Collinson and Co Forex Review

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited Nov 16, 2022

Should I use Collinson & Co for money transfers?


  • Less known firm than large competitors
  • Website is not very informative
  • No customer reviews online and very little presence/mentions in media
  • Outdated website
  • Not available on mobile
  • No indistry awards


  • Operating Since 1994
  • Experienced Founder
  • Operating in multiple countries with offices in UK, USA, AUS and NZ
  • Very holistic offering for business forex, sending and receiving payments, fx risk management, hedging tools etc
  • Complimentary services (wealth management, business advisory)
  • Support on WhatsApp

Services Offered by Collinson & Co

Forex (Foreign Exchange Management)  + 4

Official Website:

Collinson & Co FX Review: Executive Summary

Collinson & Co is a trustworthy firm, established in 1994 by John Collinson who was previously a senior FX dealer with Citigroup Australia. Collinson & Co FX appears to be the main line of business for the firm - and there is a vast offering for corporate and SME clients. Collinson & Co does not boast much online presence and there are hardly any customer reviews describing satisfaction, or lack thereof, with their services.
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Updated on Nov 16, 2022

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Where is Collinson & Co Available?

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Is Collinson & Co Safe?

Company size:

Established in 1994, Collinson & Co is one of most experienced companies in international fx payments that you have heard of until now. While a direct competitor to companies like  Currencies Direct or WorldFirst when it comes to business forex, Collinson offers a wide array of additional services which aren’t offered by any of its competitors.

Collinson and Co offer services in four main categories: Forex, Wealth, Advisory and Crowdfunding. The Advisory services mostly center around both the bull and the sell side of acquisitions and mergers, as well as capital raising, valuation advice and general business planning. Collinson also offer Crowdfunding services in which they can connect you to investors who are looking to invest capital. Meanwhile, Collinson also offer Wealth Management services by taking into account the different needs of the investors, and focusing on a long-term strategy.

According to the company’s linkedin profile and website, the company employs fewer than 50 employees, with a global presence of 4 offices – NZ, Australia, USA and UK. It is still privately owned by its founder.

Regulated By:

It appears like Collinson and Co is regulated in the aforementioned juridstictions but that information was impossible to find on their website.




Collinson & Co is likely safe. The company has a long track record and enough global presence to make up a point they are in the FX world for the long term, and they are very likely to work with some of their customers for over a decade by now. It would have been good if they would publish their regulatory information.

Collinson & Co Customer Reviews


There are very few online reviews of Collinson FX. Other than 35 votes on the company’s facebook page, there is no other online testimony this company even exists.

Collinson & Co Fees and Exchange Rates


It is not mentioned on whether Collinson & Co forex charge any fixed fees per payment.

Exchange Rates: 

Since there are no online reviews of Collinson & Co FX, it is impossible to know what kind of exchange rates are offered.


The Collinson & Co Forex website does not mention any limits, minimum or maximum transfer. It is reasonable to believe there are none, similar to other currency brokers.


With little transparency from Collinson & Co Forex, coupled with lack of customer reviews, there is very little we can say about this aspect of service.

Global Presence & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer: yes
  • Offices: UK, USA, NZ and Australia.
  • Ways to approach: Online, Telephone, Email, WhatsApp
  • Translations: English
  • Currencies Handled: Not mentioned
  • Client reviews: 35 5 star reviews on Facebook
  • Client reviews: barely existing


Collinson and Co offers an impressive support feature – you can contact the firm via WhatsApp, which is a great improvement to most brokers which are only available via phone or email. Other than that, they have an impressive global presence with many offices. But again, not enough information to base an opinion.

Additional Functions

This is where Collinson & Co truly shine. Collinson & Co is more than just another FX service. It’s a holistic financial service provider which is particularly focused on corporate customers. It offers everything you would expect a business fx service such as market orders and Forward FX, FX risk management, and even provides regular market commentary on the forex market – something that most smaller brokerages of its scale don’t normally do.

To top Collinson & Co’s FX service, there is a wide range of other things offered to Collinson in the domain of financing, business advsiroy and wealth management.

For private clients, there is no functional international payment app available, and based on the look of the website – the online trading system must be very dated as well (if you can even make transactions online, which is unclear).

Collinson & Co Review

Bottom Line

Collinson & Co is privately owned small to medium currency broker with presence in 4 countries and an impressive array of services, particularly for businesses. Collinson & Co FX might a good choice, especially for business clients who need a complex solution, but we have very little information about the company in spite of being in the foreign exchange industry for almost 3 decades now… whereas leading competitors have thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of online reviews, better looking and more informative websites, functional apps, and basically have a stronger FX offering.