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Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited Nov 14, 2023

Below you can find the list of studies and surveys made by and on behalf of These are researches that deal with out main topic of currency transfers or with out target audiences – small businesses, corporations, HNW individuals and expats which are transferring large sums of money internationally.

Why are Australian businesses still relying on their credit cards for overseas spending?

Explore the reasons behind Australian businesses' preference for credit cards in international transactions, including insights from a survey on the challenges and perceptions influencing their choices.

Will Australian businesses source more suppliers or customers from overseas as the cost of doing business increases?

Delve into the shifting trends of Australian businesses as they navigate the rising costs of operations. This study offers insights into the increasing consideration of overseas suppliers and customers in response to domestic financial pressures.

Will Smes Outsource Work Overseas Amid A Tight Job Market & Rising Wages?

Investigate the compelling dynamics that lead SMEs to consider outsourcing internationally in the face of a tight job market and rising wages. This study assesses the economic pressures driving the need for overseas talent, highlighting the strategic decisions made by SMEs to address local talent shortages and financial constraints.

Are Australian businesses failing to check exchange rates when making international payments?

A significant portion of Australian businesses may not be diligently checking exchange rates or shopping around for the best rates before making international payments. This study unveils the oversight that could be costing businesses financially and highlights the importance of being exchange rate aware.

Will SMEs expand their sales or suppliers internationally to get through tough economic times?

This study surveys small-to-medium business leaders to assess their strategy in response to economic challenges, specifically whether they plan to expand sales or outsource suppliers internationally. It reveals a trend towards globalization among SMEs in an effort to navigate financial adversity.

Consumer Behavior:

How Many Aussies Are Ignorant About The Meaning Of Exchange Rates And International Transfer Fees?

Uncover the surprising level of misunderstanding among Australians regarding exchange rates and international transfer fees. This Money Transfer Comparison study dives into the awareness gap, revealing key misconceptions and the actual knowledge spread across the population.

Are Aussies losing out by using credit cards for overseas purchases rather than money transfers?

Discover the financial impact on Australians using credit cards versus money transfers for international transactions. This Money Transfer Comparison study investigates preferences and awareness around costs, revealing the potential savings from choosing more cost-effective payment methods.

Do Australians research lower fees before making international money transfers or purchasing foreign currency?

Assessing the savvy of Australians in financial matters, this study probes whether they seek out lower fees for international transfers and currency exchanges. It unveils a significant proportion that may not be optimizing their financial decisions, shedding light on the potential for better financial education and awareness.

Basic quiz reveals Australians’ lack of understanding on impacts of AUD fluctuations

This study reveals a surprising gap in the understanding among Australians of how AUD fluctuations affect the economy and individual purchasing power. A quiz uncovers common misconceptions and provides a snapshot of the nationwide need for improved financial literacy.

Are Australians saving money on payments?

Investigate the strategies Australians employ to reduce expenses and avoid fees in their payment processes. This study captures the intent of consumers to alter their payment methods in the face of economic shifts, highlighting the proactive steps taken to economize in day-to-day financial transactions.

Are Australians willing to financially help families overseas, despite the rising cost of living?

Examine the willingness of Australians to support family abroad in light of the increasing expenses at home. This survey uncovers the financial commitments Australians are prepared to make to assist their overseas relatives, despite domestic economic pressures.

Banking and Fintech:

Would Australians leave their banks in favour of innovative online lenders and fintech services?

Examine the evolving landscape of Australian finance where traditional banking satisfaction is weighed against the allure of fintech alternatives. This study evaluates the readiness of Australians to switch to fintech solutions offering more affordable and innovative services in money transfers, loans, and savings.

Have high interest rates and fees in 2022 eroded our trust in the banks?

This study investigates the Australian public's trust in banks amidst rising interest rates and fees. It examines whether higher costs have prompted consumers to shift towards cheaper, more trustworthy online services, reflecting changing attitudes towards traditional banking.

Currency and Economic Impact Studies:

How will the Australian dollar affect travel and consumer spending?

Investigate the impact of the Australian dollar's fluctuations on consumer behavior, particularly regarding travel and overseas spending. This study provides insights into how changes in the AUD's strength influence Australians' decisions on investing, traveling, and purchasing from abroad.

Will Australians increase their international payments in FY23?

As interest rates and living costs rise, this study examines Australian spending trends, specifically in the realm of international payments for FY23. It assesses whether Australians plan to increase, decrease, or maintain their spending abroad and explores the underlying reasons for their financial decisions.

American Financial Behavior:

Are banks offering Americans value and innovation?

Surveying American perspectives on traditional banks versus fintech, this study examines perceptions of innovation and value in banking services. It provides insights into customer satisfaction with current banking offerings and the potential shift towards fintech solutions.

Will Americans increase or reduce international money transfers in 2023?

Delve into the future of international finances as this study explores American intentions towards money transfers in the coming year. It offers an analysis of potential shifts in overseas spending habits amidst changing economic conditions.

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