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We’re, and we review, rate, and compare international money transfer companies. We’re proud to say we have helped hundreds of property buyers, expats, and small businesses find companies and services matching their individual requirements.

Top Rated Money Transfer Service Providers

Updated for: August 2020

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  • Min Transfer: £/€ 1,000
  • Currencies Supported: 121
  • Offices : UK, EU, Australia, HK, Singapore. USA Clients not Accepted
  • Our Rating : 95.4%
  • Cheapest:0.15% - 0.5% in Costs

    8bn in Annual Turnover

    Owned by Major Conglomerate
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$100
  • Currencies Supported: 39
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, India, and South Africa.
  • Our Rating : 97.8%
  • Serving Clients Since 1996

    94% Positive Client Reviews

    Best Online Platform Award
  • Min Transfer: £/€/ $ 50
  • Currencies Supported: 120
  • Offices : UK, EU, Australia, USA, HK, UAE, and South America
  • Our Rating : 92.8%
  • Industry Veteran

    Corporate FX Specialists

    Serious and Professional Approach

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Global Reach Group

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90.6% Medium to Large Transfers (Private and Corporate Clients) Highest Average Transaction Volume for Private Clients. Comprehensive offering for both corporate and private clients.

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90.4% Corporate Payments, Large Payments, Remittances Headquartered in Australia and publicly traded on the ASX. Largest annual trading volume of 20bn. Recently rebranded and redesigned. Great online system and professional service. Visit Website


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89.1% Remittances and low-value Transfers Low default margin. Comprehensive and functional online system. Ability to match trades against other users in platform and get even lower spreads. Visit Website


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86.8% Remittances and low-value Transfers Fixed, low, rates. Easy sign up process. Good reach. High credibility. No dedicated dealers, regular payments, or derivatives. Visit Website Was Featured On: 

What Differentiates Money Transfer Comparison from Others

MoneyTransferComparisonOur aim is to review all the prominent money transfer companies in a detailed manner, and help our readers make up their own mind on which is the best international money transfer service to use. In order to facilitate that, we have devoted days and nights to review and compare 43 of the leading money transfers (by popularity and market share). We keep our money transfer comparison up to date, and make a conscious effort to improve it, one day at a time.

We do not offer real time currency exchange rate comparison, nor promise you to save any specific £ figure or percentage on your transactions, simply because we found these methods, which some of our competitors have opted to use as simply inaccurate. As the foreign exchange rates in the market constantly fluctuate, so are the quotes provided by money transfer companies. We prefer to make our comparison based on other attributes, such as reputation, market size, quality of online money transfer services (including mobile apps), and level of customer service. We believe finding the best current exchange rate available is only feasible for those who bother educating themselves about the ins and outs of how the money transfer service industry operates, and this is precisely what we aspire to provider to our readers.

Additional information on how we make our top company selection is available below.

In a similar fashion to other websites in this industry we are have decided to monetise Money Transfer Comparison by partnering up with some of the industry’s leading service providers (only companies hitting a score of 85% or better) and using referral links, but we strive to provide truthful, up to date, and valid information on our money transfer reviews.

What Do Our Readers Think About Us?

Testimonial by a Fast Track 100 Listed Company: 

richard-shortt-photoIntamarque is one of the UK’s fastest growing distributors’ of FMCG lines with sales growing from zero to £35m in just 10 years. We were awarded the Fast Track 100 award which identifies Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing sales. We’ve been successful because we offer retailers, wholesalers and pharmacies a unique combination of extremely competitive pricing, outstanding flexibility and a high level of personal service and attention.

We are located in the UK centrally on the M5 corridor between Birmingham and Bristol.

We recently had the pleasure of using the service of who helped us secure a successful outcome of an order which was challenged due to the economic climate at the time.

The professionalism and attention to detail from was amazing and Intamarque would thoroughly recommend them to anyone needing to use this service.

Kind Regards





Richard Shortt, Managing Director, Intamarque Limited

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Which Are the Best International Money Transfer Companies

Our Review and Comparison Guidelines Explained

We have compared more than 40 currency transfer companies over the past 5 years and we intend to continue growing and expanding. Upon researching such companies, we look at several main components of each company’s offering. These are the very same area we write extensively about on our reviews, and use to determine which are the best international money transfer companies.

  1. Level Service: quick and easy sign up process, readily available staff  – courteous and helpful, or in simple words a money transfer service ready to go above and beyond for its clients.
  2. Reputation: a well known-company with a serious track record,  transferring substantial amounts of foreign currency each year, holding sterling reputation and boasting pristine client reviews.
  3. Low International Money transfer Fees and Rates: no direct international money transfer fees, competitive FX rates for high-amount international transfers, with no hidden fees of any sort.
  4. Features and Functions: functions such online money transfer platform, a mobile app enabling Forward Contracts and other corporate FX hedging, and of course – offering regular payment options.
  5. Global Reach: many currencies handled including exotic currencies, global office outside the UK,  regulated by several regulators, and constantly expanding into new territories.

