Currencies Direct Money Transfer Review

“Currencies Direct is one of the friendliest companies on the market. An intuitive website, easy to use online platform and extremely pleasant staff. The company has been around for more than 20 years and has attracted nothing but positive media attention and awesome feedback.”
97.8% Editorial rating.
Aggregated reviews
Level of Satisfaction
Industry Awards

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Since Currencies Direct is not the best option for clients from USA or Canada, here are our top 3 tailored choices
USA CANADA The Industry Veteran
Local USA Offices:
4500 Park Granada UNIT 239, Calabasas, CA 91302
93.2% Editorial rating
7,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Why Them?
  • Operating Since 1970 - First Commercial FX Firm
  • Corporate FX Specialists
  • Great Online Platform
  • Many Consumer and Business Awards
USA CANADA Money Transfers Giant, Traded Publicly
Local USA Offices:
T49 Stevenson Street, 13th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105
90.4% Editorial rating
1,500 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Why Them?
  • Traded Publicly
  • $20bn+ Turnover per Year
  • Ultra Professional Service
  • Very Tight Margins even for Smaller Transfers
USA CANADA The Hottest Money Transfer Startup Today
Local USA Offices:
19 W 24th Street, Floor 9, New York City, NY 10010
86.8% Editorial rating
32,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Why Them?
  • Most Recognizable Brand in Money Transfers Today
  • Boast 1,000+ Employees and $4bn in Monthly Turnover
  • Transparent Pricing on the Site
  • Easy to Use

This Currencies Direct review will explain all the aspects necessary in order to decide whether to use the company for international money transfers. We’ll provide answers to who is Currencies Direct Ltd, are they a reliable company and is my money safe? We’ll also determine just how good Currencies Direct exchange rates and fees are, and how the process works.

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Minimum transfer:
Fees & Rates: No Fees worldwide policy.
REGULATION: Financial Conduct Authority FinCEN SARB FINTRAC

Is Currencies Direct Reliable? Is it Safe?

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority FinCen SARB FINTRAC
Company Size

Currencies Direct was founded in 1996 in the UK as Currencies Direct ltd, and has grown at a staggering pace. From a small-operation, the firm has grown into an industry leader that now serves customers on all 5 continents, with offices in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, India, China, South Africa, and the USA.

Currencies Direct has more than 500 employees, and serves more than 325,000 corporate and individual clients, transferring more than £7.5 billion annually, making it one of the largest currency firms in the UK. Currencies Direct Spain, a subsidiary of Currencies Direct UK, boasts 17 offices and dozens of employees in the country.

It was recently bought for more than £200m by Palamon Capital and Corsair Capital. Corsair’s president, Lord Davies of Abersoch, was previously the Minister of State for Trade, Investment and Small Business. In August 2016, the firm appointed Mr Antony Jenkins, the former CEO of Barclays, as its non executive chairman. This event has signified that Currencies Direct is officially in the “Big League” of money transfer companies in the world.


Consumer champion of the year, 2017, Money Age Magazine.

Most positive client reviews in 2017, MoneyTransferComparison

Level 1 credit rating, D&B

National business awards finalists, 2006

Money Age Magazine, Money Transfer Provider of the Year, 2016, 2018.

Best Rated Money Transfer 2019-2020 MoneyTransferComparison


Currencies Direct is one of the largest and most respectable currency firms in existence today. Operating for more than 20 years now, it has offices spanning 22 locations worldwide and the highest Credit Rating from Dun & Bradstreet. It continues its trend of steady growth in a highly competitive market, and in our opinion for good reason.

With its recent acquisition by two of the most respectable VC firms in the market, we anticipate Currencies Direct to continue its growth while maintaining its excellent service. We conclude it is perfectly safe to use Currencies Direct.

96% Credibility Score.


We have been to inspect Currencies Direct UK offices in Canary Wharf, London, at the heart of the city’s financial district. Its offices are professional and the staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. They eagerly welcome clients to visit and meet with them.

