Payoneer Review (Payoneer Multi-Currency Account)

Should I use Payoneer?


  • More than 5M Customers Worldwide
  • Unique: Alternative to a Corporate Overseas Account for SMEs
  • Easy and Quick To Receive Payments
  • Freelancers can Withdraw Payments through Issued Mastercard
  • Friendly Platform and Mobile Application
  • Available Worldwide”


  • Limited Functionality and Not Accepting Personal Payments
  • Verification Process Can Take Very Long
  • Although Rated 4.4/5 on TrustPilot, There Are Many Online Complaints
  • Not suitable for Larger Payment Requirements
  • Annual Fees on Debit Cards

Is Payoneer Safe to Use?

Safe, 9/10

Official Website:

Services Offered by Payoneer

  • B2B International Payments - Pay or Get Paid (Freelancers accepted)
  • Set Up a Collection Account Abroad
  • Multi-Currency Debit Card
Overall rating80.6%
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Updated on Jun 05, 2022
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🏆 4 Industry Awards

Where is Payoneer Available?

Payoneer Review: Executive Summary

Payoneer provides a very diverse solution for freelancers, online sellers, and businesses who want to send and receive money from abroad (or hold it in foreign currency). The online system is comprehensive and diverse, and there is a constant flow of new features, but the currency exchange rates are sub-optimal and there are many customer complaints. There are better multi-currency accounts out there in our opinion.

Best Payoneer Account Alternatives

While Payoneer was a completely unique solution in the market for many years, others have started following its footsteps. Companies that focused on international payments for businesses and private clients have realised that they can set up virtual multi-currency accounts for their customers, and some of them offer significantly better exchange rates and service than Payoneer. View our favourite Payoneer alternatives and competitors below.

UK Multi-currency Bank Accounts in USA, Canada, UK, EU, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia
Local UK Offices:
The White Chapel Building, 10 Whitechapel High St, London, E1 8QS. Headquartered in Australia, have offices in Asia, USA, Canada, EU and more.
90.4% Editorial rating
1,500 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Why Them?
  • Multi-currency Bank Accounts in USA, Canada, UK, EU, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia
  • Traded Publicly in the Australian Stock Exchange. A prominent and well-know company with excellent reputation in Australia operating for 20+ years. Boasting more than £20bn in annual turnover, across all five continents.
  • Diverse offering combining the good parts of all other compabies - transfer money abroad, receive funds, multi-currency accounts, corporate foreign exchange, ecommerce intergration, online system and a friendly app.
+Read more
UK Best for eCommerce Sellers 🛒: Potentially the Best Rates
Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4QP
95.4% Editorial rating
3,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Min. annual volume of £1,000 - **Only Accepting Business Clients and Online Sellers**
Why Them?
  • Bank accounts available in UK, France, Germany, USA, and Canada, as well as Singapore, China and Japan (recent additions)
  • FX Margins from 0.15% to 0.5% per transaction, potentially cheaper than competitors like TransferWise (Wise). No fixed payment fees or receiving fees.
  • Industry Leader in the eCommerce Space, Owned by Ant Financial (AliPay). Easy integration with any eCommerce platform, and Amazon recommended solution for currency exchanges.
+Read more
UK Multi-Currency Bank accounts available in UK, EU, Poland, Australia, NZ and and USA + Debit Card 💳. Best App 📱.
UK Offices:
Tea Bldg, 6th The, 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ, but have many more offices globally (in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia)
86.8% Editorial rating
32,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Why Them?
  • Bank accounts available in UK, EU, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and USA but you can hold money in 50+ currencies
  • Most recognisable name in money transfers and multi-currency account, serving millions of customers and traded on the London Stock Exchange
  • Very transparent about its fees which are generally among the cheapest for both private clients
+Read more
UK Best for Corporate Foreign Exchange Payments
Zig Zag Building, 70 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6SQ
93.2% Editorial rating
7,000 Client Reviews
Minimum transfer:
Min. annual volume of £5,000 - **Virtual Bank Accounts for Business Clients and Online Sellers - But Send and Receive Payments Available for Private Cusotmers**
Why Them?
  • Operating since 1979 - the first commercial foreign exchange space. Specialising in businesses - corporations and small businesses. Each business customer with volume of £5,000 is assigned with a dedicated currency dealder, demonstrating very high level of professionalism and excellent availability.
  • Virtual IBAN bank accounts available in UK, EU and USA - but you can use Moneycorp to receive foreign exchange payments from everywhere in the world.
  • 98% satisfaction based on online customer review. Many customer and business awards.
+Read more

Are you eligible to use Payoneer?

