Studies and Surveys

Below you can find the list of studies and surveys made by and on behalf of MoneyTransferComparison:

1) International Bank Transfer Fees (UK, USA, Australia, Canada and more)

2) Survey on Transferring Money Abroad: 2022 (in Australia)

3) Australian Inflation Survey

As inflation soars in Australia, will you do any of the following when making payments in the next 12 months, to save money?
Research to find the lowest money transfer fees and exchange rates when making international payments.363531293329
Pay bills through BPay, PayPal or direct electronic transfer to avoid credit card surcharges.554958445259
Have automatic debits set up for some regular payments so that can ensure I pay my bills.302033262524
Use apps that split bills between friends or members of a household.1199446
I will not be looking for ways to save money through my financial transactions.212920272518

4) As US Dollar surges, will this impact your travel, overseas investing and remittances plans for next year? (in Australia)

5) Australian expectations for international money transfers in 2023 vs 2022

6) What American’s Think of Banks Fees & Innovation

7) Have disproportionately high interest rates and increased fees caused you to lose faith in the banks? (Australia)

8) Will SMEs expand their sales or suppliers internationally to get through tough economic times?(Australia)