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Alon Rajic
Alon Rajic is the managing director of Finofin, the company behind Money Transfer Comparison. He was previously a senior manager for XLMedia PLC (LON:XLM). His financial commentary could be found on INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Motley Fool,, Yahoo! Finance and more.
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Last Edited Oct 31, 2022

WorldFirst has not accepted private clients since February 2021 😲. View popular WorldFirst alternatives here.

Should I Use WorldFirst?


  • Large and Trusted: Over 240,000 Active Clients
  • Positive Client Feedback
  • Great Online System and App
  • Easiest Sign-Up, Most Courteous Staff
  • Expansive Offering for Ecommerce and Business Clients
  • Do Business Like a Local - Accounts Held In-Country
  • No Minimum Limits (New in 2022)
  • Accepts Business Clients From a Wide Number of Asian Countries
  • Very Tech Oriented with Multiple API Integrations


  • Not Available to US Businesses
  • Only Business Customers Accepted
  • Owned by a Chinese Conglomerate
  • Heavy Staff Turnover in Recent Years
  • Less Positive Customer Reviews Since Its Been Acquired

Services Offered by WorldFirst

Transfer Money Abroad to a Bank Account (only SME and corporate clients)  + 4

Official Website:

WorldFirst Review: Executive Summary

WorldFirst is one of the largest and most credible companies in the money transfer space. With an easy online sign-up process, outstanding customer service and great rates,WorldFirst is an ideal choice for businesses and ecommerce sellers alike. This review of WorldFirst money transfer service, or WorldFirst UK Limited, will look at WorldFirst FX margins, how safe it is to use WorldFirst and how to make transfers with WorldFirst through telephone, email, online or via the app.As always, we’ll see what existing WorldFirst customer reviews from across the web tell us about user satisfaction as well.

Click here to visit WorldFirst.

Overall rating95.4%
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-100
  • star-50
Updated on Oct 31, 2022
Aggregated User Votes

Current Rates?

🏆 4 Industry Awards (2016-2021)

Where is WorldFirst Available?

This review of World First money transfer service, which consists of Worldfirst UK limited, WorldFirst Pty Ltd (Australia), WorldFirst Asia Ltd, WorldFirst Asia Pte. Ltd and WorldFirst Netherlands B.V. – the companies various global subsidiaries,  will explain the ins and outs of the company. From World First FX margins, how safe it is to use World First, how do you make transfers or payments with World First through telephone, email, online system or app, to what World First client reviews tell about user satisfaction.

😲 WorldFirst no Longer Accepting Private or US-based Clients: 😲

Following a 2020 announcement, WorldFirst stopped accepting private clients. Existing private clients of WorldFirst were able to make international transfers with WorldFirst until April 2021 but were forbidden to set up a forward contract beyond this date. We recommend our readers to learn about the best international money transfer companies for individuals in UK/EU, best international money transfer for USA, best international money transfer in Australia, as well as Canada, and more specifically for large amounts – the best-rated currency brokers.

Have a look below at the leading Worldfirst alternatives on the market:

Best Worldfirst Alternatives

Currencies Direct
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 39
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, India, South Africa.
  • Our Rating : 97.8%
  • Most Global Offices and Reach

    No Fees from Anywhere and Competitive Rates

    96% Client Satisfaction
  • Min Transfer: £/€ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 40
  • Offices : UK, EU, Singapore, and Australia.
  • Our Rating : 93.4%
  • High Quality Bespoke Service

    MoneyFact's Best Provider Award

    Over 100 Years of FX Experience Across Its Trading Desk
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 50
  • Currencies Supported: 120
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, HK, and UAE.
  • Our Rating : 92.8%
  • Business Oriented, Many High Profile Business Customers

    Industry Veteran since 1979

    Diverse Hedging Options and Excellent Guidance

Is World First Safe and Reliable?

Company Size

WorldFirst Limited, registered and headquartered in the UK, is a market leading and award winning foreign exchange company. It offers currency exchange and international payments only to corporate clients, with a particular focus on ecommerce businesses selling their goods overseas. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has grown rapidly and today has offices across four continents, employing more than 600 people.