I am
Located in
I need to

MoneyTransferComparison’s Payoneer Review – Rating Updates

  • Updated July 22, 2021: Payoneer’s level of satisfaction has been downgraded from High to Medium based on continued complaints on this Payoneer review with no responses from the Payoneer staff.
  • Updated Oct 17, 2018: Payoneer’s score has been bumped to 85.5% based on consistently good feedback that has been received by clients as well as testing that proves the company’s speed has vastly improved.
  • Updated June 25, 2018: Payoneer’s score has been restored to 81.5%, based on the participation of the company’s representatives addressing comments and concerns, and improved sign-up speed.
  • Update January 25, 2018: Due to negative user comments not being addressed by Payoneer’s staff, we have dropped Payoneer’s rating to 61.8%.
  • Update Nov 2016: Payoneer review score was downgraded from 89.8% to 82.8% due to multiple reporting of a slow service.

Is Payoneer Safe?

Company size:  

Payoneer was founded in 2005 by Yuval Tal, who was the CEO at the time as well as the lead investor. Mr. Tal is a prominent Fintech entrepreneur, and prior to Payoneer, he founded E4X, one of the first startups in the online payments domain, which was later re-branded as  BorderFree, and was acquired for a staggering sum of USD 380m by Pitney Bowes Inc in 2015.

Since its inception, Payoneer has been receiving serious attention from leading investment firms across the globe, and raised more than USD 245m* up to date, from companies like Ping An – a leading Chinese insurer which employees 200,000 people across the globe and generates more than $60bn in revenue each year.

Using these investments, the company has grown to become a leader in cross-border payments, boasting more than 10 global offices and employing 1,100 people (many of which deal with the complex compliance / legal aspect of the business). It is moving abroad billions of dollars each year, and serving more than 5m registered clients.

*Raised $245 Million – CBC, TCV, Greylock, Carmel, Susquehanna Growth Equity, Ping An, NYCA & Wellington Management

2021 update – Payoneer is going on the stock market (NASDAQ) with a valuation of more than $3bn establishing itself as a payments leader.



MSB/MTLs US+Canada, E-Money Europe, MSO Hong Kong, FTSP Japan, OPGSP India, as well as Liaison offices in China and Philippines

The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard card is issued by Choice Bank Limited, which is supervised by the main bank of Belize. It is handled by Payoneer’s partner Wire Card Solutions which is authorised by the Financial Conduction Authority (UK) as an e-money transmitter.

Awards and Media Recognition: 

Target Audience

FreelancersReceive payments from employers abroad
Online merchantsReceive payments from marketplaces like Amazon
Small businessesPay freelancers abroad, make B2B transfers

Notable Partners and Clients:

GoogleOne of the big four tech companies worldwide.
Airbnb3,100 employees, more than 2.5bn in revenues each year.
AmazonThe world’s largest eCommerce marketplace.
Getty ImagesOne of the top visual media companies globally.
Upwork (previously best well known platform to recruit freelancers.

Fee Structure (Private Clients):

Fee TypeDescription
Loading feesNormally 1% but waived if you sign up through MoneyTransferComparison
Receiving foreign paymentUp to 2% of the sum transferred (less than 1% for VIP clients)
MasterCard annual fees$29.95/year or equivalent in domestic currency
Other mastercard feesWithdraw, balance, purchases – normal fees by MasterCard apply

Company size:

Locations worldwide16
Registered users50,000,000
Business ClientsTens of thousands
Annual trading5,000,000,000+
Languages supportedMore than 70


  •  EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016 – For Scott Galit (CEO)
  •  B2B Innovation Award 2016  – PYMNTS Innovation Project
  •  Deloitte’s Fast 500 (Fastest Growing Companies) –  2015
  • CNBC 2018 Disruptor 50 List – #13



Considering the information provided in this section, its stringent regulation, as well as the fact that Payoneer’s board include some of the heaviest hitters in the business, like SWIFT’s former CEO, it is safe to assume that Payoneer is not only safe, sound, and secure but is in fact one of the largest payment providers in the world.


How Does Payoneer Work?

