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Last Edited Sep 30, 2014

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About Money Transfer Comparison

Review, Compare & Save on Money Transfers

Money Transfer Comparison, or moneytransfercomparison, is one of the best known money transfer service review websites. The site, which boasts writing more reviews than any other competitors in this space, also takes pride in its high update frequency and accuracy of information. We have been doing what we do since 2014 and we continue to further evolve with the industry for many years to come.

Ownership of Money Transfer Comparison

Money Transfer Comparison, or moneytransfercomparison.com, is wholly owned by Finofin (Finofin limited, registered in Israel), a company that specialises in product and service comparison. Finofin compares a large variety of products and services across different countries, with a particular HNW individuals, SMEs and corporations.

We focus on our effort on elaborated, user-friendly, reviews, and customer education.

You can read more about Finofin here.

Our core values

We believe in:

 We hired industry experts such as Mr. Badre Bouarich, an ex-HSBC trader, Russell Russell Gous, an ex employee of WorldFirst, George Tchetvertakov, an ex-employee of Moneycorp, and Kyle Prevost, one of the best known Canadian personal finance bloggers, to write for us.

View our  award as the 2016 runner up for best money transfer informational site in the world (full details can be found here)


While the money transfers industry is a fast pace industry, and it’s impossible to keep everything fully update-to-date at any given point in time, we certainly make a concise effort to display truthful and up to date information about each company.

Helpfulness and safety
  We try to keep our website helpful. That means it is browse-able from any device, at any internet speed. We also make sure your search for an international money transfer provider is safe because we only partner (and link to) companies which are fully authorised to operate and we deem as safe.

It should be noted that we aren’t regulated ourselves, because, being an informational guide, we simply don’t require that (or can’t even get to be FCA authorised).

Money Transfer Comparison – Reader Testimonial




Money Transfer Comparison Writers & Staff

Hi Impact


How MoneyTransferComparison.com was conceived

Over the years, we have realised banks are heavily overcharging clients on international transfers made with them. At the same time we learnt there’s a viable solution for that – commercial firms that buy and sell currency on wholesale and manage to provide better service, while charging lesser fees.

What we have also identified is that information in this market is lacking. While there are other websites dealing with this particular topic, none of them provided what we thought is required.

In late 2014, MoneyTransferComparison was launched in beta mode. We have reviewed over 20 money transfer companies for starters, focusing on one main theme: trustworthiness. At the end of the day, we figured out, most companies have similar fees (or similar exchange rate markups, to be precise). The biggest obstacle clients are facing is how smooth the transaction will be, and what’s the level of service they are expected.

We made our research, rated each firm, and chose our top companies for categories like Remittances, Business FX Transfers, Best Online Money Transfers and Best Money Transfer Apps. Our complete rating is available on our homepage focusing on the question which is the best currency transfer service.

Our Business Model

Some of the companies reviewed, and/or featured this website, are affiliated with us. That means, that as soon as clients got to them from our website, sign up, and trade, we receive a compensation. That’s a normal revenue model in the world of financial information and price comparison websites, some of the bigger sites you know are also doing it, and it’s good for everyone.

✅ MoneyTransferComparison Has Helped Its Readers Move More than £2,000,000,000 Through Its Business Partners.


Why Is This Business Model User Friendly?

We are able to provide all the information we offer for free. No membership fee for any content. We are able to keep the site advertising free. It’s all information and recommendations, nothing popping out or getting in your face.

We are also able to learn. With some companies, we are able to see how our users reacted to their offering. How many people of the ones we referred has actually managed to sign up (allows us to test the hurdles clients are experiencing). We are able to see whether after signing up, the exchange rate offered was good enough to commit a transaction. We are able to see which companies keep their clients the longest, which is to us a sign of satisfaction from previous deals.

We strong believe this is a Win-Win model, and happy to be one of few websites which are that transparent about what we do.

Contacting Us

At MoneyTransferComparison.com we put our readers in the center. You are encouraged to leave your comments, positive or negative, in any of our guides or reviews.

Alternatively, you should feel free to contact us directly via the form below. We would be happy to learn from your experiences, or address any questions or comments from our readers.

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Kind Regards and thank you for visiting us,

The MoneyTransferComparison.com Staff


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