Revolut vs OFX Comparison

Revolut, founded in 2015, has quickly risen to prominence as a digital banking platform offering a wide range of financial services, including currency exchange and international transfers, with a strong emphasis on user-friendly technology and versatility for both personal and business use.

OFX, established in 1998, has built its reputation on providing secure and efficient international money transfers, focusing on competitive rates and exceptional customer service for larger transactions. With offices around the globe, OFX caters to a wide audience, offering transfers in 55 currencies.

This comparison aims to highlight the key features, benefits, and differences between Revolut and OFX, helping users make an informed decision for their international transfer needs.


Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Revolut ReviewOFX Review
Customer rating4.4/5 (Trustpilot)4.3/5 (Trustpilot)
# Rating Customers138,0006,200
Top 3 Pros
  • Great exchange rates
  • User-friendly app
  • Versatile banking features
  • Competitive rates
  • No transfer fees for many routes
  • Strong regulatory framework
Top 3 Cons
  • Customer service issues
  • Account blocking concerns
  • Limited functionality in some countries
  • Minimum transfer amount
  • Slower transfer speed compared to some competitors
  • Limited digital features compared to Revolut


Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Office locationsGlobal, with headquarters in LondonGlobal, with headquarters in Sydney
# Currencies2955


Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Regulated byFCA, and others depending on the regionFCA, ASIC, and others
HTTPS SecuredYesYes
Segregated Customer AccountsYesYes

Limits and Fees

Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Min transfer$1$1000 (US), Β£100 (UK)
Max transferDepends on planNo limit
Fixed feesVaried by transaction typeNo
See rates before you log in?YesYes

Customer Support

Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Dedicated DealerNoYes
Live ChatYesNo

Ways to Transfer

Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Online SystemYesYes
Online AppYesYes
Multi-Currency AccountYesYes
Cash PickupNoNo
Card Top-UpYesNo

Additional Functions

Company NameRevolutOFX
revolut new logo
Mass paymentsYesYes
Cash chequesNoNo
Multi-Currency Debit CardYesNo


On MoneyTransferComparison, OFX has received a higher editorial score. The advantages of OFX over Revolut are these:

  • No transfer fees for many routes, making it cost-effective for larger transactions.
  • Dedicated dealer support, offering personalized service for complex or large-scale transfers.
  • Higher customer satisfaction in terms of transfer speed and service reliability.

Both companies are reliable companies with good customer reviews, and both should be considered for your next international money transfer.

Revolut is better for smaller, frequent transactions and individuals seeking a versatile banking app with features like multi-currency accounts, cryptocurrency trading, and budgeting tools.

OFX is better for larger transactions and businesses or individuals needing tailored financial solutions, such as hedging and mass payments, and those who value having a dedicated account manager for their currency exchange needs.