WorldFirst is ranked among 2022’s top UK international money transfer companies in the UK in terms of revenue and has helped nearly 1,000,000 global customers with their international transfers. Each year WorldFirst makes millions of transfers for its unanimously happy client base.

Payment Process:

Like most currency brokers, WorldFirst money transfer never speculates on the currency markets. When a client enters into a transaction with WorldFirst, they will then enter into a matching covering deal with their banking partners. Thus turning your sold currency into your bought currency and from which the onward payment is made.

The two main transaction banks for World First are Barclays and Citibank – two of the most recognised and safest international banks around the globe.
WorldFirst is highly transparent in its financial performance and what it does to protect client money.


Since the firm’s acquisition by Alipay, little has been won by way of awards for WorldFirst and nor does it appear they have even entered any competitions. This is a marked contrast to the multitude of awards WorldFirst won throughout its growth journey.

Such rapid growth won the company an inclusion in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 in 2011, and earned it a position in the top 100 Sunday Times FastTrack companies in 2015, 2016 and 2017 – more than any other financial services provider in the UK.

In addition to that, it has won several prestigious awards, such as the UK Customer Experience Awards in 2013, and the UK National Business Award in 2011.

In April 2016, WorldFirst Payments was announced as the winner of the Queen’s Award for International Trade, one of the most lucrative and prestigious awards in the UK.

Re-branding and sale to Ant Financial

On June 21, 2017, WorldFirst (including WorldFirst UK and WorldFirst Australia) changed its logo and overall website appearance towards a more colourful and less simplistic design than before. This rebranding process also included a lot more focus on a specific segment – online sellers, which has proved itself as a highly commercially viable direction for the company.. During the year to follow, the company also entered into an internal reorganisation process to better adjust itself for its new future.

In January of 2019, as part of its reorganisation process, WorldFirst decided to stop taking on US based clients and shut down its entire US operation. Days later, it was discovered that WorldFirst had been bought by Ant Financial, the Chinese conglomerate behind AliPay and AliBaba, for a consideration of USD $700m.

At the time, it was reported by articles in the media that WorldFirst USA would reopen in the future under a new name and would be a separate business named Omega Money Transfers with no relationship to Ant Financial’s WorldFirst. The move never materialised and a number of Amazon sellers from the US were caught up in the US-China trade spat.

July 2019 Pricing Initiative - No Longer Valid in 2022

On July 23, 2019, WorldFirst announced they were shifting to a more transparent and more understandable pricing model that would compete directly with Wise’s rates for SME clients and would be cheaper for clients sending significant volumes overseas. The move, which appeared to be a direct result of the acquisition by Alipay, has since been reversed in 2022.

To us, it’s not wholly unsurprising that WorldFirst reversed its decision as the firm has always provided much more value to its clients than Wise. Wise specialises in purely online spot transfers, whereas WorldFirst provides this functionality and much more. WorldFirst can also provide business customers with dedicated account management and a range of currency hedging tools that enable businesses to better manage currency risk. Its multi-currency account solution is also operated in tandem with more trustworthy and respected banking partners.

Still, the move has no doubt aggravated a number of existing clients and WorldFirst will want to hold steady on its new pricing strategy, which, according to WF FAQs, is “competitive”.


Closure of Private Accounts

On 10th February 2021, WorldFirst sent a service termination email to all private clients notifying them of account closures on 21st April 2021, with online access being removed after 10th April.



Over the last decade, WorldFirst has been one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK, as supported by its position in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 from 2015-2017. In recent years, the growth of the firm has slowed but WorldFirst remains one of the largest and most trustworthy money transfer companies in the country, handing over a million international payments each and every year.

WorldFirst UK Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. The company is also regulated in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. It was acquired by Ant Group in 2019, operator of Alipay, one of the largest mobile payment platforms in the world. Almost 1,000,000 businesses have sent £125bn around the world with WorldFirst since 2004.

98% Credibility Score.

Do Clients Like WorldFirst? Reviews From Across the Web


Prior to their switch from the review platform Feefo to TrustPilot, there were over 7,100 WorldFirst client reviews on Feefo, rating the company 98/100. Despite the fact Feefo remains one of the most credible user review companies on the planet, TrustPilot seems to have become the go-to review platform for consumers and businesses alike.

