Papaya Global Review

Services Offered by Papaya Global

  • Make Global Payroll Payments (Automated and Synced with Other HR/Accounting Software)
  • Full-Suite PEO or EOR Service for Hiring Abroad - Hire Without a Local Entity
  • Local Support in Every Country in the World for Local Taxes, Employment Laws, Hiring Laws, Social Benefits and Contracts
  • Supply Employees With a Portal To Get All The Information They Need
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Managers

Is Papaya Global Safe to Use?

🏦 Safe, 10/10

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Should I Use Papaya Global?


  • Very Comrehensive Solutions to Employing Abroad
  • Excellent Feedback from Existing Customers
  • Strong Technological Foundation, Smooth Process
  • Easy to Integrate with Existing Software (Almost Any)
  • A Successful Startup with Multiple Industry Awards That Has Raised More Than $400m In Funding From The Biggest VC Funds


  • Does Not Offer FX Hedging
Overall rating97.4%
  • star-100
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Updated on Jun 26, 2022

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🏆 5 Industry Awards (2017-2022)

Where is Papaya Global Available?

Papaya Global: Executive Summary

Papaya Global is a unique technological solution to one of the hardest struggles when it comes to overseas recruiting. It enables employers to pay global payrolls through a direct deposit from a local bank but moreover they give the chance to organizations who do not have local presence to use them as an EOR (i.e. employ through them). It is by far the solution around for global payrolls

What Is Papaya Global?

Papaya Global is an HR solutions company providing specialist global payroll services as well as EOR / Global PEO services (assisting companies of all sizes to hire abroad even if they don’t have a legal entity). Papaya Global can be considered a software, or more accurately, a SaaS, at least partly – the company takes prides in its innovative technology. With its development centers in Tel Aviv Israel, the central hub of the Middles East’s silicone wadi, it offers a smooth software for both the employers, as well as a user portal for employees. Its software is also highly integratable with many of the leading names in Saas (SAP, Priority, Microsoft Dynamic, Google SSO Monday, Expensify, BambooHR, Okta, Workday and more).

The company has earned multiple luxurious industry awards to attest for its innovation:

  • Forbes Cloud 100 (2021)
  • Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution by HRTech (2022)
  • Global Payroll Awards (2017)
  • Finalist, Next Great HR Tech, HR Tech Las Vegas (2017)
  • Best Technological Innovation, Think Relocate Awards (2019)

Together with many accolades for the quality of development, our Papaya Global review has determined that Papaya Global’s infrastructure is nothing short of remarkable. The company has a liaison / local expert in any country, as as such able to onboard businesses of all sizes from any region, as well as offer its hiring and payroll service for payrolls in any region. May it be global payrolls in Spain, India, Ukraine or New Zealand – Papaya Global is able to serve its customers and be deployed anywhere in the world.

Papaya Global Paryoll, PEO/EOR and Analytics

Papaya Global is highly versatile company that touches multiple aspects of company and employee management.

At the most basic level you could use Papaya global to simply make global payroll payments. These payments will be done through a direct deposit locally where the employee is employed.

Then, you have the same thing with contractors. Paying local contractors on a per-employee basis through a direct deposit locally.

But the more advanced solutions offered by Papaya Global are a truly end-to-end management of an overseas employee:

  • Hire abroad without a local entity using an EOR (global PEO) – get local support for data security and storage, employee onboarding, compliance, GDPR, social benefits, and more
  • Make Payroll Payments (automated, of course)
  • Seamless integration to most HR and accounting software
  • Employee contract, benefits, salary slip all in an intuitive online portal for employees
  • HRIS Data & integration to HRIS
  • Org level (Mass) salary updates/ workers updates
  • Payroll calendar monitoring and configuration
  • Full approval chain and user permission, management per location and employee
  • HR and payroll analytics (dashboard, data monitoring, costs breakdown)

Papaya Global Competitors

Papaya Global’s prime competitors include, Deel, Oyster, Omnipresent, Globalization Partners, Velocity Global. These companies are specifically focused on the provision of a full-suite/EOR service that enables companies to hire abroad without a local entity.

Is Papaya Global Legit?

