TorFX Review: Bespoke International Money Transfers

Russell Gous
Last Edited Oct 27, 2022

Should I Use TorFX?


  • Experienced and Professional Staff (100+ Traders), Strong Corporate FX Desk
  • Many Industry Awards (MoneyFacts IMT Provider of The Year)
  • Barclays Bank Accounts
  • Very Experienced in Immigration, Property and Relocation Money Transfers
  • Highly Positive Experience by Clients
  • Fast-Growing Company
  • Industry-Leading Market Updates
  • Expertise in Australia-NZ-UK-EU Transfers (With Local Offices)


  • Geared Towards Clients with Large-Sum Requirements
  • Mobile App Can be Laggy

Services Offered by TorFX

Transfer Money Abroad to a Bank Account  + 6

Official Website:

TorFX Review: Executive Summary

TorFX is an industry veteran with particular expertise in corporate FX and large international transfers. The company, which is headquartered in Cornwall, has a genuinely caring working environment and a high staff retention rate, resulting in the company winning the Cornwall Business Award for Best Employer. The dealer staff has more than 100 years of foreign exchange experience combined. There are no transfer fees, and the markups are transparent and competitive. The bottom line is that TorFX is safe, friendly and recommended to use.

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Overall rating93.4%
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Updated on Oct 27, 2022
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Current Rates?

🏆 17 Industry Awards (2010-2021)

Where is TorFX Available?

Is TorFX Safe? Is TorFX Reliable?

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority (UK) ASIC (Australia)
Company Size

TorFX UK, official – Tor Currency Exchange Ltd, was founded in 2004. The company is growing steadily in Australia and the UK, transferring over £7.5 billion annually for its clients. The company boasts over 50,000 active clients (with over 325,000 happy clients having utilised TorFX to date) and manages to serve them well, earning one of the best reputations of any money transfer company in the industry.

TorFX holds no debt and enjoys a perfect Level 1 credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet. TorFX has more than 100 employees and is the largest independent employer in Penzance. With excellent service offered to clients all around the world, TorFX may be the best company to consider for your next international currency transfer.

Tor’s strongest point is its staff. Unlike the majority of UK currency brokers who are based in London, the company’s UK branch is in Cornwall. Unique surroundings and a supportive working environment have created a high staff retention rate and have resulted in the company winning the Cornwall Business Award for Best Employer. The dealer staff has more than 100 years of FX experience combined. Now in 2022, the firm has been happily assisting clients move their money overseas for eighteen years straight, always putting the customer first.



MoneyFacts Customer Service Award (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021)

MoneyFacts Customer Service Award (2016, 2017)

Cornwall Business Awards – Winner of Winners (2017)

Sunday Times Fasttrack 100 Awards, 2nd Place (2008), 23rd Place (2010)

Credit Level 1, Dun & Bradstreet

Best European Currency Broker, Overseas Living Magazine, (2010, 2011)


TorFX has been on a constant trajectory of growth since its inception, but that doesn’t mean the customer experience is suffering. The company knows how to build integrity, always maintaining and improving the core service that has fuelled its meteoric rise, with the customer at the heart of everything that it does. TorFX is extremely safe to use.

91% Credibility Score.

TorFX FAQ & Review Overview

About this Review & FAQs

This TorFX review of Tor Currency Exchange Limited (or Tor Currency Exchange Limited PTY in Australia) explains all the details involving the company’s international money transfer and business fx services. We will delve deep into the safety, security and reputation of TorFX and will look into how the company compares with its direct competitors (we will be comparing TorFX vs XE Money Transfer, TorFX vs WorldFirst, TorFX vs OFX and TorFX vs Wise).

Tor FX Review FAQ

+ Who is TorFX?

TorFX is a UK-based company with offices in Australia, which was established in 2004, and boasts a perfect credit score from Dun and Bradstreet, as well as more than 50,000 active clients - corporate and private. It is not a massively sized currency broker but it prides itself in providing an exemplary service.

+ Is TorFX well regulated?

Yes.TorFX is an authorised payment service by the Financial Conduct Authority, and ASIC.

+ How does the process work?

