XE vs WorldRemit Comparison

XE, established in 1993, has evolved into a trusted name for providing competitive exchange rates and a seamless online transfer experience, particularly favored by businesses and individuals making large international transfers.

WorldRemit, founded in 2010, distinguishes itself with its fast, flexible transfer options, including cash pickup, mobile money, and bank transfers, making it an ideal choice for quick remittances to over 130 countries.

This comparison aims to delve into their features, fees, and services to help you decide which provider best suits your international money transfer needs.


Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
XE ReviewWorldRemit Review
Customer rating4.3/54.2/5
# Rating Customers65,000+ on Trustpilot62,000+ on TrustPilot
Top 3 Pros
  • No transfer fees
  • Strong reputation
  • High maximum transfer limits
  • Wide range of delivery methods
  • Low minimum transfer
  • Operates in 130+ countries
Top 3 Cons
  • Limited payout options
  • No dedicated dealer for lower volume traders
  • Β£1.99 fee for transfers under Β£1000
  • Fees can be high for certain routes
  • Exchange rate markups
  • Transfer speed can vary


Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
Office locationsUK, Spain, Canada, Australia, New ZealandUK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan
# Currencies98+70


Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
Regulated byFCA, FinCEN, ASIC, and othersFCA, ASIC, and others
HTTPS SecuredYesYes
Segregated Customer AccountsYesYes

Limits and Fees

Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
Min transferNo minimum$1
Max transfer$500,000$9,000
Fixed feesNoneVariable, up to $3.99
See rates before you log in?YesYes

Customer Support

Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
Dedicated DealerYesNo
Live ChatNoYes

Ways to Transfer

Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
Online SystemYesYes
Online AppYesYes
Multi-Currency AccountNoNo
Cash PickupYesYes
Card Top-UpNoYes

Additional Functions

Company NameXEWorldRemit
XE logo new
Mass paymentsYesNo
Cash chequesNoNo
Multi-Currency Debit CardNoNo


On MoneyTransferComparison, XE Money Transfer has received a higher editorial score. The advantages of XE over WorldRemit are these:

  • Lower fees for large transfers.
  • A broader range of services for business customers.
  • The ability to see rates before logging in.

XE Money Transfer is better for larger international transfers and business-related foreign exchange services.

WorldRemit, on the other hand, is better for quick transfers, offering a variety of payout methods including cash pickup and mobile money, making it ideal for sending money to individuals in countries with limited banking infrastructure.