Best International Money Transfer Apps

Transferring Money Internationally on Mobile

As technology progresses, the number of people interested in conducting mobile money transfers with no human involvement is increasing. Companies like Currencies Direct, World First, Transferwise, Azimo, and OFX have mastered the art of the swift, hassle-free registration process, and easy apps and online systems to transfer money on the fly. Discover the best international money transfer apps below for iPhone and Android. 

Top 10 International Money Transfer Apps

Australia UK USA Canada Highest Rated Money Transfer App: Global Availability
Android, iPhone - UK, EU, Australia, Canada and USA Residents
90.4% Editorial rating
1,500 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
£100 / €100 / AU$100 / US$100 or eq.
Why Them?
  • Traded Publicly
  • 20bn Turnover per Year
  • Ultra Professional
  • Tightest Margins
  • Highest Rated App - Average Rating 4.8 on Google, 4.7 on App Store!
  • Available Globally for Transfers of All Sizes
UK Best for Large International Bank to Bank Transfers via App in UK
Android, iPhone - UK / EU Residents
97.8% Editorial rating
3,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
£100 / €100 or eq.
Why Them?
  • #1 Rated on MTC
  • Industry Leader with £10m in Annual Turnover
  • No Transfer Fees, Great Rates
  • Fully Functional App with No Significant Bugs
UK Excellent Guidance for Clients - More than Just an App
Android, iPhone - UK / EU Residents
93.4% Editorial rating
3,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
£100 / €100 or eq.
Why Them?
  • Very Quick On-Boarding Process
  • Excellent Guidance
  • Great Exchange Rates
  • 4.2/5 Rating on Android
EU Great Rates for Transfers of All Sizes
Android, iPhone - UK, Australia and EU - Businesses and Online Sellers Only
89.1% Editorial rating
3,300 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
No Minimum
Why Them?
  • Exciting Start-up
  • Transparent Pricing Before Signing-Up
  • Great Exchange Rates (Even for Smaller Transfers)
  • 4.6/5 Client Rating for iPhone App
EU The Hottest Money Transfer Startup Today
Android, iPhone - UK, EU, Australia, USA and More
86.8% Editorial rating
32,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
No Minimum
Why Them?
  • Most Recognizable Brand in Money Transfers Today
  • Boast 1,000+ Employees and $4bn in Monthly Turnover
  • Transparent Pricing on the Site
  • Average App Rating (98,000 Reviews) is 4.6/5
UK For Businesses and Large Transfers
Android, iPhone - UK / EU Residents
93.2% Editorial rating
7,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
£250 / €250 or eq.
Why Them?
  • Operating Since 1970 - First Commercial FX Firm
  • Corporate FX Specialists
  • Great Online Platform
  • Many Consumer and Business Awards
  • Slow App
UK Great App Ratings, Respectable Company
Android, iPhone
N/A Editorial rating
29,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
No Minimum
Why Them?
  • Part of Euronet Worldwide, a Massive Payment Provider
  • 4.5 Average App Rating (90,000+ Reviews)
  • Great Client Feedback about Rates
UK The Remittances App
Android, iPhone
75.0% Editorial rating
24,500 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
No Minimum
Why Them?
  • Cheap for Remittances
  • Award Wining Innovative Company
  • Best Rated App Store Rating (4.8)
  • Rated 4.5/5 on Google with 16,500 Reviews
UK Super Successful and Highly Popular
Android, iPhone
76% Editorial rating
22,500 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
No Minimum
Why Them?
  • 0.5% FX Margin
  • Most App Reviews (600,000+)!
  • Best Rated on Google Between All Providers (4.8)
  • Very Well Known Startup (Also Received Negative Media)

Compare the Best International Money Transfer Apps

View this cohesive comparison of all the top 10 money transfer apps currently on the market for UK and EU customers.
Android AppiPhone App# Reviews Google appRating Google# Reviews App StoreRating App StoreCompany Rating %
Currencies DirectYesYes1884.1463.897.8
Why don’t Zell, Venmo and Square Cash on this list? because they don’t offer international payments at all.  

International Money Transfer Apps FAQ

  Are all of these apps regulated? is my money safe?

Yes. All money transfer services on our top 10 money transfer apps list are authorised by the FCA for overseas payments. Your money is protected by the safe measures the FCA enforces on these companies, including segregating client funds from their own.

  How do you fund your tranfer?