The fundamentals:

Payoneer provides innovative solutions for both private and corporate clients who need to receive payments from abroad. The way they operate is via the creation of collection accounts abroad for each client. Any payment deposited into an offshore account is translated into the local currency as defined by the Payoneer client, and then can be wired to his bank account or alternatively, be withdrawn through any ATM with the Payoneer MasterCard.

Online sellers can receive their funds directly in a bank account set for them abroad. Payoneer’s Global PS currencies to receive local bank transfers: Canadian PS, Australian PS, USD, EURO, GBP, JPYEN, and CNH.



Here are the biggest advantages of using the Payoneer system:

  1. Easy to sign up. Completely online on-boarding process.
  2. A very simple solution that doesn’t require a lot of overhead attention. Once a client has been approved, he will automatically receive access to all available currencies, and be able to use any available bank account abroad.
  3. It simplifies the payment process also for the payer. In fact, there are more than 200 prominent freelancer and ecommerce marketplaces (like Amazon, Google, Freelancer and Upwork) which already have Payoneer as one of the default payment solutions.
  4. Payment processing is almost instant.
  5. Invoices are automatically generated through the Payoneer system.
  6. Clients are able to wire the money they have received on their Payoneer account back to their local bank account, or withdraw it in cash through the Payoneer MasterCard. In fact, this is a huge advantage for developing countries where banking systems are corrupt – you don’t even need a bank account in order to use Payoneer.
  7. The Payoneer MasterCard can be used from almost any location around the world.

Here are the cons of the Payoneer system:

  1. You can’t send payments through the Payoneer system (with the exception of businesses who can move funds to other business-owned Payoneer accounts).
  2. The Payoneer MasterCard requires an annual fee (more on that – on our fees and exchange rate section).
  3. The Payoneer MasterCard is a limited debit card which can’t be used for certain activities like gambling.
  4. Payoneer clients are limited to a subset of locations around the world where they can open a bank account.
  5. You are heavily reliant on the promptness of payments, which isn’t always up to par with the clients expectations, as reflected on our comment section below.


Payoneer provides solutions which are simply unattainable by any other means. Online sellers who receive large payments from abroad have several similar alternatives, but when it comes to private clients (freelancers) none of the foreign exchange companies we have reviewed on this website offers these sort of solutions. Although this is starting to change with the Transferwise’s borderless account.

In our opinion, Payoneer provides a PERFECT solution for people who receive their salary from abroad, as well as for businesses who get paid by overseas clients.

Payoneer Exchange Rate & Fees

1) Loading Fee – 1% of the money loaded into the card. This fee is waived for our readers who used our referral link.

2) Card Fees – Annual fee: $29.95, Card Replacement (if lost): $12.95, Withdraw funds: $3.15 per withdrawal + normal ATM subcharges,  Balance Inquiry: $1,  Decline Transaction: $1

3)Bank wire fees: None, besides recipient bank fees which are outside of Payoneer’s control.

4) Currency exchange charges: 2% above mid-market rate, lower rates for VIP clients. This fee is applicable for both card withdrawals and wire transfers.

Limits: There are no limits to receiving money with Payoneer. There are limitations for intra-platform payments which are available for VIP clients (more on that below).


Payoneer’s banking fees are not the lowest we have encountered in this industry, but it’s hard to compare them with other companies reviewed on our website because the nature of their service is so unique. VIP clients, though, can get great rates if their volumes justify it.

Since the service is mostly geared to freelancers in developing countries, we can compare them neck to neck with Paypal, which is probably the most popular payment method in this sector:

Payoneer VS Paypal – Fees & Exchange Rates

CompanyPersonal Transfer Fees (Paypal) / Loading Fees (Payoneer)Currency Exchange Fees WithdrawalTotal
PayPal1%3.5%Free to $54.5% and up to $5
Payoneer1% (waived for our clients)2%Free2%
Payoneer VIPFree2% or lowerFree2% or lower

As you can see from the comparison above, Payoneer is a much cheaper solution than Paypal for freelancers. It is also a cheaper solution than other ewallets.

For businesses/eSellers, Payoneer can be a great solution if you are eligible for the VIP program (annual trading volume of 100,000). You can view more online seller banking solutions here.