The process is simple and efficient. Sign up with TorFX through our Get Quote button, get a quote for the transfer you're interested in making, approve the quote and fund the transfer through a bank transfer to a bank account in your name on behalf of TorFX (which cannot be used for any other purpose than making this payment), and enjoy your grand saving against banks and competitors.

+ Can you fund your international transfer through a debit card?

Yes, but fees will be higher, and hence it's recommended to fund transfers through a domestic bank transfer (in your own currency).

+ How do I book a transfer?

After signing up and being assigned with your own currency trader, you could book the transfer via phone, email or online (through TorFX Online or TorFX app).

+ Does TorFX offer hedging tools such as Forward Contracts?

Yes, as well as many other FX hedging tools. It offers them for both private and business clients.

+ Are there transfer limits with TorFX?

Minimum amount is £100 (or 100 euro, dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, etc.) and there is no upper limit. Large corporations use the service to transfer millions each year.

+ Can I get a free money transfer quote from TorFX?

Yes, click here.

+ Does Tor Currency have relations with collapsed firm Crown Currency Exchange?

It must be noted that TorFX was accused of links with Crown Currency Exchange. A brokerage that collapsed and left clients unhappy. The accusations led to a journalistic overview by Tony Levene from the Guardian, which discovered the two were separate companies and controlled independently but had the same seed funding. The FCA then researched the allegations and maintained TorFX’s license as an authorised payment provider. It has been 11 years since these allegations were raised and there has been no testimony towards any misconduct on TorFX’s behalf since then.

Do Clients Like TorFX? TorFX Reviews from Across The Web

With over 4,700 reviews on TrustPilot, and more than 190 reviews on ReviewCentre, two of the most popular client review platforms in the UK, there is a more than large enough sample to make a genuine assessment about TorFX based on what existing clients have had to say.

The rating on these two platforms is astonishing: 4.9 / 5 (Excellent) on TrustPilot, and 4.5 / 5 on ReviewCentre. That means that well over 95% of clients who submitted their reviews online recommend the service of TorFX. In fact, TorFX’s TrustPilot rating is the best of any money transfer service in existence today. Currency Solutions is the only other firm to be rated 4.9 / 5 but their score is based on 2,500 reviews – a significantly smaller sample than TorFX.

We have also collected nearly 30 client experiences on our site. The majority of these recommend TorFX and report a great experience. In the last year we have seen multiple positive reviews of TorFX with clients enjoying easy transactions to Spain and Canada. Some users have even commented they’re surprised to see negative comments as they’ve been using TorFX for a long period, never encountering any issues.

Advantages +4
The absolute vast majority of TorFX client reviews are highly positive, and focus on the following areas:
  • Excellent guidance that leads to savings
  • Superb exchange rates (clients say 2-4% better than banks)
  • Hassle-free transfer process
  • Quick to arrive transfers
Disadvantages -2
Since the reviews are so positive, it took us a while to find complaints. The ones we did find were as follows:
  • Complaints that payment was returned due to AML
  • Delays to Payments”

When we look at the majority of TorFX reviews which were negative, they were around compliance checks and payments not being made for AML purposes. Some users have complained about payments which were returned to them for compliance reasons – they were frustrated that TorFX allowed their account to be opened but wouldn’t process a payment to a certain beneficiary. All regulated providers will conduct KYC checks on account opening as well as AML/fraud checks on every payment that is made – this security is a positive thing. Other users were required to send through more documentation (e.g. an invoice or proof of payment) in order for their tranfer to be processed and this caused a delay of multiple days. The toing and froing of having this documentation requested, getting it from elsewhere and sharing it with the payment provider can be frustrating but as an FCA authorised firm, TorFX is certainly not alone with this type of criticism.

The few complaints that gave us concern were clients who responded on our website. We’ve looked to address these issues directly with TorFX..  Before agreeing to any FX transfer, be sure to understand the FX spread applied and exactly what costs you’ll incur. If you aren’t happy with the FX spread, compare it with other money transfer companies and get an idea of whether the rate would be better or worse elsewhere.

In any case, we’re talking about a small proportion of complaints out of thousands of positive online testimonials. With the best TrustPilot rating in the industry, it’s fair to say the overwhelming majority of TorFX clients are left feeling extremely happy. Overall, from everything we read, TorFX’s service is nothing short of exemplary.