Either via debit or credit card (more expensive) or simply through a domestic bank transfer to an account provided to you.

  Can I send a payment through these apps and recepient will receive it in cash?

No. Only bank to bank transfes are supported. The recipient will have to have a valid bank account.

  Once I create a user for the app, could I login into the companies desktop site too?

Yes, of course. You could even call your provider and make the transaction over the phone. Whichever way you prefer.

  • Xe’s app includes its currency conversion app
  • Revolut is not a money transfer app, per se
  • True for Jan 19, 2020

Additional Known International Payment Apps

Western Union App

Google Play Rating: 4.5 / 5 (116,500 ratings) App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 (153,100 ratings)
Company Rating: 42% (Review)
Geo Availability: Worldwide
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Wire
Features: Send Money Abroad, Pay Bills Directly with Hundreds of Stores.
Get the App: Android / Apple

WorldRemit App

Google Play Rating: 4.5 / 5 (41,700 ratings) App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 (28,600 ratings)
Company Rating: 81.0% (Review)
Geo Availability: USA/UK/EU/Asia/AUS
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Debit Card, Bank Wire
Features: Send Money Abroad – to Bank or cash pickup , 190 Destinations!
Get the App: Via Website

Xoom Money Transfer

Google Play Rating:4.3 / 5 (39,000 ratings) App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 (410,800 ratings)
Company Rating: 77.8%% (Review)
Geo Availability: Europe, USA
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Wire
Features: Pay bills, Send money to bank accounts and pick-up locations
Get the App: Android / Apple

Orbit Remit App

Google Play Rating:4.5 / 5 (2,300 ratings) App Store Rating: 4.7/ 5 (6,900 ratings)
Company Rating: 75% (Review)
Geo Availability: UK, Australia, New Zealand
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Bank Wire
Features: Make transfers, view recipients, live help chat functionality (new)
Get the App: Android / Apple

Transfergo App

Google Play Rating: 4.3 / 5 (3,000 ratings) App Store Rating: 5 / 5 (7 ratings)
Company Rating: 72% (Review)
Geo Availability: UK, Europe
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Wire
Features: Send money to over 40 locations, View Recipients
Get the App: Android / Apple

Moneygram App

Google Play Rating: 3.5 / 5 (6,800 ratings) App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 (11,800 ratings)
Company Rating: N/A (Review)
Geo Availability: Worldwide
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Bank Wire
Features: Make payments, Check payment status, Pay bills, Find the nearest Moneygram location to you
Get the App: Android / Apple

Payoneer App

Google Play Rating: 4.1 / 5 (12,300 ratings) App Store Rating: 3.6 / 5 (50 ratings)
Company Rating: 89.9% (Review)
Geo Availability: Worldwide
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Receive To: Bank Account, Card
Features: Receive Business Payments from Abroad to a Bank Account or Dedicated Mastercard
Get the App: Via Website

FairFX Mobile Banking

Google Play Rating: 4.3  / 5 (920 ratings) App Store Rating: 4.6 / 5 (560 ratings)
Company Rating: 86.8% (Review)
Geo Availability: UK/EU/AUS
Device Availability: iPhone, Android
Pay With: Debit Card (Europe), Bank Wire
Features: Currency Card Balance Tracking, Report Stolen Cards, Inquiries, Money Transfers
Get the App: Via Website

Best Money Transfer App: Our Considerations


Funds are loaded via bank wire or debit/credit card. The process is elaborated and clear on how to do that and you get constant updates about your transfer. All our best money transfer apps on this page offer sending money via app for Android and iPhone.


All apps featured on this webpage are authorised as payment providers by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. The money you transfer them to fund your transfer is kept in segragated client accounts.


The foreign exchange rates offered by these companies are far superior to those offered by banks or payment systems such as Paypal. For example WorldFirst offers FX margins of 0.15%-0.5%, while Paypal’s currency exchange fees are nearing 4% in total, and bank often charge up to 2.5% spreads. The best FX exchange rate is far more possible to obtain with our choices than the alternatives.

Using a Money Transfer App Vs. Desktop View

When it comes to choosing between using the online money transfer through the website or through the app, consider the following. International money transfer apps are the most intuitive but they are prone to errors in comparison to using the computer at home.