Global Reach & Service


  • Support availability: Telephone, Chat, and support tickets – available Mon-Fri in standard working hours. Priority VIP support for VIP clients.
  • Offices: USA San Francisco, North Carolina, Israel – Tel Aviv, UK – London, Spain – Barcelona, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, China-Beijing, India, Philippines, Japan, and more.
  • Translations: Available in several languages –  Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian.
  • Accepts clients: Client acceptance is truly global. In fact, unlike other companies reviewed on this website which will not accept clients from regions like Russia, Bangladesh, India or China – they would happily accept them.
  • Currencies Handled: 150.
  • Time it takes to receive a reply: More than 5 days. We have read several reviews online and sent our mystery shopper through and it is verified that dealing with Payoneer is a long and possibly excruciating process.


Payoneer has one of the most complete global payment solutions we’ve seen up to date. A very strong compliance and risk departments allow them to accept clients on a truly global basis, and even provide solutions to the “unbanked” (adults who do not possess a bank account or, alas, reside in countries where the banking system is unreliable).

Nothing can be simpler than accepting payments directly into a Payoneer account and using a dedicated debit card to withdraw it through the ATM, especially for people who reside in countries like Russia, the Ukraine, India, or any other developing/high-risk countries.

In addition to the fact they accept clients on a global scale and offer them superb solutions, they have local bank accounts in many countries. Thus, the recipient of funds through a wire transfer can enjoy a domestic transfer of funds in local currency when he withdraws funds from the account, and skip the exorbitant fees applied by banks on receiving international wire transfers.

The only real vice is the slowness of service. It takes 5 days to get a response from support after signing up and it can take a whole month or more to receive your Mastercard debit card.

They have horrible Customer support. it takes them 5 business days sometimes to get back to the customer. Chat is not helpful and makes you wait for the email for an unknown period of time.

International call line does not work and it seems they are not planning to do anything about it. people complain and they either don’t respond, or respond and tell them to wait. It’s not clear how to withdraw funds from your payoneer account. you need to wait months (sometimes 8 months) to receive payoneer card. There are a lot of issues with bank transfers. Tania, A Client Who Left Her Comment Below

Additional Functionalities

– Mass payout: Businesses can pay multiple recipients instantaneously, while private clients can request to be paid by Payoneer automatically in many of the world’s most popular platforms (like,, clickbank, Amazon, Google, Getty Images, Lazda, Linion, etc).

– Billing Service: Request payment from a company by sending them a bill generated via the Payoneer system. Receive payments via credit card, eCheck or direct wire transfer.

– Tax form automation: The system auto-generates W-8 forms for all payments generated through it.

Pay other suppliers on Payoneer: Businesses with VIP status can pay their suppliers directly through the Payoneer system with no extra charges. For them, Payoneer becomes a multi-currency virtual eWallet and can conduct business without ever involving their bank beside withdrawing the funds at the end of the month.

Pay VAT automatically to European authorities via Payoneer – Payoneer customers can pay their VAT obligations to the European authorities directly from their account page, with no transfer fees!


Payoneer has a fully functional mobile application for Android and iOS which is one of the most popular money transfer apps in the world. There are 100,000,000 downloads on Android’s Google Play alone.

The international money transfer app allows Payoneer clients to check their balance at any time and perform necessary actions (like requesting a withdrawal) and is ranked 4.1 / 5 by more than 11,000 users, attesting for its usefulness.


Payoneer has a high variation of solutions embedded into its platform. Businesses can pay thousands of recipients in one click in more than 150 currencies, and automatically get the necessary invoicing and tax forms which is a huge advantage.

Clients can get automatically paid into their Payoneer account with ease in almost every ecommerce or freelancer market in the world, and withdraw the funds in cash using their Payoneer Mastercard.

The only real disadvantage Payoneer has is outbound payments which are limited to VIP business clients, and these payments can only be made to other Payoneer customers.

Payoneer Review
88 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility - 98%
  • Functionality - 95%
  • Fees - 85%
  • Response Time - 75%

Bottom Line

Payoneer offers a unique one of a kind solution for small businesses and freelancers who require an easy, low-fee, method of being paid from abroad. You can get paid through their system to your virtual bank account (also known as a multi-currency account), or even withdraw it in cash through Payoneer’s issued MasterCard. The system is smooth and easy to understand and you do not need to be a banking expert to receive the funds and withdraw them with average fees of 1% in exchange rate fees for VIP customers. You can sign up with Payoneer from anywhere in the world as the company is regulated in many different regions, and hence Payoneer boasts an impressive customer base of 5,000,000 users, more than any competitor.