98% Client Feedback Score.

TorFX vs Competitors?

TorFX vs XE Money Transfer

One of the most popular queries by our readers is how does the TorFX money transfer service compare with that of, the FX giant that has recently merged with HiFX and is owned by Euronet Worldwide. The answer is that while the two services are pretty much alike in terms of offering and rates, and XE has the size advantage; TorFX has demonstrated excellent service for much longer, and has unique circumstances which lead us to think they provide the best service in the industry.

If you require high value transfers, we know you can rely on TorFX’s excellent dealer team, while with XE we don’t know enough about their staff to say that. They brought over some experienced FX dealers through the HiFX merger but XE Money Transfer prefers to direct its customers, particularly private clients, to their online platform. Only business customers wanting to trade options with XE will be appointed a dealer. TorFX is much more suited to those wanting to trade by telephone with an account manager they can build a relationship with. i XE vs TorFX is definitely a good comparison and we believe the best way to compare is to sign up with both companies and see the level of service and exchange rates they are offering at the moment for yourself.

TorFX vs WorldFirst (Business Transfers)

The first major difference to be highlighted is that WorldFirst is only available to businesses – private clients will have no interest in this comparison as WorldFirst ceased its private client business in early 2021. As you can see on our WorldFirst review, the company has committed to fixed exchange rates of a 0.5% FX margin for all clients (with large volume transfers potentially getting a lower spread). That is a pretty good offer for smaller transfers but it doesn’t mean a fairly large company like TorFX can’t compete, especially when sending larger volumes.

TorFX rates depend on the volume of your transfer, the currencies involved, the market conditions, and also – competing offers. So they may offer a better rate if you approach them. Additionally, while WorldFirst offers tight spreads, TorFX is still our #1 service level choice.  You have to factor in that with guidance from TorFX, you may time your transfer better and achieve a better rate. Hence, it is worthwhile signing up with both companies (it’s seamless and fast) instead of trying to decide whether to use TorFX vs WorldFirst. Finally, it’s well worth highlighting the TorFX rate guarantee – if you can prove you’ve achieved a better exchange rate elsewhere for exactly the same trade, TorFX will match the rate.

TorFX vs OFX

The third comparable company to TorFX we have to write about is OFX. This publicly traded company with 20bn in annual turnover is remarkably larger than TorFX and has provided excellent service for just as long. Headquartered in Australia, it competes with TorFX Australia as one of the leading money transfer providers down under.

In many ways, the two companies are pretty similar. Our bottom line is the same as for the two other companies we have compared – TorFX is up to par with all three but potentially offers the best customer service of all..Instead of making OFX vs TorFX considerations, simply sign with both and see which one gets you more comfortable and offers a better rate. Particularly if you’re looking to make a large transfer.

 TorFX vs (TransferWise)

TransferWise vs TorFX is more of a unique comparison – the two firms hold very different roles in the money transfer industry. Whilst TorFX is all about service and building a personal relationship with your account manager, TransferWise is a completely online service. Businesses and individuals moving large volumes are likely to prefer TorFX, particularly if they are interested in utilising currency hedging through tools such as forward contracts. Naturally, when moving large sums it can be much better to have a dedicated account manager on hand should anything go wrong with the payment too.

Whilst Wise does not provide clients with a dedicated dealer, it operates with a fixed fee structure that is based on the currencies you’re converting – if you’re sending small amounts then Wise will provide some of the fairest fees available on the market today. The question of TransferWise vs TorFX very much depends on your requirements. As the services of these two companies are suitably different, we think you can get enough of a feel for both companies from our money transfer reviews and in this instance it probably wouldn’t be worthwhile registering with both.

TorFX’s Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees:  No fees on international transfers at all.

Exchange Rates:

With the website’s simple interface it’s easier than ever to receive a free quote. Just go to the website and enter your email, telephone number, name, and the amount you would like to transfer. You will receive a quote based on these figures directly to your email.

If we look at some of the testimonials, we can read about savings of 2-4% in exchange rates. That means saving 2-4% of the gross total funds exchanged, and represents incredible savings, especially on larger transfers.

