The Guardian Money Transfer Review

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited Jan 30, 2022

Should I use Guardian Money Transfers?


  • Why sign up to the Guardian Money Transfers white-label instead of signing up with moneycorp directly? there are no advantages in doing so.


  • Very reputable provider with excellent customer reviews and strong functionality (mainly for businesses)

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The Guardian International Money Transfer Review: Executive Summary

The Guardian Money Transfers ( is a white-label setup with moneycorp, one of the best money transfer services in the UK. There is nothing we could say specifically about The Guardian Money Transfers, so you are welcomed to check out moneycorp review.
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Updated on Jan 30, 2022

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Where is Guardian Money Transfers Available?

About The Guardian

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In Britain, the Guardian is known as one of the very few newspapers that do not exercise right-wing bias. Whether or not it demonstrates left-wing bias though doesn’t interfere much with its hugely impressive reputation as being an informative newspaper (it is deemed the most trustworthy newspaper in the UK).

The Guardian was founded in 1821, almost 200 years ago, and was a broadsheet newspaper throughout that time up until 2005. With its profits being reinvested into journalism as opposed to dividends for shareholders, the Guardian upholds a lot of values and journalistic reputability.

The Guardian has a daily circulation of around 130,000. With print journalism declining, its website has picked up in popularity. They have been penetrating other forms of media too, such as podcasts, to further distribute content and news.

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The Guardian Money Transfer Service

The Guardian Money Transfers is operated by moneycorp, a global leader in international payments and one of our favourite companies here on Money Transfer Comparison, rated at #1 for business foreign exchange, #1 for money transfers from USA and top 3 overall. It’s a great choice to use a third-party provider if your concern is safety and security of funds, as well as quality of service. The Guardian, being a respected newspaper wanted to increase monetisation (as many print newspapers have expanded into additional revenue streams since the pandemic), but be absolutely sure it’ll be one of the top i.e. most recognisable and friendly brands in this space, and chose moneycorp like many other white label operations did –

All White Label Setups in the Money Transfer Industry

About the Service Provider – moneycorp

While The Guardian, we believe, made an excellent choice choosing one of the top providers in the money transfer space, namely moneycorp, which has been operating since 1979 with overwhelming 95% positive experiences, trading tens of billions of pounds every year in customer funds, and have a subsidiary with a banking license overseas… we can’t see any added value in signing up to moneycorp through The Guardian Money Transfers rather than simply registering directly through the button below.