OFX vs Xoom Comparison

OFX, established in 1998, has built a reputation for providing secure and cost-effective bank-to-bank international money transfers, catering primarily to large transactions and business needs. With a global presence, OFX supports a wide range of currencies and offers specialized services such as hedging and mass payments to protect against currency volatility.

Xoom, a PayPal service since 2015, focuses on providing fast and convenient transfer services to a broad international audience. Known for its user-friendly online and mobile platforms, Xoom enables customers to send money, pay bills, and reload mobile phones across a vast number of countries. Although it may carry higher fees for certain services, Xoom’s integration with PayPal adds a layer of convenience for PayPal users, making it a go-to for smaller, personal transactions and cash pickups.


Company NameOFXXoom
OFX ReviewXoom Review
Customer rating4.3/54.0/5
# Rating Customers3,41920,107
Top 3 Pros
  • Global offices
  • 24/7 support
  • High transfer limit
  • Fast transfers
  • PayPal integration
  • Mobile app
Top 3 Cons
  • Less tech-savvy
  • Outdated look
  • Slow customer support at times
  • High fees for certain routes
  • Limited currencies
  • No business services


Company NameOFXXoom
Office locationsGlobal (including UK, USA, Australia)USA
# Currencies55+79


Company NameOFXXoom
Regulated byFCA, ASIC, FinCENFinCEN, FCA
HTTPS SecuredYesYes
Segregated Customer AccountsYesYes

Limits and Fees

Company NameOFXXoom
Min transfer$100$1
Max transferNo limit$50,000
Fixed feesNo fixed fees for high amountsVaries by country
See rates before you log in?YesYes

Customer Support

Company NameOFXXoom
Dedicated DealerYesNo
Live ChatNoNo

Ways to Transfer

Company NameOFXXoom
Online SystemYesYes
Online AppYesYes
Multi-Currency AccountYesNo
Cash PickupNoYes
Card Top-UpNoYes

Additional Functions

Company NameOFXXoom
Mass paymentsYesNo
Cash chequesNoNo
Multi-Currency Debit CardNoNo


On MoneyTransferComparison, OFX has received a higher editorial score. The advantages of OFX over Xoom are:

  • Global office presence.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Higher transfer limits.

OFX is better for business transactions and large volume transfers.

Xoom is better for fast transfers and sending money to cash pickup locations.

This comparison highlights the strengths and specialties of each company, catering to different needs and preferences in the realm of international money transfers. Whether you prioritize the availability of global offices, the convenience of 24/7 support, or the need for quick cash pickups, both OFX and Xoom offer compelling services that warrant consideration.