WorldFirst now has over 2,000 reviews on TrustPilot – rated as excellent with a score of 4.3 / 5, down on the 4.7 / 5 score the firm enjoyed in 2020.

It’s a shame WorldFirst have lost all of their previous client reviews from Feefo since migrating to TrustPilot but having monitored the company closely over many years we can attest to their excellent previous reviews. In its time with Feefo, WorldFirst was regularly granted the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award so it’s no surprise WorldFirst is already rated in the best possible category on TrustPilot.

There are approximately 200 WorldFirst reviews to be found on ReviewCentre, another of the largest client review engines. World First had 96% positive reviews on Feefo, TrustPilot and ReviewCentre, combined.

All three websites show a myriad of client reviews relating to customers across the globe. As such, we assume that while the majority of reviews come from the UK, where Worldfirst has its biggest client base, they also include WorldFirst Australia reviews and WorldFirst Singapore reviews.

Below is a genuine, verified, comment by a client we have referred to them:

Very good, speedy service. Staff I spoke with regarding opening the account were very friendly & knowledgeable. Setting up the transaction, beneficiary etc., was simple and straightforward, and the money arrived in the beneficiary’s account very quickly. To top it all, total transaction was £60 cheaper than my bank!
Advantages +4

Clients praise World First on every aspect of its service. There multiple client reviews describing:

  • Easy sign up process.
  • Happy with the rates they are given.
  • Dedicated dealers are often mentioned by name, and described using the following adjectives: Professional, Knowledgeable, Polite, Customer Oriented, and Helpful
  • Satisfaction with the prompt execution of a transfer. Often completed overnight.
Disadvantages -4

Among the many positive reviews, we also witnessed several complaints. The majority of them focused on:

  • Slower transactions to specific locations (e.g., Brazil), where the process might be slightly more complicated and may require a sign-off from the funds’ recipient.
  • Not providing original copies of certain documents.
  • The company regularly requests supporting documents in order to process transfers, e.g. invoice/proof of the source of funds
  • Private clients were surprised that the private client desk closed.

In general, clients are positive about the services provided to them by WorldFirst online and over the telephone. The firm is regularly praised for being reliable, trustworthy and efficient. And despite a recent increase in pricing, customers still feel like they’re getting good value for money and praise WorldFirst for providing excellent exchange rates, even after the price increase kicked in.

Despite this, there has been a recent uptick in complaints. Virtually every complaint left in 2022 appears to relate to WorldFirst requesting supporting documentation in order to process a payment, or delaying/refusing to make a payment for compliance purposes.  As a regulated institution, WorldFirst is required to adhere to strict anti-money laundering laws, just like other regulated foreign exchange firms. For most customers, this should not impact them at all, but businesses operating in high-risk countries or high-risk industries should expect a greater level of due diligence. These companies may want to consider trying two or three different payment providers and should find that once repeat payments are going to the same beneficiary, some of the documentation requirements ease over time.

A small number of customers complained about slow transfers but transactions can also be slow to reach specific countries, regardless of which company you choose. In virtually all countries worldwide, banks do not handle incoming international transactions during bank holidays and weekends.

Overall, we can see that the vast majority of business clients are satisfied with the service provided by WorldFirst.

95% Client Feedback Score.

World First’s Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees: Corporate clients will have to agree on their payment fee structure with WorldFirst at the onset of their account. Though payment fees will certainly be cheaper than payment fees with a bank.

Exchange Rates: WorldFirst simply explains in their FAQs that they “offer easy and secure international business payments with competitive pricing”. WorldFirst has reverted to a traditional pricing model for currency brokers. The larger the amount transferred, the better the rate a client will receive. Using the WorldFirst online platform means that the exchange rate will be fixed. This should represent significant savings compared to banks and will hover around the same margins offered on other online money transfer platforms. When transferring a large sum (£25,000+) you may be able to negotiate a better rate over the phone.