Currencies Direct offices – photos:


Dealer Area In The Office


Incredible Office View

Do Clients Like Currencies Direct?
Currencies Direct Reviews from Across The Web


With 4,500+ Currencies Direct reviews submitted by clients on TrustPilot, we have more than enough evidence of Currencies Direct’s qualities. TrustPilot operates in 24 countries and is considered by many to represent the national voice of consumers. On TrustPilot, the company receives an average score of 4.8 /5 – one of the highest in the industry. Currencies Direct doesn’t have a separate entity per country on TrustPilot so these reviews represent experiences from clients with Currencies Direct UK, Currencies Direct Spain, Currencies Direct South Africa, as well as other global offices and subsidiaries Currencies Direct Ltd operates across the globe.

In addition to that, we have collected more than 20 client reviews in our comment section. Here is an example:

I am retired and I had to make an urgent transfer from my sterling account in the UK to a Notary’s account in France, in Euros, to pay the deposit on a flat purchase.

After many years spent in forex dealings, I was disgusted by the rates that my, and other, banks were offering, so I researched the market and, to my delight, found Currencies Direct. The simplicity of operation and the speed of processing my transaction was a pure delight and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone.

Akos Nicolas Roth, Verified Client
Advantages +5

96% or more of the clients are happy with the service they have received. These are the main compliments:

  • Easy to sign up and get an account
  • Helpful personal dealers
  • Good exchange rates
  • Added value when it comes to property
  • Fast and reliable payment delivery
Disadvantages -4

We also found some complaints among these reviews, indicating that:

  • Some of the staff members were rude in their approach
  • Additional information on the transfer, and relevant documents, are sometimes needed
  • Credit Cards not allowed (GBP and EUR debit cards are OK)
  • Recipient’s bank is charged – an extra fee

When we scan the negative reviews written about the company, we don’t see anything that immediately alarms us.

When it comes to staff, it’s perfectly acceptable that out of almost 1,000 users, 10 or 20 won’t be happy with the dedicated dealer to which they were assigned. The company hires hundreds of traders, so it’s only natural that a minority of them won’t be as pleasant as others.

When it comes to documentation, the FCA make, and enforce, the UK government’s Anti Money Laundering rulings. Currencies Direct must closely abide by their instructions, which may sometimes require further documentation. This is common across all Foreign Exchange firms.

In terms of recipient banks charging an extra fee, this is something rather rare that happens when transferring funds to (mainly) Asia. There is nothing that Currencies Direct can do about it, and it will also happen with any other company.

Credit Cards are a non-issue as well. There are very few companies who accept credit cards, and even fewer clients who wish to transfer funds in this way via commercial FX (often the fees incurred by the credit company will be more significant than the exchange rates).

To summarise, there is 96%+ client satisfaction, and the vast majority of complaints relate to requirements beyond the company’s control, as a result of national and international transfer laws.

91% Client Feedback Score.

Currencies Direct Exchange Rates & Fees


Fees:  No fees at all. Free transfers from anywhere, to anywhere on the globe.

Exchange Rates: Currencies Direct operates in similar fashion to other companies in this industry, i.e., Currencies Direct rates, or more accurately, FX margins, are quite flexible and depend on the volume of trading.

On the website, you can view real-time savings in comparison to banks (while in order to see Currencies Direct live rates you will need to sign up and login into your account). On average, on a £10,000 transfer (to EUR, USD, or AUD) you will save £280. On larger transfers, conducted via telephone, you will enjoy even lower margins, and thus increase your savings.

Limits: The minimum transfer amount is £100 which is quite low, while there is no upper limit on transfers.

Currencies Direct handles a diverse range of clients, from those who are sending small remittances back home, through to property buyers, and large corporations that move millions between currencies each month.

