Spartan FX Review

This Spartan FX review will take a closer look at this relatively new international money transfer provider and break down everything it has to offer. We’ll explain in detail the ins and outs of the service and see how it stacks up to the incumbent providers in the money transfer space. Taking into consideration online reviews, fees and currency rates, website, trading platform and level of service. Read the Spartan FX review in detail below.

Spartan FX FAQ

  Is SpartanFX safe to use?

Yes. It is approved by two of the world’s most prominent regulators to handle customers’ funds and transfer it abroad – Financial Conduct Authority and FinCEN.

  Can I use Spartan FX as a private client?

Yes. Spartan FX is one of few foreign exchange companies in the UK geared specifically at private customers.

  Does Spartan FX offer an online system?

Yes, trading and onboarding is done online.

SpartanFX Info

🏛️ Established2018
🌎 International ClientsInternationally – UK, Europe, Australia & 22 US States
💱 Currencies Offered40
💷 Minimum Transfer£1,000
📲 Trading viaOn the telephone or through the online payment platform.
🏢 Offices InUK
⚖️ RegulationFinancial Conduct Authority, FinCEN
🤯 Fees
  •  £0 Per Currency Transfer
  • Exchange rates agreed on sign-up
Promotional CodeNone, but international payments are already fee-free. Spartan FX will only make money on the FX spread you are charged for your currency conversion.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Client Reviews135, all found on the leading review platform Feefo.
⭐ Client Rating5 stars
👍 Advantages
  • Excellent Client Reviews
  • Experienced Management Team
  • Full Online & Offline Trading Process
  • Highly Service-Oriented
  • Powered by Currency Cloud
👎 Disadvantages
  • No Offices Outside the UK
  • Low Sample of Client Reviews
  • Unavailable in Some International Territories

Company Information and Credibility

Company size:

Spartan FX was founded as recently as 2018. And whilst it may lack in history, it certainly doesn’t lack in expertise. Currently employing under 10 people, its management team have all held senior positions at some of the leading money transfer providers to have launched in the UK, including Global Reach Partners and moneycorp.

The whole foundation of Spartan FX was born out of the founders passion for foreign exchange and belief that a client should always come first. In total, the Spartan FX board has over 50 years of experience in deliverable FX and share a common desire to use their experience to provide a premium and smooth service to clients with unrivalled exchange rates.

The team at Spartan FX will take the time to understand their clients needs and work with them to ensure they not only get the best price but also deal at the right time. At Spartan FX their approach is to not only save you money but to save you time and streamline your payments and foreign exchange transactions more efficiently.

Spartan FX is subtly aware that more customers are shifting towards online money transfers. With a trading platform and trading infrastructure powered by the currency tech giant Currency Cloud, Spartan FX ensures it has a smooth and slick online experience. Make no mistake about it though, Spartan FX’s ethos is to take a more personalised approach to offer unparalleled levels of customer service.  This is at the heart of what Spartan FX is all about, whilst customers can still enjoy all the benefits of a full-service online trading platform.

The service is available to both private and corporate clients. From our direct contact with the firm, they seem highly responsive, with a willingness to go above and beyond our expectations.

Regulated By:

Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, FinCEN  (All via the Currency Cloud integration).



Trustworthy and professional company of a (much) smaller scale than some of its competitors.

Client Feedback


There are 135 Spartan FX reviews that can currently be found on TrustPilot. Rated at 5/ 5, there are absolutely zero complaints. Almost all reviews praise the service, so it would seem Spartan FX is implementing what it set out to achieve. Users are praising:

“First class service as usual from Spartan. Very easy transaction with no difficulties at all.”

“Neil and Ben are true professionals. Not only do you get an excellent exchange rate but they give you a very personalised service. I would recommend them to anyone.”


  • The personal service is excellent
  • The FX advisory services are professional
  • The staff are kind and courteous
  • Transfers are prompt
  • Regular transfers are sent on time
  • Clear and concise

There are no negative Spartan FX reviews to be found on Feefo but the one reviewer, who rated the service as 3* – average, commented:

Drawn out onboarding process.

Spartan FX have responded to the feedback explaining that sometimes more information is required in the onboarding process to meet the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) financial services obligations.


Clients seem unanimously satisfied with the level of service they have received from Spartan FX. A 5 / 5 Trustscore is immaculate, and whilst 135 reviews is a small sample, we’ve certainly come across money transfer providers who have received more negative feedback at this stage of their journey. You would expect at least 4 or 5 negative reviews at this stage but the focus on service by Spartan FX seems to be working.

The fact they have responded to the ‘average’ rating which included some constructive feedback shows the firm is proactive and happy to listen to what clients have to say. The complaint raised was not uncommon in the industry but we have to remember these firms are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Whilst it’s not common, sometimes enhanced due diligence is necessary,

All in all the client feedback is excellent as it stands. Given the young nature of the company we will be sure to check in again once there are more Spartan FX reviews on Feefo.