Limits: As of 2022), there are no minimum transfer limits and given WorldFirst’s size and acces to liquidity, there is no upper cap on how much you can send either. WorldFirst handles a variety of business clients and online merchants and can assist them with transferring hundreds, thousands or millions of pounds per transfer.


There are no minimum or maximum transfer limits of any kind with WorldFirst and businesses transferring over £5,000 with WorldFirst will have access to a dedicated account manager. So businesses of all size will find a solution that works for them. Transferring money with WorldFirst online is smooth and easy, and should clients encounter any issues, WorldFirst customer support is praised for being easily accessible and highly professional. Dedicated dealers can provide guidance relating to the transfer, including details on the range of currency hedging tools the firm offers and share WorldFirst’s currency outlook for the future.

Exchange rate margins are no longer fixed and businesses who send larger volumes will find they achieve a lower exchange rate spread than those making smaller payments. Since bringing an end to its fixed margin policy, some customers have criticised WorldFirst for being more expensive, whilst many other customers still feel the exchange rates offered are excellent. From our perspective, we were surprised WorldFirst ever decided on a fixed-margin policy given the added-value activities they offer and we couldn’t see how this business model would be sustainable. The rates still appear to be good, all-be-it not as cheap as purely online providers like Wise and CurrencyFair. The model now adopted by WorldFirst is perfectly fine – it’s what some of the leading currency brokers like moneycorp and Currencies Direct also operate – we just feel it was a bit of an own goal for the firm to ever try a fixed margin approach.

92% Fees, Exchange Rates.

Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
Offices: UK Netherlands Australia Hong Kong Singapore Japan

Furthermore, as a WorldFirst corporate client you are able to open collection bank accounts overseas for online sellers in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, CNH, SGD, HKD & JPY.

Ways to Contact: Email, toll-free telephone number, call-back form, and meetings in worldwide offices.

Translations: World First is available in several languages, including; English, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

Accepts Clients: Generally speaking, globally, bar the USA.

Currencies Handled: Over 130.

Client Reviews: Often praise the quality of support and dedicated dealer functionality. Corporate clients only (including ecommerce).


With a dedicated dealing team that consists of knowledgeable dealers worldwide and offices in 5 continents (including most recently the Netherlands and Japan), service and global reach for corporate clients can’t get much better than this. The only major drawback is that WorldFirst stopped accepting US-based clients in January 2019. For business customers in the US, we strongly recommend OFX (local support from an office in San Francisco) and moneycorp – our no.1 rated provider for business FX and accepting clients from the majority of US states.

WorldFirst Foreign Exchange deals with more currencies than any other company we have compared it to and has more local country translations than 99% of its competitors. It has dedicated support centres in each continent in which it operates, makingservice much more localised than with most foreign exchange companies. It is also worth mentioning that the sign-up process takes less than 60 seconds, while most competitors retain perplexing and complex sign-up forms.

When it comes to global reach and service, WorldFirst FX is among the top 10 money transfer companies for business customers. With such an extensive setup of banking partners across the world, the majority of  customers can settle their trades with a local transfer, avoiding expensive SWIFT fees.

Where possible, WorldFirst will also rely on its own payments infrastructure to process international transfers, thus avoiding recipient bank and intermediary bank fees, which is another invaluable asset. Here is how this works:

96% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score

Additional Functionalities

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Rate Watch
  • Forward Contract
  • Regular Transfers
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Xero Integration
  • Payments to China

Forward contracts, firm orders and rate watch functionality, alongside a team of experienced and professional dealers, makes WorldFirst one of the best companies for hedging currency exposure. Clients can also set up regular transfers which can be particularly helpful for businesses with a requirement to repeatedly make the same transaction, such as paying an overseas salary. There’s even the option to fix each of the regular transfers with a forward contract to know exactly how much will have to be paid. Alternatively, it’s possible just to  agree to pay the rate on the day the transfer is scheduled to take place. Uniquely, WorldFirst offers the capability to book forward contracts for up to 3 years in advance, this is significantly longer than the standard 12 months offered by many other firms.

WorldFirst World Account:

In May of 2017, WorldFirst launched the World Account, one of the best corporate FX features we have seen in the currency transfer industry to date. Enabling small businesses to open bank accounts across the globe and receive, hold, convert and pay money globally.  This includes 10 local currency accounts, allowing businesses to make and receive domestic payments to do business like a local.