  • The exchange rates and fees are some of Currencies Direct’s strongest aspects. The no-fee policy worldwide, in addition to the calculator on the website, makes it very easy to understand how much money one can save by using them.
  • The sheer size of the company makes currency liquidity extremely high, meaning that on larger transfers, it would be able to provide a quote that represents even higher savings.
  • Clients seem to be happy with the currency rates provided to them.
96% Fees, Exchange Rates.

Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
Offices: UK Spain France Portugal India China South Africa USA Canada

Ways to approach: Email form on the site, call-back form on the site, and face to face meetings in local offices worldwide.

Translations:  French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish , Korean and Chinese .

Accepts Clients:  Globally, with dedicated local support in 7 countries!

Currencies Handled: 39.

Client Reviews: Global clientele base that seems very happy with the provided services.


Currencies Direct is the most localised company we have tested to date, bar-none. There are dedicated support teams, and translated versions of the site, for a wide variety of clients from various countries.

This is precisely what we would expect from a top-notch company. Local agents everywhere that are ready to step in and assist clients, regardless of where they are in the world, or where they are sending money.

For large transfers it’s quite common for the person or business making the transfer to meet face-to-face with the company making the transaction, and with Currencies Direct, this is definitely possible.

In addition, Currencies Direct can help prospective clients save on recipient bank fees. With so many local bank settlements, it can make sure that the transfer remains domestic on the client side, as demonstrated below:

96% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score

Additional Functionalities

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Rate Watch
  • Forward Contract
  • Guidance on property purchase – including unique guides for specific countries

Regular Transfers, and Pay with Debit Card.
Batch Payments – make batch payment runs 100x quicker than before.
Developer API portal for large corporate customers and partners for seamless integration.

Multi-Currency Wallet:
As a Currencies Direct customer you are able to swap your money held with Currencies Direct in GBP,EUR, USD into any currency. Or you can keep money in your Currencies Direct accounts for unlimited periods of time, but you should know that these funds do not incur interest. For example, if you transferred $10,000 to Currencies Direct (or received that amount via Currencies Direct), you could exchange $2,000 to Euro through their multi-currency functionality and transfer that amount while keeping $8,000 in your account. Then, you can exchange $5,000 to Sterling and make a separate transfer, without requiring to fund each and every transfer on the system.
E-tailer Collection Accounts (working with online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Play, Rakuten, PriceMinister, Fnac, and many more). Read more about them on our eCommerce Multi-Currency Currency page. i-Payfx payment system for businesses – Pay multiple payees, salaries, suppliers, etc. Premier Business Accounts for larger businesses, with a dedicated support team and tailored payment plans developed with the money manager of the organisation.

Currencies Direct is one of the most diverse companies when it comes to the services it offers – from the usual things, such as market watch, forward contracts, and limit orders, along with unique guides supplied to clients who are purchasing overseas properties. For businesses, Currencies Direct offers one of the most sophisticated collection offers, connecting directly with online marketplaces, and it offers a very advanced payment system that can serve a variety of purposes. The Currencies Direct group also incorporates Currencies Direct Financial Markets – a separately regulated business for companies wanting to conduct options.

Mobile Adaptability:

The Currencies Direct website works well on mobile, and the company also offers a multi-platform mobile application (works on both Android and iPhone devices).This recently rebuilt app is efficient, diverse and generally speaking one of the best you could find in the industry.


Very few other companies offer as many unique features as Currencies Direct. The hedging department has all the tools you would expect, the online platform is really good and has some unique functions such as “Watch Rate Alerts”, the app is fully functional and friendly, and the brokers are helpful.

94% Added Values Score

Currencies Direct Review Summary
95 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility Score - 96%
  • Client Feedback Score - 91%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates Score - 96%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service Score - 99%
  • Added Values Score - 94%

Bottom Line

Currencies Direct was one of the first companies in the business to offer a zero-fee policy on all transfers. For over 2 decades, Currencies Direct has been the go-to place for individuals and businesses alike who aspire to pay less while getting a superior service that is unmatched by banks and competitors. 96% of all Currencies Direct reviews online are positive which makes perfect sense considering the high level of professionalism and quality of the online system and Currencies Direct staff.