On the flip side, there are hundreds of customer complaints in our comment section and other Payoneer review pages across the web detailing a very slow verification process that very often results in Payoneer withholding payments for months before clients are able to withdraw them, and also that Payoneer’s customer service is non-existent being extremely slow and unhelpful.

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5 years ago

They have horrible Customer support. it takes them 5 business days sometimes to get bank to the customer. Chat is not helpful and makes you wait for the email for unknown period of time. International call line does not work and it seems they are not planning to do anything about it. people complain and they either don’t respond, or respond and tell them to wait. It’s not clear how to withdraw funds from your payoneer account. you need to wait months (sometimes 8 months) to receive payoneer card. There are a lot of issues with bank transfers.

wyatt williams
3 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.. THEY GIVE RUN AROUNDS, UNPROFESSIONAL. THEY requested my drivers license 4 times over a course of 10 days to continue holding my funds… THERE AUTOMATED MESSAGES continues to say my license is not readable. Scan copy by printer, and phone copy where both denied. Customer service has no clue what is going on, and they dont put manager on phone.. AVOID at all costs.. Now i have to wait another 7 days for my money to be returned back to my credit card.. They are probably buying bitcoin with my money and lost money on… Read more »

5 years ago

I paid an online seller in Spain with Payoneer and got confirmation from both my bank and Payoneer that the money had been taken from my account. However, 12 days later, the seller’s website is still showing it as not received.

The seller is not responding to questions and, for that matter, neither is Payoneer.

Buyer protection seems to be non-existent and I will NEVER use them again and I wouldn’t dream of recommending them. With paypal, it’s easy – I just raise a dispute but there appears to be no equivalent process in Payoneer.

Paul Sher
5 years ago

Payoneer is a total fraud/scam. About one in five new accounts will actually receive access to funds they receive in their accounts. For the other four – the money is simply stolen by Payoneer. They should be in jail!

5 years ago

Having used both Paypal and payoneer payoneer for years I would say that they are basically the same in terms of what they offer and problems that come up when using their services.

However, when it comes to customer service PAYPAL win hands down. Paypal usually respond within the day and within hours to urgent matters. Payoneer take days and days to respond to even the most urgent of issues, often too late to do anything to resolve the problem

5 years ago

Terrible experience with Payoneer… Subscription process was very quick, about a couple of hours. After receiving confirmation that my application had been approved , I sent out a few payment requests. As soon as the first payment arrived, I got an email from Payoneer, asking me to complete my application form! I thought it’d been approved. I quickly go to the website, answer a few more questions, then after 5 days or so, I get a reply that there’s a problem with my address and I need to send another proof of residence. I reply asap, explaining my situation and… Read more »

5 years ago

Hi, i am very upset with Payoneer, all my colleagues were able receive their payment. I have called and emailed them asking if entered the right account number but they can’t verify it. I am afraid as our next payment will be transferred again to payoneer and i dont know how can I transfer it to my local bank without having issues. I would appreciate if you can help me. thank you

Lanu Bennett
5 years ago

I was going to sign up with PAYONEER, but having gone through this review, I do not think it’s worth it. Can you recommend a another good one, but not PayPal please.

5 years ago

I am just a small potato who owns a short-term rental home that I rent out through VRBO. VRBO now offers Payoneer as a means of payment processing for owners. I am considering changing to Payoneer because they seem to offer lower rates. After reading the above reviews, I will stay with my current processing company as I don’t need the customer service problems or delays mentioned above. The State, County, phone company, property manager, insurance, credit card, electric and water companies want their money on time with no hassles and so do I. Many thanks to all of you… Read more »

4 years ago

They’ve held my $9000 for over 40 days. In the last email, they basically said, “dont call us, we’ll call you” It’s a convenient service – until something goes wrong…

Kaidean Savage
4 years ago

I have been using them for more than a year and honestly had no issue. Just last week I deposited funds to my Payoneer card as normal only to be told that I cannot access same until I send them proof of my banking details. I don’t even know where they are located and I’m to send them ALL my banking details? Each time I reach out to them for clarification I get a generic response. Quite frustrating.