Mobile Apps



Final Word about International Money Transfer Apps

When considering how to find the best app to transfer money abroad, you need to consider what kind of offering does the company behind the app has. Our website, Money Transfer Comparison, has been reviewing money transfer companies for more than 5 years to this point, and on our search we have discovered a wide array of companies who do not support a mobile money transfer app, but also a subset of elite group of companies with fully functional international money transfer app.
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3 years ago

Western union & Money gram has stop me from sending money to my Friend that is going to school in Ghana so now i need to find a way to send him money preferably mobil so i would like your advice on which app. is best….

5 years ago

I want to transfer money to uganda using mobile transfer

3 years ago

An app that’s worth mentioning for money transfers is Moneymailme. It also has a social part, where you can chat and video call your friends and at the same time send them money.

5 years ago

how can i build similar apps. want start up a Money Transfer Mobile Application.

Elabeh Hussein
5 years ago

I want to transfer money to Somaliland using mobile transfer
like Worldremit.
But how i can i ownmy mobile money transfer
from uk or swiss to somaliland called zaad

amit jaglan
5 years ago

Dear Sir, I am from India. I am a school student 16 year old. I want to start a nonprofitable organisation. I have no bank account or anything else. So I want to know apps which would serve the purpose so that people around the globe can donate to my app wallet so that I can help some of little children who are poor, are living in bad conditions etc. I want to transfer money to various big organizations working for children’s welfare. Please send your answer to my email.

5 years ago

i want to send money to brazil from india suggest a application

4 years ago

i want to send money from australia to mauritius bank by app on phone

4 years ago

Your explanation is very informative. But Most of the persons don’t know how to transfer money in online from one place to another place actually some persons are taking internet help. By the by money transfer is a very important to family or friends. Now a day’s most of the public is using online money transfer. More information please visits the website.

Juliana Amponsah
4 years ago

Dear Sir/ Madam.
Am Juliana Amponsah from Ghana. my friend has send me money by azimo with pick up location.
I went there and they said sorry i cant pick the money there.

Please what do i do??

Alejandro Carlos
4 years ago

Looking to create a money transfer site. Any suggestions about where to find info?

Michael jones
4 years ago

Very interesting information, shocking where are world is taking us! Only one question, could go more in depth with the start up of a ” transfer site”


Michael jones
4 years ago

The one not to do without alot of industry knowledge and strong backing.. I guess I don’t eBen know what it means, moving money abroad?

3 years ago

Hey I would like to find a good alternative app to wich I can transfare money from my mobile in the UK to Cameroon as I have friends there I help and I have used world remit app but now it’s sayn my account is disabled and for nothing everything was going fine no problems in till they sent me an email sayn I no longer fit the criteria and my account would b suspended . I assume this is cause I have no photo I.D but I’m only in my early twenties so I don’t drive or have never… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi, my name is Bright, and just like Alejandro, i am a startup, i want to create a Money transfer app, i will need tips on the basics of starting. I have my basic knowledge of the industry background already, and i’m also already putting in all the necessary paperwork knowledge… I greatly will appreciate any tip on the basics of starting out with the app, and also, i am planning on building it to be able to work with your app, while mine will serve as a form or resident app in my country to yours… I will appreciate… Read more »

josephat n
3 years ago

I want to send money from kenya to
Europe which is the best app

Romeo Mendoza
2 years ago

Hi! I have a business here in Manila – importation of machine spare parts. Can I send money (as payment for orders) from Philippines to the bank account of my suppliers from different countries (U.S.A., Germany, Netherlands, Singapore)? Or to simplify my question, does my suppliers need also Transferwise account to receive money?

I would be glad if you can contact me thru e-mail for my clarifications.

Thank you.

2 years ago

I’ve been using the Transferwise app for almost 2 years and never had a problem with it. Top notch app. Does what it says and doesn’t disappoint.

2 years ago

please how do I send money from Lybia to Nigeria… very urgent please ….

Imran Khan
2 years ago

Nice Article

2 years ago

Until recently, the only mobile app for money transfers I ever used was Venmo. But now I started using Transferwise and seems very good.

Question: Is there another company that works similar to Transferwise but with a better exchange rate for USD to EUR? I don’t transfer big amounts but I will take any discount I can get :)

6 months ago

Did you hear about Zelle international money transfer app? Is it good?
I read it is useful for peer-to-peer money transfers. What does it mean?
Why don’t you information on this app on your site?
Many thanks,

4 years ago

I want to transfer money from india to RWANDA. Through mobile transfer Which app may i use??