Additional Information on how we evaluate money transfer companies and decide on the top 10 money transfer companies can be found in our FAQ.

What’s the difference between a great money transfer company and a bad money transfer service?


Superb Money Transfer Service Experience

– Your time-wasting will be minimised upon sign up or speaking to your representative.

– Your money is protected even if the company goes into bankruptcy, as the company is properly regulated as an Authorised Payment Institution by the FCA.

– You always know exactly how much you’ll be paying and how much you’ll be getting back in FX – no sneaky hidden money transfer fees.

– The staff will be knowledgeable and experienced and will be happy to assist with all aspects of your transfer. For high-amount international transfers, you will have a dedicated dealer offering guidance on the best timing to make the trade to benefit from favourable exchange rates.

– You will be treated respectfully, and won’t be pushed around by the salesperson to TRADE NOW against your own interest.

– You could choose whether to perform the trade through giving instructions over the phone, via email, through an online platform on your laptop or desktop, or through an advanced mobile platform.

Lousy Money Transfer Service Experience

– Unnecessarily long sign up process without the ability to upload your verification documents online through a system.

– With lack of proper regulation, your money is at risk if the company goes into bankruptcy or opt to scam its clients.

– The money transfer service fees and exchange rates will always be opaque. You will only truly know what you paid on a transaction in retrospect, through using a money transfer fee calculator.

– The level of that money transfer company’s service will be basic at best. Your representative will not make any effort to understand your needs, and instead apply unfair pressure to move forward with your trade using him (so he can net a hefty commission).

– Whether transferring £100 or £10,000 you will have access to the same “plain vanilla” exchange rates and offering (with no hedging tools available). No guidance would be guidance or analysis of today’s exchange rates and when is the optimal timing to exchange money.

– The money transfer service will insist on communication via telephones and faxes, like it was back in the day.

How was your individual experience?

We encourage our readers to leave comments on the relevant money transfer company reviews describing their experiences. It will be be for the greater benefit of other people in your position. For those who have experienced a bad experience and feel like they have been mistreated by one of the companies that we have partnered up with we offer a  dispute mediation servce with FX companies.

How will the top money transfer service compare to a high street bank?

This is how commercial money transfer companies, such as the ones reviewed on our website, will help you save money in comparison with banks. Don’t take our word for it – though!

We recommend you to ask for a  foreign money transfer quote from your bank, compare it with the money transfer service of your choice, and verify that indeed you are saving money. We do not recommend that you will necessarily opt to work with the cheapest money transfer rates you bump across – there are a lot more considerations than that – but there is no reason that you would not have access to cheap international money transfer rates.

No fees and commissions

High street banks charge high fees for international (SWIFT) wire transfers, and sometimes, they would even charge extra commission on top of that. The companies in our Top 10 Money Transfer List charge neither fees nor commissions. Bank fees on international transfers can reach up to £25 in the UK, €30 in Europe, and  $50 in the USA, Canada or Australia!

Better foreign exchange rates:

As a rule of thumb, the foreign money exchange itself should be a lot cheaper with our top rated companies over banks. The larger the transfer, the higher the savings, as you’ll get better quotes. To make sure you are indeed getting the cheapest international money transfer rates, you could sign up with multiple companies and ask for a quote at the same time. We don’t compare real-time money transfer rates on this website, but that comparison will be much more viable if the client would perform it himself whenever he requires to transfer money abroad.

Payments are optimised, and payment schemes are bespoke:

Each client is assigned to a unique foreign exchange specialist in order to create a bespoke plan that will optimise savings, leveraging an array of technological tools and hedging tools like Forward contracts, embedded inside their online platform. The international money transfer routes will be orchestrated in a manner  in order to avoid unnecessary bank fees (such as intermediary and recipient bank fees). In most cases, the international money transfer companies that made it to the top of our comparison, will be transferring the funds between two bank accounts owned by them and transact to the recipient’s account from a domestic-currency account located in the same country

Guidance on currency rates:

Clients don’t have to make uneducated choices about the right timing of exchanging currencies. Instead, a dedicated FX staff member will guide each client and aid him in making his international bank  to bank transfer when the timing is right, according to the client’s needs, allowing him or her to get the most bang for their buck (or Sterling).

Compare which is the cheapest money transfer

Foreign Exchange Companies Vs. Commercial Banks

Here is a simplified table demonstrating the differences between a top 10 money transfer service and a bank. To view a full fx companies vs banks comparison piece follow the link.