4 years ago

What I don’t understand is why Payoneer sees the need to falsify reality. They say it takes 3-5 days for withdrawal to bank transactions to be completed, but only on their website is it so. From what I have read on their community page and am currently experiencing, it can take over a month to get one’s money. I am no longer so confident Payoneer is the solution for freelancers like me. I won’t write them off so quicklu, but I really really need Payoneer to work like it should. It has the potential to be a real blessing, I… Read more »

Juned Saiyed
3 years ago

Waiting for The Payment From Last 45 Days —- We are having a very bad experience with Payoneer support team. On 26-May-2019, Amount initiates from our Payoneer account to our bank account payment of $1225 but we still haven’t received the money in our bank account. Since the last 45 days, Payoneer is not able to figure out where the money goes. we have also asked Payoneer support to revert the transaction but no progress on it. This is totally unbearable. Here is my account detail: [REMOVED BY ADMIN] We have informed Payoneer team through live chat, email & creating… Read more »

ladul sajai dasanayaka
5 years ago

please send my account map and 5300721116197713 pin card.thanks payoneer.

Gail Baker
5 years ago

Hi I used Airhelp with the recommendation from Martin Lewis website because I had a flight cancelled. The process has took 8 months, Airhelp have now used Payoneer to transfer the payment to me, I am still waiting from 24/11/16. Also beware Airhelp take 25% of the payout.

Lord Eman
5 years ago

So, let’s make a full review of Payoneer. I applied for a Payoneer Master Card two month ago, It wasn’t fast and my first card didn’t arrive in time.After 1 week of waiting, I asked the support via e-mail, but they didn’t answer me for another week. So I tried to ask them via chat, but the chat Isn’t available at this time or the chat is full. After 6 days of waiting and clicking the chat button, I finally could get In contact with the support(It’s easier to contact Aliens, than the Payoneer support). At this time I ordered… Read more »

5 years ago

Payoneer is slow to process refunded orders, leaves them in PENDING TRANSACTIONS with a minus for returned fund – but does not return them to BALANCE. Weeks already. A rip-off card.

5 years ago

One of the worst company ever their system never works and dam slow out of three 2 payment were rejected by coz your system didn’t work and If I don’t get back my funds just coz your system is crap I will file a law suit against you guys for sure

Alhussain Alsedfy
5 years ago

Scammers and they hang up on my phone call, they literally STOLE MY HARD EARNED MONEY! Keep away and I am ready to provide all evidence to anyone who would like to know how those scammers work, I have screenshots from my account and from my client’s accounts who called them and verified themselves and asked them to approve my payments but they still didn’t give a shit because they are scammers! I opened an account, started to receive payments from my clients, kept the money there because I thought it was a legit company, then, they did the worst… Read more »

John Fry
5 years ago

I was successfully receiving payments through Payoneer for a few months, then suddenly, on the day I was supposed to receive a payment of $516, I got the dreaded “Message from Account Approval Department” email saying that they needed more documentation. I sent more documentation but they still haven’t released my $516 and are not responding to my emails.

ladul sajai dasanayaka
5 years ago

to payoneer team. can I use /take money from my card. payoneer mastercard {edited}. please inform me quickly.thanks.

EDIT: MR. Ladul – please contact Payoneer directly with your inquiry

5 years ago

to payoneer team. iam difficult to contact payoneer by fone. so please help me. my payoneer mastercard 5300721116197713 located srilankan banks atm centers. and can you check it and please informe [that my card ] can I take money from an atm and can I purchase card for my businesses now thanks kindly welcome

5 years ago

Sometimes they don’t even respond, thats how bad their customer support is. And although I know they are a legit service in other respects, and i received quite some payments trough them, interacting and navigating with their online service makes it look and feel like they have no idea what they are doing. It’s one of those websites that has not been updated for so long, that you have a feeling it’s gonna shut down any moment. The design and user experience is like a bad 2010 horror movie.

5 years ago

This company is marked with fraudulence, they said sign up and get $150 so i did, up until now, i’m still not getting that money, customer service said i have to received payments first but hey, the ad never says that!!!
this is the proof – {link edited, sorry we cannot allow links to potentially dangerous websites}

5 years ago

They blocked my account and wouldn’t tell me why because of “undisclosed” reasons.