Local bank account details are possible in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, CNH, SGD, HKD & JPY.

Xero Integration

In March of 2019, after being sold to AliPAy, the company announced the buying of CurrencyVue, an Integrated FX Exposure Platform. With an increasing number of SMEs looking to Quickbooks or Xero for its accounting solutions, the move will allow WorldFirst to better integrate with these and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Ensuring WorldFirst continues to lead the way in the online experience it offers its client base.

Online Seller Offering / Focus

WorldFirst money transfer is one of the few FX companies that help merchants receive payments by setting up local bank accounts for them in a number of major ecommerce destinations (since May 2017 it is available to all corporate clients). This is an area that is highly complex and one that most companies would rather avoid, but WorldFirst makes it happen and reduces costs and overheads in the process.

E-Commerce is a growing segment for WorldFirst, and we have covered the ins and outs of it on our Online Seller Account page. As the longest running money transfer firm in the ecommerce space, it is also compatible with the greatest number of marketplaces (100+). These include, but are not limited to, Amazon, Etsy and AliExpress. You can often find online marketplaces offering introductory terms to attract WorldFirst ecommerce clients onto their platform too.

WorldFirst App:

WorldFirst has one of the top ranked money transfer apps. Unlike most companies, which either don’t have an app at all or have apps that can only watch rates, the WorldFirst mobile app lets you actually make transactions on your mobile phone. So whether you’re a business owner, treasurer or finance director on the move, WorldFirst has you covered.

The app can be found on the App Store, Google Play and can even be used on Smart Watches (perhaps the only app in the industry that is suitable for these devices).


This is another strong point of WorldFirst. Despite a rapidly growing number of financial services that allow businesses to open digital bank accounts around the globe, WorldFirst was the original. Its World Account is offered in partnership with top-tier banks and the firm enjoys strong relationships with all of the leading global online marketplaces. Its accounts are truly local and make international trade much easier – many of WorldFirst’s competitors offer multi-currency accounts but the accounts are often held in the UK (thus still involving international transfers to other countries).

Its hedging options are also more sophisticated than usual – products such as flexible forwards are hard to find and in providing forward contracts up to three years in advance, this offers a greater degree of flexibility than is possible with any other prodiver on the market today.

98% Added Values Score
WorldFirst Scoreboard
96 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility Score - 98%
  • Client Feedback Score - 95%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates Score - 92%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service Score - 96%
  • Added Values Score - 98%

WorldFirst Review Summary

In our opinion, WorldFirst provides one of the best money transfer services in the world for business and ecommerce clients alike. It was the very first non-banking financial institution to offer multi-currency accounts and whilst it has invested heavily in its tech capabilities, it continues to operate a highly professional team of currency dealers and support staff that are always available on the phone. Clients tend to agree with us and WorldFirst is regularly praised for being one of the few companies these days where customers can still speak to a real human within a few short rings.

The only regret is that WorldFirst’s acquisition which has lead to a lot of its expert staff to leave, and the fact it has stopped its U.S operations, as well as stopped accepting private customers as of Feb 2021. We are monitoring customer reviews closely to see if WorldFirst continues to be liked by them.

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6 years ago

I just signed up with World First today. Need to receive $15,000 from Australia into my Japanese bank account. I contacted World First on the phone to check any questions I had with the rates and the actual amount of money that I will receive in my account. The customer service rep I spoke with was professional and friendly. The set up of the account was the easiest I have experienced for such type of service, only requiring me to send in one form of photo ID. The money was deposited into their account today, so waiting to see if… Read more »

Chris Wilson
4 years ago

I wanted to transfer about £50,000. It was very easy to register and to transfer the funds.
Excellent rates and a very kind service.

Wilhelm Baasch
4 years ago

I always thought my bank is cheap compare to other banks in Germany, but Worldfirst’s rates were much cheaper.

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7 years ago

[…] top choice over at Money Transfer Comparison is World First currency transfer. They are friendly, quick, easy to register with, trade in large volumes and FCA regulated of […]

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
7 years ago

Review updated, let us know what you think about our choice here.

