KBR FX Review

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited Nov 15, 2022

Should I use KBR FX for money transfers?


  • Personalised service
  • Dedicated account manager/trader
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Regulated


  • Small and unknown
  • No online platform
  • Outdated looking website
  • Little information about the company

Services Offered by KBR FX

Transfer Money Abroad  + 3

Official Website:

KBR FX Review: Executive Summary

KBR FX is a small, UK based, currency broker, that enables users to trade in a variety of currencies. The broker provides access to a range of currency pairs, as well as a variety of tools and dedicated dealers to help users make informed decisions about their trades. The company does not allow its customers to transact online, which is a big drawback for many potential customers that are used to do everything on their mobile phone. Overall it is a fairly small competitor in the fx space without any distinct advantages over competitors.
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Updated on Nov 15, 2022
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🏆 1 Industry Awards (2015)

Where is KBR FX Available?

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On Money Transfer Comparison, we have reviewed 80+ money transfer services, 40+ of which could be considered direct KBR FX competitors. View our best rated KBR FX money transfer alternatives which have received higher ratings below:

Currencies Direct
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 39
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, India, South Africa.
  • Our Rating : 97.8%
  • Most Global Offices and Reach

    No Fees from Anywhere and Competitive Rates

    96% Client Satisfaction
  • Min Transfer: £/€ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 40
  • Offices : UK, EU, Singapore, and Australia.
  • Our Rating : 93.4%
  • High Quality Bespoke Service

    MoneyFact's Best Provider Award

    Over 100 Years of FX Experience Across Its Trading Desk
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 50
  • Currencies Supported: 120
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, HK, and UAE.
  • Our Rating : 92.8%
  • Business Oriented, Many High Profile Business Customers

    Industry Veteran since 1979

    Diverse Hedging Options and Excellent Guidance

KBR FX are a UK currency broker with a focus on personalized service and competitive rates. This review will cover the company’s background, services and customer reviews.

Is KBR FX Safe?

Company size:

KBR has approximately 15 to 20 employees based on the company’s linkedin page, with a single office Tilbury, UK. The company operates to serve both corporate and private clients. KBR FX was founded in 2007 but there is very little information about the firm other than kbrfx.com’s own about us page. 


KBR FX has been recognised with an “Outstanding Company” award in 2015 by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd. 

KBR FX has been recognised as one of LSE’s 1000 companies to inspire Britain

KBR FX has been recognised one of the top Essex businesses in 2013 and 2014 based on the Essex Limited Report.


The company’s own description on it Linkedin page speaks volumes about its reputation

Exact quote –

KBR Foreign Exchange PLC is possibly one of the UK’s fastest growing foreign exchange providers, working with both corporate and private clients.

The word “possibly” pretty much says it.

KBR FX Customer Reviews


The only hint of customer reviews online for KBR FX, which isn’t a large enough sample size, is 3 Google reviews. All the reviews were 5 out of 5 rated.


  • Service
  • Rates

  • None


There are essentially no customer reviews for KBR FX online. Whether this indicates a red flag, or that they’re still a very small operation, is up for interpretation. The 3 Google reviews are positive and it’s better than nothing, but it’s not enough to persuade us that that the company does offer a good service.

KBR FX Exchange Rates & Fees


No fixed fees.

Exchange Rates: 

KBR does not disclose their exact exchange spread. There is evidence that on the 26th of June 2019, KBR facilitated a transfer at the GBP/USD price of 1.2600 which represents an approximate 0.9% margin which is about average in this industry. 


Impossible to say much about KBR FX’s level of competitiveness without client reviews to testify about their satisfaction or lack of satisfaction with KBR FX’s rates. 

KBR FX Global Reach & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer: Yes
  • Offices: UK
  • Ways to approach: Phone, Email
  • Translations: No
  • Accepts clients: Not mentioned
  • Currencies Handled: 55+
  • Client reviews: 5/5 on Google Reviews, but just 4 reviews


Very localised service at most. 

Kbr FX

kbr Review Summary

kbr FX is a relatively unknown firm with less than 20 employees based on their own Linkedin page. We see no advantage to using them instead of using one of the better known companies in this space.