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Page NameTarget AudiencePopular DestinatinosTransfer SizeTop-rated Company
International Currency TransfersIndividuals and CorporationsWorldwide£5,000 and up (or equivalent in other currencies)Per destination
Best Way to Transfer Money AbroadIndividuals (private clients)Spain, France, Australia, USA, Singapore, UAE£5,000 and up (or equivalent in other currencies)Per destination
Best Way to Receive Money from AbroadExpatriates and businesses need to receive money from overseasSpain, France, Australia, USA, Singapore, UAE£5,000 and up (or equivalent in other currencies)World First
Corporate FXSmall and medium businesses with FX needsUSA, Australia, EUAnyWorld First
Remittances and Regular TransfersOverseas employees who send money back to their familieshina, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Nepal, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil, PolandNormally under £1,000OFX / Currencies Direct
Best Money Transfer in AustraliaIndividuals and Businesses in AustraliaSpainA$100 and up (or equivalent in other currencies)Currencies Direct
Online Money Transfers AbroadYounger, techier people who need to move moderate amounts abroadSpain, France, Australia, USA, Singapore, UAENormally under £10,000Transferwise
Best international money transfer for mobileYounger, techier people who need to move moderate amounts abroadAll destinationsNormally under £1,000World First/ Transferwise
Best Foreign Exchange for Online SellersOnline retailersUSA, EU and AsiaAnyWorld First / OFX
Best Travel Money RatesTravelers who require cashSpain, France, USA, and AustraliaN/A



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Review PageOur ScoreWhat
World First Money Transfer Review95.80%MoneyTransferComparison’s top fx rates provider of the year. World First guarantees to match any rate from competitors (UK clients). Very easy and convenient sign up, online trading system, tight spreads, and helpful staff.
Currencies Direct Review98.20%Currencies Direct has been a top 3 best money transfer company  on MoneyTransferComparison since 2014 for its superb staff, zero fees policy, and the efficiency of the service.
Moneycorp Review92.80%Moneycorp has been an industry leader for more than 2 decades and is one of few money transfer companies to hold an offshore banking license. Unique offers for our readers: no fees and discounted rates!
OFX Review90.40%Australia-based OFX is one of the world’s most famous and lucrative money transfer companies. Trading in the Australian stock market, OFX is the industry gentle giant -respected by competitors and adored  by clients.
Transferwise Review86.80%Transferwise move more than £1bn monthly by their own admission making them the hottest thing in money transfers right now. This company has the potential to change the way money is being handled and more so – change the world.

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