WorldFirst Re-brands Itself

Date of publication: June 22, 2017 | Author: Matt Di Vincere

WorldFirst, one of the most successful money transfer services in the UK and globally (ranked #11 most growing company in the UK by HSBC), has launched its new logo and website yesterday, June 21, 2017. This re-branding effort appears to be a part of a wider-scale change which is currently taking place at the firm.

There were two more major changes that took place in the last two months:

  • We have previously reported on the new World Account functionality. That sort of functionality, designated for SME’s, enables them to receive foreign currency payments into domestic bank accounts across the globe. These funds can be held in that bank account indefinitely, and used to pay local suppliers domestically. This is a pretty big deal in the money transfer world, as no other company offers the same service (some companies like OFX offer similar services but they do not accept all SME’s, only online sellers).
  • World First have stopped offering FX options to its corporate clients (with the exception of Forward Contracts). The reason for that was simply that there’s a lot of effort involved with offering such FX options but they are seldom used.

We anticipate both of the changes mentioned above will make a good impact for the company, which is doing exceptionally well as it is. World First has been our favourite company to deal with even before these changes took place(due to great features like “Best Rate Guarantee”, and overwhelmingly positive feedback by its clients), and they remain the top ranked company on

With that being said, we have a few words of criticism for its new design. The colour scheme is a bit perplexing, and the fonts are too small to read in our opinion (can be problematic for the colour-blind and older people). We are awaiting some more data from World First to understand if this had any negative impact on the registration funnel.

On the good side, World First has taken a leap forward towards transparency. Prospective clients are able to view the live rates offered on World First’s online platform through the “rates” tab, as follows:

How do you like World First’s new logo and website? Let us know in the comment section below.


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