Exchange Rate & Fees

Fees: Free international transfers for transfers over the sum of £1,000 (transfers below £1,000 are not possible). This is evidently as cheap as you can find in terms of payment fees. Normally £0 payment fees are only offered by the largest FX providers, who have low banking fees themselves. So it’s pleasing to see Spartan FX honouring £0 fees even if they’re having to pay a touch more themselves.

Exchange Rates: We don’t have any information on Spartan FX rates. Like most boutique FX firms you can agree your pricing when you register. The more you are trading, the better the spread you’ll be able to achieve.

The fact all Spartan FX reviews are positive is a good sign – it appears that clients are more than happy with the cost of the service for the level of service they receive. Keeping a fair cost is integral to offering a good service and a small number of reviews do directly mention the great rates available with Spartan FX.

As pricing is based on each clients trading volumes and currency requirements, it is difficult to compare the rates available with Spartan FX to other firms’ rates, all we can rely on is the customer feedback which, as it stands, has no reference to anyone being unhappy with the rate they achieved. Remember the timing of your transfer can be just as, if not more important than the spread you achieve.

Limits: Minimum transfer  £1,000, no max limit.


A £0 payment fee makes Spartan FX as cheap in its payment fees as some of the largest international payment providers who enjoy much larger economies of scale. The fact Spartan FX have committed to it is a testament to the service they are trying to offer. The fact we can’t make a comparison on rates is problematic though – we believe it will be somewhat similar pricing to rival firms but it’s always worth registering with more than one provider to get a feel for the rates you’re offered.

Global Reach & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer:
  • Offices:
  • Ways to approach: Email, Telephone or Online.
  • Translations:
  • Accepts clients: Globally
  • Currencies Handled:
  • Client reviews: 100% positive.


The partnership that Spartan FX has with Currency Cloud puts them in a unique position for a boutique FX firm based out of the UK. As the trading infrastructure and back office (including the compliance function) is actually run by Currency Cloud, it means clients can register for Spartan FX in any of the countries they can register for Currency Cloud. This is a significant advantage over similar boutique FX firms of the same size and is definitely unique to Spartan FX.

In addition to the UK, Spartan can onboard clients in some of the most popular countries to originate international wires, including: UK, Europe (including Spain and Italy), USA, Canada and Australia. Coverage in the US is limited to 22 states so if you’re a US citizen it’s worth establishing early if you’re covered.

The fact that Spartan FX offers 40 currencies is impressive, again this is much more akin to the largest money transfer providers and is another benefit from working with a global provider such as Currency Cloud to provide the underlying payments infrastructure.

If you wish to receive funds internationally then business customers can open digital currency accounts in a number of different currencies. For greater convenience business customers can simply supply one IBAN on their international invoices, and then based on the currency received, Spartan FX can automatically allocate your funds to the correct currency account based on the currency received.

At the moment the firm runs out of just one office in the UK and as far as we can see customer support and account management is only available in English. This is the only major drawback right now as the product offering and onboarding capabilities are diverse, particularly when compared to other small FX brokers.

Additional Functionalities

Due to Spartan FX’s integration with Currency Cloud, you can access all of the FX services offered by Currency Cloud, such as:

  • Forward Contracts
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Bulk payments
  • Foreign Currency Invoicing/Multi-currency Named Accounts
  • International Salary Payments
  • Risk Management Solutions

All of these FX solutions are available via the telephone or the Spartan FX online platform (powered by Currency Cloud). Where Spartan FX really comes into its own though is on the risk management solutions it provides. With a small but experienced team of both private and corporate dealers you’ll have access to currency experts who can give guidance  on the solutions that fit your requirements and risk appetite the best. So whether you’re looking for a specific exchange rate, a quick transfer or just wish to minimise your risk of exchange rate fluctuations, the Spartan FX dealers have the experience to understand your requirements and meet your needs.

The firm doesn’t have an app but you can log into your online account through a responsive frame that is both mobile and tablet compatible.


By combining the infrastructure of a leading payments provider with the personal touch of the Spartan FX dealers, Spartan FX has been able to carve out a small niche in the industry. All of the major hedging products you would expect from the most successful money transfer providers are there and products such as the multi-currency account are only offered by a handful of money transfer firms.

Spartan FX Currency Review
82 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility Score - 85%
  • Client Feedback - 80%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates - 85%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service - 75%
  • Added Values - 85%

Bottom Line

Spartan FX is quickly establishing its reputation as a trustworthy provider that actually cares about its customers. As of yet, there are no complaints that can be found about them online but we have to appreciate the firm is in its infancy and there are only a limited number of Feefo reviews. Its offering is certainly above-average though if you compare it to other money transfer firms of a similar size, largely due to its successful partnership with Currency Cloud. Both private and corporate clients can register and will enjoy the benefits of being looked after by a team that is still under 10 people. And by dealers who have a lot of experience within the foreign exchange industry.

With that being said, Spartan FX doesn’t have a lot of client reviews out there. It’s boutique in every sense and that includes much fewer clients than the largest UK currency brokers. We would like to see more Spartan FX reviews and these are surely going to come in time if they keep up the great service. As the firm grows we may also start to see the launch of international offices, and more language capabilities for European clients.