Currencies Direct is definitely one of the industry leaders in this space. The firm transfers more than £7.5bn a year on behalf of its clients between 39 currencies, and was recently acquired for a sum of more than £200m by a group of investors led by the UK’s former Minister of Trade. The firm boasts 20 offices just in Europe, 17 by Currencies Direct Spain – more than any other comparable company.

To summarise, Currencies Direct are our #1 rated company on Money Transfer Comparison. We believe they are safe, cheap and are very likely going to leave you with a pleasant experience and immense savings on your international transfers.

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Catriona Burgess
3 years ago

We have recently purchased a holiday apartment in Spain and needed a means of transferring smallish amounts of sterling to euros to cover bills etc. without mega charges. I researched several online companies and was impressed with Currencies Direct’s rates, website and reviews, it appeared very simple. It was extremely simple, after my initial enquiry I was contacted and registration set up and cash transferred all within a few hours. I have since received regular emails updating me on the current market situation and on the whole have been very pleased with their service. I wont hesitate to use them… Read more »

Fiona Atkinson
4 years ago

Currencies Direct were quite happy to deal with us when purchasing a house as we were dealing with large sums of money. Once the house sale was complete and we wanted to transfer £5000 for running costs of the home the attitude changed completely. We were informed that Currencies Direct did not deal with small amounts of money and we should look elsewhere. Such arrogance was totally uncalled for and personally I don’t regard £5k as a small sum of money. Obviously salaries are such that this did seem as small amount of cash.

Keith Miller
3 years ago

After using HiFx for a number of years, I wanted to check whether there was a better option. I live in Thailand and relatively few companies will allow me to register with them. Fortunately, Currencies Direct is one of them. They charge no commission on any amount, whereas HiFx charge £9 on amounts less than £3000. The amount was transferred to my Thai bank within 3 days, rather than the 4 days I was accustomed to, and most importantly the conversion rate was significantly better – £25 bonus on a smallish £2000 initial deal. With the Pound suffering against the… Read more »

3 years ago

living in France having the opportunity to use the French office has made transfers very quick and easy,also whilst on holiday in Spain i had a problem with my account the local office in mojacar sorted out the problem immediately,I cannot fault the service they offer

Jeff N
2 years ago

Currencies Direct represents a tremendous saving in comparison to BMI and Citi on Euro / Dollar / Canadian Dollar transactions

Bob Mason
2 years ago

I help my grandson grandson, who lives abroad, with his student loan – transferring money every once in a while. Always relatively small amounts.
Using Currencies Direct made my life easier. I know that my grandson receives the money I send – very neat and organised process. Both me and my grandson are very pleased.

Cara Fitzgerald
2 years ago

I wanted to wait for a better pound-euro rate to transfer money to my father. Currencies Direct’s representative was very honest and helpful with their currency rate prediction. Thanks!

Potential client
5 years ago

This is a non-verified comment. We tried to reach this client through communication here and via email and never received a response. Please take this comment with a grain of salt – The MoneyTransferComparison management

Having reviewed several UK fund transfer groups, Currencies Direct was the most protective, non transparent, and extremely rude. There sales approach was aggressive. They wanted a registration more than a relationship.
Immediately there was no trust, the firm is small, and it is perceived desperate to get clients.

