Moving to Papua New Guinea 

Jacquelyn Vadnais
Last Edited Nov 14, 2019

Papua New Guinea has experienced a very unique history in that the territory has influences from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Australia, and England. What this unique history has caused is a culture that is quite fragmented mixed with the impact of colonization and traditional tribes. That being said, due to the extensive exposure that Papua New Guinea has had to English-speaking countries, it has English as one of its three official languages. Even though Papua New Guinea has a very high level of English and a fascinating culture, the complicated history of cultures does create political tensions. In fact, there is currently a major political crisis that is occurring in Papua New Guinea. Expats should tread carefully when considering moving there until some of the political unrest quiets down. 

Kina – The Local Currency 

Even though the Kina is a currency that is seldom seen around the globe, the important aspect to understand about Papua New Guinea’s currency is that the majority of the major money transfer companies do accept it. This means that individuals considering becoming expats in Papua New Guinea can save a great deal of money by utilizing money transfer services to send money to Papua New Guinea and to also move money from Papua New Guinea to Australia.   

Opportunities for Employment and Entrepreneurship

The employment aspect of expat life in Papua New Guinea is going to make or break the expat’s decision to move there at all. Where Papua New Guinea’s employment market is quite appealing to expats is if their home company or international organization sends them there for an assignment. For an expat to consider merely moving there, it is not recommended to do so because there is very little opportunity for formal employment on the island. That being said, there is a vast potential for entrepreneurship in Papua New Guinea.

The reason that there are so many entrepreneurship opportunities is that Papua New Guinea is still developing in many ways. Due to the limited employment opportunities, there has been a natural progression in relation to the market of entrepreneurship because local citizens and expats alike have to find alternative ways to make a living. This has caused quite the entrepreneurship hub to prosper in Papua New Guinea. For the expat who is looking for a more non-traditional means of starting a business, Papua New Guinea could be an ideal choice due to how their currency easily can handle international transfers

If an expat is merely trying to move to Papua New Guinea and then obtain a traditional job once there, this can be a very difficult reality to achieve. Expats should be forewarned about this aspect of the employment market that exists in Papua New Guinea. Thus, be sure that you are carefully considering your employment situation before moving to Papua New Guinea. Failing to do so could cost you dearly if you bring your savings there and then are ultimately, unable to find the traditional position that you had hoped for. 

Expat Life in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has a very negative perception of expat life. What is important to understand about Papua New Guinea is that if you invest in the security features, then it absolutely is possible to have a positive lifestyle. These sort of security investments include transportation options and also living in a compound that is secure. The expats who do this have a far different experience than those who do not. If it is possible to get past the security issues, there is a wonderful culture and gorgeous sites that Papua New Guinea has to offer its expats and citizens alike. 

Concluding Remarks

All in all, Papua New Guinea could be the right opportunity for the right expat. What this signifies is that the expat that is going there needs to have entrepreneurial desires or an established position with an international organization or company from their home country. The employment variable is what will make or break or break the expat’s potential for making a reliable living while in Papua New Guinea. Thus, expats considering relocating must consider safety precautions and employment in their decision as to whether relocating to Papua New Guinea would be the ideal fit for them and their families. 


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