Currencies Direct vs WorldRemit Comparison

Established in 1996, Currencies Direct has carved a niche for itself as a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective ways to transfer money abroad without incurring fixed fees. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, it boasts a high TrustPilot rating and offers a wide array of services including hedging and mass payments.

On the other hand, WorldRemit, founded in 2009, specializes in facilitating quick, small-scale transfers across a broad spectrum of countries. It is particularly noted for its user-friendly mobile app, cash pickup, and card top-up options, catering mainly to personal transactions.

Both companies are highly regarded in the industry for their reliability and customer-centric approaches, making them solid choices for international money transfers.


Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Currencies Direct ReviewWorldRemit Review
Customer rating4.9/54.2/5
# Rating Customers634952,260
Top 3 Pros
  • No fixed transfer fees
  • Extensive global reach
  • Professional staff
  • Low minimum transfer
  • Wide range of countries
  • Mobile app
Top 3 Cons
  • Not suitable for remittances to Asia and South America
  • Online platform less intuitive
  • Limited appeal for users seeking small transfers
  • Limitations on transfer amounts
  • No phone support
  • Variable fees depending on the destination


Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Office locations22 offices worldwideAvailable in 130 countries
# Currencies60+70+


Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Regulated byFCA, FinCEN, othersFCA, ASIC, others
HTTPS SecuredYesYes
Segregated Customer AccountsYesYes

Limits and Fees

Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Min transferΒ£100Β£1
Max transferNo upper limitVaries
Fixed feesNo$0.99 – $3.99
See rates before you log in?YesYes

Customer Support

Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Dedicated DealerYesNo
Live ChatNoYes

Ways to Transfer

Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Online SystemYesYes
Online AppYesYes
Multi-Currency AccountYesNo
Cash PickupNoYes
Card Top-UpNoYes

Additional Functions

Company NameCurrencies DirectWorldRemit
Mass paymentsYesNo
Cash chequesNoNo
Multi-Currency Debit CardNoNo


On MoneyTransferComparison, Currencies Direct has received a higher editorial score. The advantages of Currencies Direct over WorldRemit are these:

  • Higher customer satisfaction with a TrustPilot rating of 4.9/5 based on over 8,000 reviews, indicating exemplary customer service and reliability.
  • No fixed transfer fees and the ability to see rates before logging in, which enhances transparency and cost-effectiveness for users.
  • A wide range of services including hedging, mass payments, and a multi-currency debit card, making it suitable for both personal and business use.

Currencies Direct is better for large transfers, business transactions, and individuals needing a variety of currency tools and services.

WorldRemit is better for smaller, personal transfers, especially for users who need quick, mobile-based transactions and benefit from services like cash pickup and card top-up in various countries.