Ding Yanying
5 years ago

I have paid $1000 to payoneer of my partner via credit Card. Maybe it’s 19th of May.
But he didn’t get anything and my credit card is paid $1000 correctly.
I don’t know where is my money ;(

When my partner get the money?
I will be pleasure if you can help me what should I do for that.
Best Regards

5 years ago

They wait until you have enough money in your account and then they block access to your account and your funds will disappear. I have been trying to get in contact with them for a month but their customer services is useless and they will just tell you that they are looking into it. Total scam

5 years ago

Ive reada number of reviews on here, and most of it sems to be about Payoneer contacting or resolving issues, I have to say that each time I spoke to them, despite being on live chat for 30 mins waiting I was able to resolve the issues I had with my account and card, I know that some transactions can take time (and Upwork like to delay payments to them) but apart from a few set ups issues the rest of the service has been great, I got my card inside 2 days (said it could take 28), transfers are… Read more »

4 years ago

I was pretty hesitant because of some negative reviews. But by following their instructions regarding deposit types (direct banking transaction versus wiring, etc.), this has been a fantastic find for me! I was paying almost 10-20% to receive UK payments through a third party service as a freelancer. With Payoneer’s relatively low conversion/withdrawal fee I am keeping much more of my gross. I have been using Payoneer for several months without a hitch.

4 years ago

Don’t use their service! This service is only for scammers. I paid 500 eur to developer and he disappeared after that i don’t know what to do. Try to contact this payment system but they doesn’t respond on my e-mails and looks like they don’t care about nothing. SO SCAMMERS THIS SYSTEM IS THE BEST FOR YOU

4 years ago

Payoneer is a scam company, i was asked to provide my id after i received my first payment into my account which i provided. after some days of waiting my account was blocked for no reason and i contacted the cs, they were just saying trash. i have promised that i will take legal action to make sure that this company is shut down and the perpetrator are jailed. i have all evidence

4 years ago

Payoneer has lost $9000 of my company, incompetent! They haven’t responded to my last email.

4 years ago

I’ve requested withdraw to my bank account and right now I’m waiting for 17 days to get money….Who knows how many more days I’ll wait.

4 years ago

They keep money without notice and without a given reason for undefined amount of time. Layla: Hello and welcome to Payoneer! My name is Layla and I would be happy to assist you! Please bear with me for a few moments while I pull up your information from our system. I will be right with you. Layla: Hello Maksim, how are you? Maksim: bad Maksim: why my account is blocked? Maksim: and how I can get my money? Layla: Your account is blocked? Maksim: yes, I did not receive any notice, just found it in grocery store Layla: I will… Read more »

4 years ago

OMG !!!!!! What kind of a company is that??? International payment provider : seriously ??? This company is just a bit joke. I have been working with dozens of intl and local online payment providers for the last 5 years. I have NEVER EVER experienced just a BAD and LOW LEVEL of customer service as I did with PAYONEER. They simply do NOT answer customer service tickets unless you harass them to get a reply and it comes after weeks and several follow up emails. Their solution is NOT working, months after I opened a business account They ask you… Read more »

Roger Vasquez
4 years ago

I wish I would have known that this company is a piece of crap. Wire transfer is taking over a week and when you call the reps are talking down to you and the useless supervisors that cant do anything. Unbelievable to have a wire take over 3 weeks because they cant find the funds that they transferred. Recommend NOT TO USE THIS COMPANY at all!

4 years ago

I think they just don’t care about the new clients. They blocked my card so I can’t receive money, reviewing my account more than a month… still waiting. They deleted my post in their forum only because I asked some questions(sic!). Jeez, I’m not even started to do business with them.. so much negative experience. On I wrote a review and they asked me to send them private message about this issue “Hi there Elvin, We are sorry to hear about your frustration. Please note that when a card is blocked, it is due to the details being compromised… Read more »

4 years ago

i used payoneer escrow for a 10k transfer to buy something, its now almost 4 weeks to get this transfer sorted. An extra $20 was taken in transit (i was never notified) my login shows different information to the seller, when i call payoneer their escrow logins are different to their normal logins. Ive called over 10 times, spent hours on the phone trying to resolve this $20 which i got no email to explain the problem. I have used many escrow services, without doubt this is the worst, total group of incompetents and this issue could easily not happen… Read more »

4 years ago

Payoneer transactions are not really transparent. Only now I discovered that I pay for each of my transactions an extra 3.5% “cross-border” fee, because my card was issued in some random country that I haven’t been to and won’t travel to in the nearest future. This fee is not visible in the history of the transactions, I paid attention to it only because the sum I paid was higher than usual, and these extra 3.5% stood out.

4 years ago

I just opened a Payoneer account because some people gave testimonies about how Payoneer helped them save money compared to Paypal, but I haven’t used it yet. Now I’ve read all the comments here and am getting worried.
Any follow-up news regarding those who had their accounts blocked or payment/transfer not received?

