Top 10 UK Expat Destinations in the USA

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Where are the top places for Brits to call home when relocating to the US? We have searched the Internet for answers, gleamed insight from other websites and created this top list for you. You can read all about these top ten locations to see what you might like, what each has to offer and pack your passport and book your flight over the pond and settle into the good ole U S of A.

These are my top 10 favourite places to move to into the U.S. These aren’t necessarily the biggest UK expat hubs in the USA, but rather the best locations based on my many years of experience working in this sector. Enjoy!

Top 10 Places to Move to in US from UK:

1. New York (White Plains) Suburb, New York

Population within the city: 56,853

Population in the greater metro area 8,622,698

Unemployment rate: 3.5%

Median household income for the state: $60,850

Cost of living rank: 48/50

What to love about New York City: The city that never sleeps has it all! A truly world-class city filled with culture and history. Quintessentially ‘American’ while still having a very diverse population. From SoHo to the suburbs, if you can afford the rent, this may be the place for you!

2. Austin, Texas

Population within the city: 950,715

Population in the greater metro area: 2,056,405

Unemployment rate: 2.8%

Median household income for the state: $55,650

Cost of living rank: 24/50

What to love about Austin: Texas’ capital city is also the biggest college town you’ll ever see. Repeatedly listed as the #1 place to live in the USA, Austin has a thriving art and music scene to go along with an up-and-coming technology industry. There is plenty to love about this hip, youthful and safe city!

3. Seattle (Bellevue suburb), Washington

Population within the city: 144,444

Population in the greater metro area: 3,733,580

Unemployment rate: 3.8%

Median household income for the state: $64,129

Cost of living rank: 44/50

What to love about Seattle: This city is unlike any other in the US from being the home of corporate giants like Microsoft and Starbucks to quirky, funky neighbourhoods and legendary farmer’s markets. You can live right on the Pacific Coast enjoying a moderate climate more familiar to the UK. Be sure to look into Seattle’s eclectic music scene, liberal social causes and thriving professional sports teams.

4. Portland, Oregon

Population within the city: 583,776

Population in the greater metro area: 2,389,228

Unemployment rate: 3.4%

Median household income for the state: $54,148

Cost of living rank: 45/50

What to love about Portland: One of the most progressive cities in America, Portland leads the charge in its own distinctive way. You can enjoy mountain biking right in the city, walk to one of the many small bookstores or march with the rabid soccer crowd cheering on the Timbers! If you like being active and appreciate an open-minded culture, this may be your perfect destination.

5. San Francisco, California

Population within the city: 844,363

Population in the greater metro area: 4,727,357

Unemployment rate: 2.4%

Median household income for the state: $64,500

Cost of living rank: 49/50

What to love about San Francisco: San Fan boasts a booming economy built on technology and higher education. It is also one of the most culturally inclusive places you could possibly find. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Prison and the birthplace of The Grateful Dead to an incredible foodie scene, the city’s history is rich and has built a foundation to be one of the most desired places to live in the country. Find out all this great city has to offer…and then take a quick trip to the Napa Valley wine country!

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Population within the city: 685,0941

Population in the greater metro area: 4,628,910

Unemployment rate: 3.1%

Median household income for the state: $70,628

Cost of living rank: 47/50

What to love about Boston: If you want to live in a place of storied history and great seafood, look no further! Boston is the hub of the New England region. It is one of the youngest metro areas that is supported by world-class educational institutions such as Harvard University and MIT. These assets have also provided a very fertile ground for medical and technology industry growth. Make sure you learn about Boston’s famed sports teams as well – home of the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Revolution!

7. Denver, Colorado

Population within the city: 704,621

Population in the greater metro area: 2,814,330

Unemployment rate: 2.3%

Median household income for the state: $61,927

Cost of living rank: 43/50

What to love about Denver: One of the fastest growing metropolitan areas that enjoy fantastic weather and outdoor activities unlike any other. Camping, hiking, fishing, skiing and biking are just a few of the many outdoor activities right on your doorstep. Denver is also the host to sports teams in all of the major American leagues. Make sure you’re ready for the increased elevation before you venture too far in the Mile High city!

8. Sarasota, Florida

Population within the city: 56,610

Population in the greater metro area: 720,042

Unemployment rate: 3.1%

Median household income for the state: $49,426

Cost of living rank: 37/50

What to love about Sarasota: You’ve had enough of dreary rainy days, haven’t you? Check out this paradise that boasts year-round warm weather and a very reasonable cost of living! Be in close proximity to the popular destinations of Orlando and Tampa without all of the theme park tourists and traffic. You’ll be delighted by the local food & wine scene and have your breath taken away by the gulf coast wildlife and scenery.

Wondering what other places can rival the sunny state of Florida? Have you ever thought about California? We did, and we created a complete comparison between the two.

9. Boulder, Colorado

Population within the city: 108,090

Population in the greater metro area: 294,567

Unemployment rate: 2.1%

Median household income for the state: $63,909

Cost of living rank: 43/50

What to love about Boulder: You can have most all the same perks of Denver only being 25 miles away without all of the big city hustle and bustle. Boulder is a college town known for its quality of life. The terrific arts and music scene are matched by many local breweries and amazing restaurants.  Boulder is also well known as a very healthy city – you can’t put a price on that!

10. Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona

The population within the city: 246,645

Population in the greater metro area: 4,737,270

Unemployment rate: 3.4%

Median household income for the state: $51,492

Cost of living rank: 34/50

What to love about Phoenix: There is so much to do in Phoenix and the weather is always sunny & warm! What’s not to love about that? This southwestern city has a very different cultural and geographical make-up than its coastal counterparts. While the city of the sun is known for its phenomenal golfing, it is an all-around sporting capital. Want to see palm trees and sunshine instead of traffic? Come to this low cost of living destination in the desert!

Now that you have checked out the top ten list of destinations to call home when moving to stateside. You can see the unemployment rate is pretty good just about everywhere right now. Cost of living is a bit higher, but if you are moving here you probably don’t want to end up in Kansas or Nebraska, while they are beautiful our list of top cities have a lot more to offer. So what are you waiting for?! Real estate is HOT right now in the USA, so you will want to get in while the gettin’ is good!

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Images produced with and edited via lunapic.

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