Wojciech Kalazny
4 years ago

Unfortunately this company doesn’t offer 100+ currencies. In the form that one has to fill out as proposed currencies that one owns there r only around 30-40 currencies. Can you recommend me money transfer service that works from China and wouldn’t use such exorbitant fees as Paypal? Thanks

4 years ago

I emailed Currencies Direct with some specific questions regarding transfers from UK to China. Their reply was to request a phone number so they could call me. I would prefer written answers and have informed them of this. They now appear to be ignoring me! I find this reluctance/refusal to provide written information deeply troubling – what have they got to hide? Or do they want the personal contact so that they can indulge in a ‘hard-sell’? It is impossible to obtain any facts from their website without first registering, which I don’t necessarily want to do. Do you have… Read more »

Robert Pratt
4 years ago

When comparing transfer rates online every company site except Currencies Direct gave me an immediate clear and up front price. Currencies Direct would not, wanting me to register my details first. Goodbye.

Another potential client
4 years ago

The comments here are an anti-thesis to the reporting above. Perhaps further verification and review is needed in the spirit of providing greater awareness amongst the consumers. My experience: I had wanted to enquire about the rates. Instead of replying with a quotation as they had advertised, they replied by asking me to click on certain options available on the website (essentially it meant surfing Currencies Direct website) and asking me to provide copies of my ID when I haven’t even expressed my interest to register! The registration process painfully long for a business that operates on trust and efficiency.… Read more »

4 years ago

I have signed up to Currencies Direct without any trouble at all.
A representative contacted me briefly and supplied an excellent pricing, remarkably cheaper than the comparative quote I received from my bank.
The representative was polite, and helpful.

Jacquelyn was a mystery-shopper for

Janine Springall
3 years ago

just a bit of information the rate for the commission is between 1.3 to 1.5 percent which is no better than a standard banK. We rang them and pointed out this fact and said that we would not do the transfer with this rate. Their reply was are you threatening us, nomwe were simply pointing out the facts and now because of their reaction do not trust sending the money to transfer because who knows what they will do. I will be sharing this with all my friends as we were very unhappy with their reaction and unprofessionalism.

Mort Grenville
3 years ago

Fantastic service. Used currencies direct to send a large amount of sterling to Israel to buy our holiday apartment I. The local currency. They helped us set a rate in advance. The rate was brilliant. The service was fantastic and the speed was very fast. Will use them again

3 years ago

Great customer service for new joiners, I’ve been followed step by step in orders to try my first transaction.

3 years ago

I used currencies direct for my year abroad program. I needed to transfer money regularly from my UK bank account into my Canadian account. The services were superb. Saved a whole lot of money and I couldn’t have asked for more. Definitely works!

3 years ago

Very good service .Efficient and fast.Won t hesitate to use them again.

Akos Nicolas ROTH
3 years ago

I am retired and I had to make an urgent transfer from my sterling account in the UK to a Notary’s account in France, in Euros, to pay the deposit on a flat purchase.
After many years spent in forex dealings, I was disgusted by the rates that my, and other, banks were offering, so I researched the market and , to my delight, found Currencies Direct.
The simplicity of operation and the speed of processing my transaction was a pure delight and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone.

Edward Radcliffe
3 years ago

Very good service and highly competitive rates. Despite some technical issues the support team have been very patient and pro-active on following up. Would definitely recommend when transferring significant sums overseas.

Phil Bousfield
3 years ago

The process was smooth (some time was required to verify ID details and the purpose of the transaction but that is as expected).

The exchange rates being offered seemed to be much more competitive than other similar providers out there).

All in all, i was very happy and would recommend.

Kathryn Thomas
3 years ago

I have used Currencies Direct on several occasions and have always found them to be very efficient and effective in their currency transfer dealings. Staff were polite in all instances. I would recommend them unreservedly for this type of business.

