Collinson and Co FX Review

This is a non-standard review, as Collinson & Co is a financial service provider offering a variety of services, with Forex not necessarily being the firm’s focal point.

Who are Collinson & Co

Collinson & Co is a New Zealand owned financial provider (not a strictly money transfer company like Currencies Direct or WorldFirst). Established in 1994, Collinson & Co has been earning a reputation in the industry, and has some very experienced members on its leadership team.

Collinson & Co offering various FX services and products, among its offering. Collinson and co FX position themselves as an authority within the industry, as they commentate on the market regularly. Their forecasts are posted on the Forex page of their website, which can help customers gain free insight which may help inform their FX decisions.

Collinson & co is relatively small company considering they’re industry veterans, but its global reach is impressive. The location of its headquarters office is in Auckland, New Zealand, but they have an office in Australia, the UK and the US. LinkedIn suggests they have under 50 employees.


How trustworthy are Collinson and Co?

There are very few online reviews of Collinson FX, which is not a good start when trying to gauge if they’re trustworthy. This doesn’t mean they’re not, but we just can’t say what direct customer experiences are like. Collinson’s official Facebook has almost 12,000 likes, with what appears to be a positively interacting community made up of their customers and partners. However, there are no reviews on the page. Lastly, their mobile app on the Play Store is yet to have a review.

Considering the above, t’s difficult to gauge how well Collinson are delivering on their promises and services. We can make an educated guess that the service has been to a good enough standard in order to comply with regulations, as well as lasting 25+ years in the industry.


Services offered by collinson and Co

Collinson and Co offer services in four main categories: Forex, Wealth, Advisory and Crowdfunding. The Advisory services mostly center around both the bull and the sell side of acquisitions and mergers, as well as capital raising, valuation advice and general business planning.

Collinson also offer Crowdfunding services in which they can connect you to investors who are looking to invest capital. Meanwhile, Collinson also offer Wealth Management services by taking into account the different needs of the investors, and focusing on a long-term strategy.

Lastly, but most importantly, Collinson has a significant Forex offering. This is perhaps their biggest focus, as they work all over the world in delivering various Forex services to their clients. This remains B2B, in which they claim to work very closely with client in order to understand their needs. They don’t however clearly state that hedging services else than a currency Forward are available, which is a serious limitation if that is indeed not offered under Collinson & Co’s Forex offering.

Because of the global nature of Collinson and Co, they offer a 24 hour service. This is made possible by having offices dotted in NZ, AU, UK and US.

Collinson have also branched out with a mobile fx app, making it easier to access their FX rates, news and get quick quotes.


Collinson and Co Mobile App

Many companies are written off by millennials if they don’t have a mobile app. Well, Collinson is a B2B but needing an app is becoming increasingly important in this industry space. The app is far from popular though, with just over 50 downloads on the Play Store. This highlights a wasted opportunity, as there’s clearly no focus on promoting the app, which is well built and made – allowing prospective customers to access historical currency charts, current exchange rates, get quotes and browse FX news. 


Preliminary Opinion about Collinson & Co’s Forex Service

Overall, Collinson and co Forex seems like a good service. They’re experts in the industry, offering free commentary and a functional app, while boasting long trading history. Furthermore, they have various other business services that may go hand-in-hand with the forex services. Collinson forex is safe to use and fully regulated. It may however lack in website functionality, transparency in regards to the FX rates offered, user reviews and, possibly, hedging options (as the only ones mentioned on their website are Forwards).

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