Adam Lauren
7 years ago

One of the friendliest websites, very inviting. I have used several FX companies in the past, and will positively consider World First.

7 years ago

Solid company and good service by phone. Would deal with again.

geoff mowatt
7 years ago

Great service cannot find anything to complain about as they have provided a first class service to me over the last five plus years..

7 years ago

Very fast service.
The amount they quote at the beginning of the transaction is exactly what we have received 2 days later.
I strongly recommend them

7 years ago

I have just opened my account but minimum transfer is £1000 which is quite high in comparison with other websites.

Arun Bhoopathy
7 years ago

Hello there,
I did my sign up and added my beneficiary but when I click on the Make International Transfer it says my Access is denied and one of my dedicated dealer will contact me shortly but no calls I received so far yet. Please help thanks.

6 years ago

hi…My situation is the same what Arun mentioned about..
Could you pls do something about this ?

R McDarmid
6 years ago


Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
7 years ago

Recent Feefo Feedback from a client who registered through MoneyTransferComparison:

“Very prompt and courteous service, and a rate that was better than others on offer on the day. Easy to use website/app. Recommended! I made a one-off transaction (£-€) and am considering swapping from current provider for regular transactions..”

– DS.

Happy to help!

6 years ago

Top quality service! Would recommend this to any friends! Bradley my advisor was extremely helpful and efficient as it was the first time I used this service I had lots of questions he was always immediately available and always ready to help! Transaction was clear and very fast money arrived in the same day! Thank you for a great service will certainly use this again!

Beatrice Serwaa
6 years ago

please is it a bank transfer or cash pick up and if cash pick up where can i collect my money from?

felicia Anane
6 years ago

am Felicia from Ghana and please i want to know whether you offer cash pick up or is only bank transfer…please if is cash pick up which banks in Ghana here are you working with?

Shawna Hartley
6 years ago

Used World First a few years ago. Great service from Chris, who sadly turns out not to be with WF any longer. Replacement contact responded to my email. Gave me a rate and then disappeared. Auto responder ‘out of office’ on Friday ( fair enough) but now it’s weds nite – still nothing. Market has moved and I’m losing out. NOT what one should expect from a top rated company… Very disappointed

6 years ago

Have just been told by XE that they are moving transfer companies from Custom House to HiFX so that I though that I would look around to see how the market was now (been using XE/Custom House since 2005). Comments so far: WorldFirst – does not fill me with confidence that they charge differently based on your location. Your reviews: surely you should be even handed and downgrade WorldFirst as you have done with HiFX because they both charge fees rather than build all of their revenue into the premium on the interbank rate. Charging fees is not justifiable since… Read more »

6 years ago

Hi, could someone clarify for me what the ‘minimum transfer amount’ refers to please? I am a translator, so my invoices do not usually amount to much separately. Does it mean that World First will not accept payments lower than 1,000€, or will not transfer less than £1,000 into a UK bank account? Any help on this would be much appreciated! (I have only just set up my business and so the whole ‘international payment’ world is still quite confusing for me, I apologise if this is a silly question!)

5 years ago

Really excellent rates on the Euro. A must-check.

5 years ago

im expecting a large incoming fund to the usa from japan, what banks do you work with? Thank you

Tracy Morgan
5 years ago

Hey guys, great review. I checked it for the transfer fees and I found a review at iCompareFX where it’s stated that every transfer over 10k is free of charge and I see that you also have that data. Can you please explain why are big companies like World First doing this and what’s their interest in that?

Edwin Dsilva
4 years ago

What is the minimum amount to use Worlds First? I usually transfer money from Canada to India to freelancers working for me.But, the monthly payments do not exceed 500 CAD. With such a less amount, can I still use Worldfirst remittance services?

R. Pinto, Portugal
4 years ago

Very good service provider. Had absolutely no issues with them. Great rates.

4 years ago

your “cons” says: “Unavailable in some U.S. states”.
FYI: they will not accept customers who live in the Canadian province of Quebec (roughly 1/4 of the population of Canada).

