelancers/contractors and introduces top providers like Papaya Global, Deel, and

Multi-Currency Accounts & Routes

  • Best Multi-Currency Account: Multi-currency accounts are gaining popularity for their flexibility and better exchange rates compared to banks. Fintech companies offer these accounts to businesses and individuals, enabling them to send and receive foreign currency payments with lower fees.
    • Best Euro Accounts UK: Compare Euro accounts offered by traditional retail banks and neobanks in the UK. Explore pros and cons of each type of provider. Discover the best multi-currency accounts, such as Wise, WorldFirst, and Moneycorp.
    • Best USD Accounts UK: Compare different USD bank account options available, highlighting their features and advantages. Get guidance on transferring money between the US and UK and learn how to open a USD account.
    • Best AUD Account UK: Discover the best Australian Dollar (AUD) accounts for UK-based businesses trading in Australia. Explore multi-currency digital accounts that offer reliability, affordability, and quick setup. Compare different account options and learn how to open an Australian bank account from the UK.
    • Best JPY Account UK: benefits of opening a Japanese yen (JPY) account in the UK for businesses selling in Japan. Save on currency conversion costs by collecting revenues and paying suppliers in the local currency. Compare top-rated JPY accounts available in the UK and find alternative options to save money on currency exchange for businesses exporting to Japan.
  • How to Open a U.S Bank Account Without Residency: Discover the advantages of having a USD bank account, including increased competitiveness, operational efficiency, and fee savings. Learn about FinTech platforms like Wise and OFX that simplify the process of opening a US bank account for non-residents, making it easier and more convenient.
  • Digital Nomad Banking: Discover the expanding options for digital nomads seeking convenient and affordable financial management while traveling. Traditional banks are no longer the sole choice, with online banking services like Wise, WorldFirst, HSBC International Bank Account, and Payoneer offering innovative and cost-effective multi-currency accounts, debit cards, and payment solutions.

Popular Money Transfer Routes

  • Transfer Money From USA to UK: Transfer money between the USA and the UK with ease. Explore options beyond traditional banks, including currency brokers, online transfer companies, and remittance services. Evaluate pros and cons, follow step-by-step instructions, and choose the right provider for your individual needs.
  • Transfer Money From Spain to UK: Transfer money between the UK and Spain hassle-free. Discover safe and cost-effective alternatives to traditional banks, such as specialist non-bank international payment companies. Find recommendations for the cheapest and best transfer methods for various purposes, like property transactions or supplier payments.
  • Transfer Money From France to UK: Effortlessly transfer money between France and the UK with this concise guide. Compare international money transfer providers, considering service, cost, speed, and safety. Follow a step-by-step process, gain tips for choosing the right provider, and find tailored recommendations based on transfer amounts and purposes.
  • Transfer Money From Switzerland to UK: Explore the increasing popularity of money transfers between Switzerland and the UK, driven by the appeal of Swiss banking to UK nationals post-Brexit and the significant trade between these financial hubs. Discover cost-effective methods for these transfers and gain insights into the top four options available, including their respective pros and cons.
  • Transfer Money to/from Scandinavian Countries: A comprehensive guide to the best providers for money transfers in and out of Scandinavia, comparing their transfer fees and exchange rates with traditional banks. Whether you’re sending or receiving funds, this guide will help you make informed decisions and find the most cost-effective options.
  • Transferring Money between the UK and the EU: With a focus on FX margins, the guide offers tips to save money when transferring funds between the UK and Europe, ensuring cost-effective transactions in both directions.
  • Transferring Money to/From Israel: By evaluating a range of Israeli and non-Israeli money transfer companies, this article aims to empower readers in making informed decisions about their cross-border financial transactions.
  • Transferring Money from UAE: Discover the most efficient and user-friendly methods for transferring money internationally from the UAE to global destinations such as the UK, USA, EU, Australia, and beyond.
  • Transfer Money Between New Zealand and Australia: Navigate the nuances of cross-Tasman transfers, exploring alternatives to traditional banks for cost-effective, reliable, and speedy money movement tailored to personal and business needs.
  • Transfer Money Between UK and Australia: Uncover the best methods for transferring money between the UK and Australia. Compare various service providers, considering factors such as cost, speed, and reliability. This guide provides step-by-step instructions and tips to help you make the most cost-effective and secure transactions for both personal and business needs.
  • Transfer Money From USA to Spain: Want to transfer money from the USA to Spain? Explore various options beyond traditional banks, such as online money transfer services and currency brokers. Understand the pros and cons of each method, consider factors like cost, speed, and reliability, and follow step-by-step instructions to choose the most suitable service for your needs.


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Below you can find the SWIFT codes for Spain. Each Spanish bank account has one which is used to identify

Sweden SWIFT Codes

Below you can find the SWIFT codes for Sweden. Each Swedish bank account has one which is used to identify

Switzerland SWIFT Codes

Below you can find the SWIFT codes for Switzerland. Each Swiss bank account has one which is used to identify


Below you can find the SWIFT codes for USA. Each US bank account has one which is used to identify

New Zealand SWIFT Codes

Below you can find the SWIFT codes for New Zealand. Each New Zealand bank account has one which is used

United Arab Emirates SWIFT Codes

Below you can find the SWIFT codes for the United Arab Emirates. Each UAE bank account has one which is


Below you can find the SWIFT codes for UK. Each UK bank account has one which is used to identify

All About The SWIFT, BIC, IBAN, Routing Number And Sort Codes

Terms like SWIFT code, BIC code, IBAN, and sort code are somewhat confusing. What exactly are these acronyms, and what

The Foreign Exchange Controversies

Which are the top 3 most hated companies in the money transfer domain? Which companies have been on the receiving end

South African Emigration Patterns and Their Impact on the South African Economy

Recently it has become popular for the white population of South Africa to emigrate to other countries. Given that the

What Do The Numbers on My Card Mean?

All credit and debit cards are printed with certain numbers at the back or front sections that can be quite

Australia SWIFT Codes

Below you can find the SWIFT codes for Australia. Each Australian bank account has one which is used to identify

Obtaining Access to Liquidity and How Banks Changed

Accessing top-tier liquidity has never been easier, or cheaper, than it is today. Trading has come a long way since


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