3 years ago

I had previously used a bank and then a competitor money transfer company to send relatively small sums abroad (typically £3,000 to £5,000). The bank was the most expensive, mostly due to the cost of sending the transfer (around £30), but also due to an inferior exchange rate. The competitor had a better rate than the bank and no transfer fees. Given GBP’s recent weakness, when doing my most recent transfer, I looked around to see whether other providers offered even better rates and found, to my surprise, that Currencies Direct’s rate was significantly better on this occasion. The account… Read more »

Ulises Moreno
3 years ago

I’ve used this service a couple of times to send money back and forth from the UK to the US. It’s worked out really well for me. The rates have been the most competitive I’ve found for amounts over £3K. The service agents were super helpful, very careful and methodical in their explanations without being snobs when I asked questions that may be basic to them. They were available at odd hours either here or in their FL location. They worked to make deals work, it was their persistency and patience I admired. The only thing I can say they… Read more »

Palle Jespersen
3 years ago

I use Currencies Direct because they offer good rates and are easy and quick to use. I used to use HIFX, but have now switched to Currencies Direct.

Tony Davies
3 years ago

Good Rates, good website, smooth transaction – Easy-Peasy.

Justin Parker
3 years ago

Was looking for a currency exchange service that delivered a better rate than my bank and found it with Currencies Direct.

A very straight-forward registration process and efficient currency transfer process.

When transferring amounts above the online threshold, the Currencies Direct dealers I have spoken to have been very professional and helpful.

Would recommend Currencies Direct for anyone who is looking for a simple and effective way of making currency transfers

3 years ago

Reliable, quick, efficient and simple to use and now accessible from anywhere on the app. Strongly recommended.

Mirza Muhic
3 years ago

Very professional, reliable and above all excellent rates.

3 years ago

We needed to transfer money to purchase our house in Spain, and Currencies Direct offered the best rate. There was no pressure to transfer money into their account like other companies wanted before agreeing a rate. From discussing and agreeing the best rate, transferring money into their account, they then transferred euros into our account in Spain, all within the same day. Their communication was excellent every step of the way, very professional staff. I would certainly recommend this company for transferring currency, and will definitely use again in future.

John Erwing Jr.
2 years ago

thank you currencies direct! you were right about the sterling’s downward direction

2 years ago

Read the article but can’t find info about the maximum amount that you can transfer? Is there a max amount?

Berangaria Audet
2 years ago

Been working in UK for a few years but still have some revenue generating business back home in France and I use Currencies Direct to make transfers from France to UK every month.

Best service that I could find for my needs.

Just leaving this “review” here so maybe others in my position will take advantage of their service and save some money on transfers.

Benjamin Edwards
2 years ago

I tried to find a way to transfer money to my daughter, who lives in Spain.
After trying a couple of options, I found Currencies Direct – fair rates and kind service.

Roberto García
2 years ago

Although I had some technical problem, Currencies Direct service was great and the rates were highly competitive. I recommended them to my uncle, who wanted to buy a house in Spain, we were both satisfied.

1 year ago

Very quick to pick up the phone, easy to trade!

Lydia Summers
1 year ago

Friendly service and easy to contact if there is a problem. Sometimes the payments are a little late but this may well be the fault of either the holding bank (Barclays) or my own bank. But overall a good service.

1 year ago

Removed by admin : duplicate reply. Thanks Geoff.

1 year ago

It has been really good working with them.

Marla Ives
1 year ago

I’ve been running a small website where I buy/sell/trade antiques with people who live in Europe. The lousy exchange rates and bank fees from my personal American bank made it impossible for me to continue. I still keep my bank account for savings/credit cards/debit card, but I use currencies direct for any international transfers now. Hopefully banks learn they can’t take advantage of us anymore!!

peter vithus Jensen
1 year ago

I cannot sign up/register as your website does n to have the option of choosing the phone number for UAE (+971) , although you advertise the UAE currency ??
Please inform as I like to compare your quote for the transfer of a large amount to my home country (Dk)

1 year ago

I moved my family from France to Canada, but due to my work I still live most of the time in France. I am using currencies direct to transfer money from euros to canadian dollars. First time I used, I thought they did a mistake and I complained. They had a manager contact me very fast and explained everything in a way I can understand and it was a mistake by me. So I continue to use them!

Daphne 1999
11 days ago

What makes them better than WorldFirst with their best exchange rate ?