4 years ago

I do not understand how a company and their staff could be so heartless and inhuman. My over $200 was seized for more than one month with no tangible reason as to why it is done. I contacted their support team through live chat more than 7 times for an update and to know why they took that drastic action, during the course of the one month plus, but all I get was negligence and harsh response. As a freelancer on Fiverr, my payment comes from there and totally rely on Payoneer to get my payments. But my hard earned… Read more »

Tilden Cooper
4 years ago

They make you wait if you are seeking a refund for any payments that you’ve made to a merchant and needs a refund. Then conveniently after 3-4 weeks, they tell you that since the payment was processed more than 10 days ago the money cannot be refunded back. STAY AWAY. this is not a user-friendly system especially for those that are paying for a service as the money is not in an escrow- they take absolutely no responsibility for the money. I have worked with other payment companies which have much better customer service. I have no idea how the… Read more »

4 years ago

They literally closed my account because I am a realtor, though I have been with them for over a year and the funds I receive are transferred from my PayPal and not sent directly to my Payoneer and, though the payments I receive have nothing to do with real estate which they were aware of as I provided documents for each payment I received for 2017 and 2018 from both my PayPal and the backend of my social media pr website which aligned to show that the payments were not real estate related. I used them mainly because in my… Read more »

4 years ago

HI, My message is to the admin of this forum,I wanted to suggest to make it mandatory to put in the reviewers country name while posting a comment on this page just like the way you made it mandatory for the Name & Email Address, and commentors should not be allowed to put a wrong name of the country they are posting from as your form should only accept a country name according to their IP address, Now why i am suggesting this is because i want to know for what countries is payoneer really working well and the countries… Read more »

Shoeb Mohammad
4 years ago

My name is Shoeb Mohammad, from Bangladesh, I have been using Payoneer for 6+ years now, I have had excellent experience using Payoneer, firstly, it allowed me to bring in my income from marketplaces and crowdsourcing platforms i.e. oDesk, currently UpWork, Elance, also currently acquired by UpWork, PeoplePerHour etc. without the mandatory bank fees which were enormous. Secondly, I admire Payoneer as it has a core goal of building communities, we have a strong community present of Graphics designers, Web Developers, Digital Marketers and other online professionals, through many forums, workshops and co-hosted events Payoneer has created much connection, Payoneer… Read more »

4 years ago

My experience with Payoneer is great, it is simply, straightforward and cost effective. Here in Serbia Payoneer is best solution for freelancers and small business, also they are only one besides banks which are allowing direct withdraw of funds to bank account. All issues which I had where solved quickly via live chat or telephone call to their support.

Emrazina Islam
4 years ago

I am from Bangladesh. I work as a graphic designer and I have an agency of 8 people. I have been using Payoneer service since 2011. I have not found any better payment service than Payoneer. I receive my online work payments through Payoneer and I pay my contractors through Payoneer. I can run my business very smoothly because of Payoneer. I can withdraw my funds from Payoneer to local Bank and can get a very good conversion rate. This way my business profit has increased. I did not face any critical problem while using my Payoneer account. I have… Read more »

Pavlo Obod
4 years ago

Hey, I run mid-size company in Ukraine with 60 employee for now. We do software development as service and we use Payoneer for more than 6 years. We use it in few different ways: 1) accept regular payments for our services – mostly from customers in EU 2) pay our developers: via banks and on other Payoneer cards 3) accept random payments for our IT business events from East European visitors I personally use it to pay for airtickets, renting apartment and other services. So far I have only positive attitude toward them. I lost my card few time, my… Read more »

Esther Jaja
4 years ago

Hi, Good day,

I have an account with Payoneer, i recently got 63 dollars payment from Clixsense, on the 17th of July 2018, i need to withdraw it to my bank account but it now says the maximum is 1000 dollars. i was made to understand i will be charged a percentage to withdraw to my bank account.

I need my hard earned money. i have worked for months for that, you people already took the 2 dollars charge i need my 60 dollars in my Nigerian dorm account.

4 years ago

I had to send them multiple emails with scanned documents. I am not sure what is the problem on the other side while receiving them, each time different customer service person responds saying they need the documents. One of the service representative mentioned that scanned copy is not clear! I re-scanned with highest resolution and emailed. They responded to send it again. I even uploaded on Google drive and shared the URL. Finally I get an email saying me to go with alternate service provider, we cannot provide service.