Papaya Global is a successful startup company that is already proudly used by 700+ companies, with 99% customer retention and $3b payroll under management. The company, which was established in 2016 and has raised more than $440m to date from the world’s biggest VCs including Tiger Global Partners is considered very cash-heavy. The company has 2 acquisitions under its belt, one of which being remittances company Azimo in March of 2022.

Papaya Global’s customers include Shopify, Panasonic, and Microsoft. As well as Cyberark, one of the most successful cyber startups in the World, and Fiverr, Wix, Payoneer, GitHub and Vimeo – all of which are successful technology companies.

The company currently employees more than 500 employees across the globe, mostly in Israel and New York.


Papaya Global is a highly legit startup company that is already working with big name clients and has show consistently good service to date. You can trust Papaya Global to run your global payroll needs.

Papaya Global Pricing

Papaya Global’s pricing is modular and based on scale and intention of use. If you opt to make only payroll payments then your costs are $20 per employee per month. That more than what it would probably cost with a payment specialists like Moneycorp most likely (moneycorp doesn’t charge a fix fee per transfer, only FX spreads) – but Papaya’s capabilities are so much better and its integration to HR and accounting software is a lot smoother.

If you want to do contractor management and IC compliance you would pay $25 per employee, per month.

If you want to use the EOR, Employer of Record, then you pay $650 per month per employee. While this is a lot in absolute terms, it is a significantly cheaper solution than to create your own overseas entity, and far less complex.

Papaya Global Availability, Service and Global Reach

Papaya Global can be deployed anywhere in the world. Papaya Global serves customers anywhere in the world. That is the widest reach by either company reviewed here including semi-competitor Payoneer. On global availability, Papaya is second to none.

Papaya Global’s service can be a little more readily available than it is. If you would want to contact Papay Global’s support, you would do this via a support ticket or email and can potentially wait for up to a day to get a response. With that being said, we’ve been receiving testimonials from overseas employees which are employed via Papaya Global and they report local contact persons are happy to provide their personal phone number and WhatsApp.

Do Clients Like Papaya Global? Papaya Global Reviews from Across The Web


We have located dozens of Papaya Global reviews online. While this may seem like a very low number, especially in comparison with large payment providers covered on this website such as Wise (boasting 1m+ reviews), you must keep in mind that Papaya Global is a B2B service and not a consumer product. Moreover, Papaya Global is targeting a specific niche of companies which employ abroad – oftentimes corporations and organizations which aren’t normally the type that would leave online reviews. For a B2B SaaS company from 2016, which is what Papaya Global actually is, that number of reviews deem reasonable.

When we drill down into the Papaya Global reviews that we have identified online we can list the following:

– 2 Google Reviews (5 stars)

– 2 reviews on Trust Pilot (both are “Excellent”)

– 14 testimonials on (all positive)

– 1 vote on TrustRadius (9.1/10)

– 12 votes on Capterra (average rating 4.2 / 5)

– 5 reviews on (average rating 4.3/ 5)

– 12 reviews on Software Advice (average rating 4.5/ 5)

– 3 votes on Papaya Global’s Facebook page (5 stars)

– 1 vote on (4.6 / 5)

– 5 votes on (4.3 / 5 rating)

– 4 votes on (average rating 4.4 / 5)

Additionally there are 64 Papaya Global reviews on Glassdoor describing it as a good employer with an unusually high score of 4.3/5. These reviews are praising the high levels of motivation and consequently very high levels of growth. They discuss good salaries and benefits and how the CEO is overall good (again, a rare sight on Glassdoor).


The only conclusion to be drawn from Papaya Global’s customer reviews it that customers have enjoyed working with Papaya Global and that them, and their employees, are satisfied with the quality of service and offering, and that using Papaya Global to process their overseas payrolls they are saving valuable time and money.

Papaya Global Review
97 of 100 1 review
  • Functionality - 99%
  • Global Reach - 100%
  • Customer Reviews - 97.5%
  • Credibility Score - 99%
  • Availability of Service - 90.5%


Papaya Global is a leading and highly recommended solution for hiring, managing and paying employees abroad. It has received more than 440m dollars in funding and has consistently shown growth since its inception in 2016, winning multiple awards and receiving excellent reviews from customers globally. Pricing is based on the type of service you are receiving and is always fair.