TorFX also has an exchange rate guarantee. If you can prove another payment provider has offered a better exchange rate, for the same time and the same trade, TorFX will match this rate.


The minimum transfer amount is £100 which  means small remittance payments are definitely possible using their online platform. You can transfer £between £100 and £25,000 using the online service and make transfers of £2,000+ over the phone, with no maximum upper limit .

TorFX handles a diverse range of clients, from those who are sending small remittances back home, through property purchasers, to large corporations that move millions between currencies each month.

    • TorFX’s clients are extremely happy with TorFX’s exchange rates that were provided to them in 99% of the cases. There are no fees. The firm will help individuals and businesses save money compared to banks. The company has implemented a reasonable business process for telephone dealing at trades of £2,000 and over. Anything less can be sent online as long as it’s above £100.
92% Fees, Exchange Rates.

Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
Offices: UK Australia Singapore

Ways to approach: Email form on the site, Call back form on the site, and International phone number.

Translations:  Spanish and German online platforms.

Accepts Clients:  Globally.

Currencies Handled: 59.

Client Reviews: Extremely happy with all aspects of service.


TorFX is not the most localised foreign exchange firm in the world, with a single office in the UK , a single office in Singapore and a single office in Australia, but it makes up for that with a large team of 100+ dedicated dealers, and international phone numbers.

This is precisely what we would expect from a top-notch company. Local agents everywhere that are ready to step in and assist clients, regardless of where they are in the world, or where they are sending money.

The company handles clients from across the globe as well as the vast majority of currencies in existence. Its 59 currencies handled is almost double the “standard amount” offered by most money transfer platforms though still lags behind moneycorp who offer a truly impressive 120.

Requesting a call-back and signing up is very easy with the intuitive TorFX website. Since it was revamped, it’s been much easier to use and adapts to more devices. Over the years TorFX has been recognised for its first-class customer service on a number of occasions, with the company winning International Money Transfer Provider of the Year  at the 2016-2021 Consumer Moneyfacts Awards. As well as the overall award for Best Customer Service every year in the same period, bar 2018.

91% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score

Additional Functionalities


Market Orders

Limit Orders

Rate Watch

Forward Contract

Repatriation of funds as a result of selling overseas properties, including cheques

Regular transfers

A superb payment system that includes multiple payments: TorFX has quite a complete offering of foreign exchange and payment options. TorFX’s assistance can save a lot of hassle and money and is highly recommended for immigration and expatriation purposes.


Risk management service for businesses.

Daily updates on the market.


Level of advocacy: The company’s dedicated team of currency experts contributes 100+ years of total experience in managing the diverse foreign exchange requirements of both corporate and private clients.

Additionally, the firm also offers up-to-date currency updates on its blog, which was chosen as a top currency blog as part of MoneyTransferComparison’s Currency Blog Awards. All registered clients will receive daily updates by email should they opt-in.


Unlike the previous design of the site, the new design is mobile friendly and very easy to navigate on mobile.

A money transfer app is now available only for UK and Australian clients, in both Android and iPhone versions. *See how it compares to the best money transfer apps.


It’s a vanilla offering when it comes to limit orders and forwards, very similar to other companies, but the business risk management team, and the assistance with opening foreign bank accounts, makes TorFX a cut above the average foreign exchange firm.

94% Added Values Score
TorFX Scoreboard
92 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility Score - 91%
  • Client Feedback Score - 98%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates Score - 92%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service Score - 91%
  • Added Values Score - 90%

TorFX Review Summary

TorFX is an industry veteran with 17 awards won since its inception, as well as thousands of its current and past customers leaving highly positive reviews on platforms like TrustPilot where TorFX boasts a 4.9/5 rating, among the highest of all financial institutions on the platform and top 3 for money transfer service providers. We have no doubt in our mind that the TorFX brokerage in UK, EU and Australia is highly professional and has the experience, expertise, and willingness to handle business and private consumers who need to move significant volume of funds internationally.

It’s easy to sign up with Tor FX and it’s an overall very friendly and easy process for beginners and finance professionals/corporations alike, providing a genuine value-add compared to banks and other less experienced providers.


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