Annie Rosen
4 years ago

I got to Worldfirst by recommendation. This review reassure me this is indeed an established company that I can trust.

4 years ago

much props to the guys over at worldfirst usa for helping me save money on an international money transfer to luxemburg got 0.85 euro for each dollar (received by my brother june 1) i will definitely continue deal with worldfirst

Alejandro Mery
4 years ago

[[ Edited by Admin – Transferred to the Merchants page where this feedback is relevant ]]

Peter Whitten
4 years ago

Tried to sign up but not interested in me as I live in the Philippines. Seems strange as I would be able to send my GBP to PHP. Didn’t ask if I had UK passport or bank accounts.
Can you suggest an alternative dealer?

Brandon Randall
4 years ago

I did a few transfers a few months ago and had a good experience with them. Yesterday did a new transfer and I was eligible for a fee-free transfer. I already use them for all of my needs but now they just upped up a notch the service. The fee wasn’t big to start with but every deal is welcomed :)

Stanley Walker
4 years ago

I used WorldFirst several times over the past 2 months. John was very helpful.

wil, berlin
4 years ago

world first is cheaper than my local bank here in germany. very good website.

Chris Robinson
4 years ago

Thank for a kind service. I have used a couple of foreign exchange providers before, Worldfirst is one of the best.

Pierre Faucheux
4 years ago

I heard about WorldFirst through a colleague of mine who lives in the UK. I was amazed from their cheap rates, much better than my bank.

4 years ago

Very easy to transfer money online and an great team to talk to on phone or email. Having a person allocated to look after you makes a big difference. Exchange rates are good too.

3 years ago

Polite and efficient personnel who did what was needed. System of transferring easy and money sent pretty quick.

Myrna Morato
3 years ago

I am here in US and would transfer money fr my Philippines US$ account to a bank in HSBC UK account. Is it possible? Thank you.

Jonathan Milar
3 years ago

My family lives in Canada, but my sister got accepted into medical school in the UK. We use World First to send her money to pay living expenses so she can focus on studying and not have to worry about bills. It’s been working good so far and we have done I think 5 transfers already in the last year with no problems.

Charles West
3 years ago

Can’t really beat their guarantees as an Englishman. Have had to exchange GBP for AUD quite a few times over the last 2 years, and have always been satisfied with the outcome. Being able to do transfers on their android app while I am on the tube is very nice bonus!

2 years ago

Delaying payments also blocking funds
Blocking funds and delaying payment , using all ways to delay. Can delay and block your funds up to 60 days.

2 years ago

Registered in HK, submitted required document, it’s fast and smooth. First remittance , from HKD to JPY to my Japanese friend, it’s also smooth like a magic!! 2nd remittance, used the same info, but it took me over 7 days for many times back and forth about the incorrectness of the beneficiary (I promise I did not change any info after the 1st time) By the way, the case is still not finished, also it’s found out that WorldFirst is not under monitoring by HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) and the customer service is stationed in Singapore. it made me… Read more »

Prabh Mokha
2 years ago

I have always experienced an absolutely superb service. Their spot rate is consistently the best on the market and my liaison (Jack Cincotta) is incredibly responsive and helpful. I recommend them 100%

2 years ago

WorldFirst than other brokers based on my comparison for transfers of £270,000. They offered 0.25% spread, other brokers were at around 0.4% (TransferWise) to 1% or more.

1 year ago

I still fail to understand why Worldfirst closed my account, I found a company I like better anyhow

1 year ago

Too bad they stopped working with individuals. They were my favorite company to work with. Their customer support / account managers were really great and very helpful. Hopefully they will change their mind in the future and go back to the previous setup.

1 year ago

You can expect a world class service from the people at WorldFirst . My business does transfers between the UK and Singapore on a weekly basis and never had a single problem in processing them in over 3 years. 10/10 from me!

Anthony Manning
10 months ago

I was helped greatly by the customer service team with the limit order feature at the bank, which enabled me to create any required adjustments to the next order. It was hands down a good idea. Saved my business a few thousands pounds.

Finlay Potts
4 years ago

My experience with Worldfirst was great. Hope it will continue the same way. Did 2 transfers with them already and everything was pretty smooth.