Tikfx Review

This review will cover Tik FX’s company history, structure, services and client reviews. By the end of the review, you should gain an understanding to whether Tik FX suits your needs for FX services.

📝 TikFX isn’t of the best 10 rated fx firms on Money Transfer Comparison October 2020 list, based on its editorial ranking. Want to find other options? take a look at TikFX recommended alternatives here.
🏛️ Established2017
🌎 International ClientsNo, only East Asia
💱 Currencies Offered 16 (predominantly Asian)
💷 Minimum TransferNo Minimum
📲 Trading viaMobile App
🏢 Offices In Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
⚖️ Regulation Licensed under Tranglo Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia
🤯 FeesMYR 25.00
Promotional CodeNone
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Client Reviews 179 reviews on Google Play
⭐ Client Rating 4.5/5 on Google Play
🏆 AwardsNone
👍 Advantages
  • Access to many Asian currencies


  • Easy to use


  • Functional app
👎 Disadvantages
  • Customer service reliability issues


  • App often updates and crashes
  • Limited currencies
  • Available only on app
  • No dedicated dealer
  • Relatively new service
  • Limited to clients from East Asia

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Our Rating: N/A%

Status: Not In MTC’s Most Recommended List

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Company Information and Credibility

Company size:

Tik FX operates only in Singapore and Malaysia, sending money outwards to 13 Asian countries. Tik FX are however expanding their services to Hong Kong, UAE, Kuwait Jordan and even the UK in Europe.

 However, Tik FX is under the Tranglo Group of Companies. Tranglo is an extremely well-established global remittance company. Founded in 2008, Tranglo has grown its presence considerably in Asia. They have been pioneers in the technology that makes cross-border transactions cheap, fast and secure. This is perhaps the biggest cause of Tik FX’s success.


Tranglo has 1,300 payout partners, has performed 20 million transactions of the total value of $4 billion. In 2018, they had processed $1.5 billion — so growth has been exponential.


Tranglo actually sponsored and awarded the RemTECH Awards in 2018, which really highlights their authority within the Asian remittance industry.


Tik FX is a relatively small company or money transfer app which is backed by a very well established one (Tranglo). They are thus credible by virtue of Tranglo being extremely credible — but Tik FX is still yet to prove its autonomy in getting many reviews or much of a presence. The biggest indicator of Tik FX’s success in isolation is the many app downloads it received — which were rated very positively.

Client Feedback


Tik FX doesn’t have many reviews as a remittance company. There are however some reviews on Google Play Store concerning their services through the app alone.

 The rating on Google Play is 4.5, which is considerably good. However, this does not mean that Tik FX is a trustworthy company, as 179 reviews is not enough to make a decision and Google Play is not an ideal platform for review analysis.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast transfer

  • Call was not answered


  • Payment fails because of app failure


  • Too many updates


With Google Play being the only source of customer reviews for Tik FX, it is difficult to judge how good the services are. Although the existing reviews seem to be overall positive, saying that the service is easy and fast, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of reviews is not significant enough to know that they have not been faked and the service is truly reliable.

Transfer money abroad (more options) 


Exchange Rate & Fees


Service fees for bank deposit is currently MYR 25.00, which equates to roughly USD $5.73. The fee in SGD is 10.00, and this is also the same price for cash pickup.

Exchange Rates: 

The exchange rates have varied margins, so you will need to pay attention to each quote you’re given (it doesn’t say the mid-market rate next to it either).

 A current example from the website quotes 1 MYR to buy BDT 19.2433. Currently, the mid-market rate is 1 MYR to BDT 19.5145. As we can see, this margin isn’t too bad. It may not be the best rate on the market currently, but these are relatively exotic currencies to be trading with a margin under 2%.



Exchange rates are seemingly competitive, though they’re not transparent in the sense that you’re forced to calculate the margin yourself. There are fees to bank deposits and cash pickups, which is a somewhat outdated model in this industry.

Global Reach & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer: No
  • Offices: Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
  • Ways to approach: Mobile app, website live chat
  • Translations: No
  • Accepts clients: East Asia
  • Currencies Handled: 16
  • Client reviews: 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play


There are roughly 1,300 banks/wallets worldwide compatible with Tikfx, along with 130,000 cash pick-up points.whilst there’s no bespoke service and the currencies handled are only 13, the global reach is satisfactory if you’re looking for Asian or more exotic currencies.

Additional Functionalities

The Tik FX app is somewhat impressive, despite its apparent frequent updates. Registration is completely automated, where you simply scan your ID into the app and take a selfie video. The app provides a clear image of what rates you have access to and it’s easy to execute transactions.

 Tik FX is more than just a virtual wallet, too. Customers can pick up their currencies at cash pick up points, of which there are over a hundred thousand around the world.


There’s very little other functionality that Tik FX offers to customers other than its reasonably effective app. Of course, cash pick ups are useful and relatively novel for startups in this industry, but there’s no chance of hedging or business solutions with Tik FX.

TikFX Review Summary

Our Conclusions

Tik FX offers reasonable exchange rates for currencies (predominantly Asian) that aren’t always available at FX specialists. With a slick app and fast sign up process, you can easily transfer funds and even pick up the cash. Tik FX is somewhat reputable, though it lacks customer reviews and online presence. Overall, it’s a simple, limited service but is a valid option for Asian currency transfers.