Top Money Transfer Company High-Street Bank
Service Dedicated per-client account manager with FX expertise. A banker with  no particular knowledge in fx.
Fees No international outbound transfer fee. Up to £25 / €30/ $50 per transfer.
Security of Funds Client accounts are segregated and safeguarded for any company authorised by the FCA to handle clients’ funds. Protected by the PRA up to GBP 75,000. Other protective measurements are in place outside the UK.
Rates Wholesale. Anywhere between 0.3% and 2.5% spread, depending on volume and corridor. Sub-par. Up to 5% margins on exotic currencies, and up to 3% on standard pairings. Rarely under 1.5% markup!
Speed Most destinations within 24h with most companies. By default, transfers can take up to 3 days. You need to pay a premium to get a quicker delivery.
FX Options Readily available for all clients, private and corporate (with providers offering them). Reserved normally for large corporations.
Nationalities Accepted Clients from UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the EU are always accepted. Rest of the world (USA, Singapore, Hong Kong) are normally accepted too. Only local residents of the country where the bank is in. A few banks like HSBC will allow clients to interlink international accounts.

The Best Money Transfer Companies

Updated for: August 2020 by Money Transfer Comparison editorial team

  • Min Transfer: £/€/$100
  • Currencies Supported: 39
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, India, and South Africa.
  • Our Rating : 97.8%
  • Serving Clients Since 1996

    94% Positive Client Reviews

    Best Online Platform Award
WorldFirst Logo
  • Min Transfer: £/€ 1,000
  • Currencies Supported: 121
  • Offices : UK, EU, Australia, HK, Singapore. USA Clients not Accepted
  • Our Rating : 95.4%
  • 8bn in Annual Turnover

    Owned by Major Conglomerate

    0.15% to 0.5% in FX Margins
  • Min Transfer: £/€/ 1,000
  • Currencies Supported: 138
  • Offices : UK, Cyprus, and South Africa.
  • Our Rating : 90.6%
  • Easy Sign Up Process

    Friendly, Welcoming Service

    Most Currencies Dealt


Best Money Transfer Offers  for 2020

We have teamed up with some of the top 10 largest money transfer firms, based on our rating, to provide some unique money transfer offers for  our readers. View the slider below and discover some of our hottest deals. Please contact us if any of the firms fail to stand up to their word. We will do whatever we can to help out and get you the result you want.

Exclusive Promotions and Offers:

mtclogobuttonMoneycorp, a world leader in international payments, one of the top 10 money transfer companies list in the world, offers free international transfers, and online and offline. All fixed fees will be waived for readers who sign up through our referral link.

Duration: Until December 10th, 2020

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mtclogobuttonGlobal Reach Partners, one of the top 10 money transfer companies in the UK, offers online and telephone transfers without any fees fees, exclusively for readers who sign up via our referal link!

Duration: Until Dec 31st, 2020

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Currency Index offers a fee-free international money transfer, in addition to a free receipt, exclusively for our readers who sign up through us. This freebie is valued at £12-£17.

Duration: Until December 10th, 2020

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mtclogobuttonCurrency Index offers fixed margins of %0.495 for all overseas transfers above £50,000 for our readers exclusively. That includes all currency pairs. Currency Index accepts clients from the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Duration: Until December 10th, 2020

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mtclogobuttonCurrencyFair, one of the hottest money transfer startups in the world today, offers an exclusive deal for readers – a first FREE transfer.

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Send Money Abroad with Ease

Invoice paper bill with money and credit cardSending money abroad with our recommended money transfer services is always easy. Input your details for sign up, verify your identity and get instant access into the online system. If you need to send more than  £/€/$ 5,000 you will be contacted by a dedicated foreign exchange dealer who is able to offer guidance, assist with the process, and offer offer rates if the expected trading volume justify it.

How the international money transfer process works:

1. Agree on a rate via the online system or via telephone with a dealer. You will receive a confirmation via email or via telephone according to your preference. Once you have received the confirmation, the deal is booked and the rate is fixedIt is recommended to compare money transfer rate quotes from several money transfer providers before.

2. Fund your transfer through a domestic bank wire to a bank account owned by the company you have traded with. These client accounts are fully segregated and used only to hold funds and make payments.

3. Once the overseas money transfer is funded, the money will reach its destination at the currency you have selected, in the exact same amount as you have been quoted for. No hidden fees.


Clients from UK, USA, EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South-Africa, UAE, and Singapore are accepted. It is possible to send foreign currency to most destinations in the world. International bank account transfers only.  Min. amount varies between different services. Max transfer amount online is $15,000 or equivalent.  It is possible to transfer any amount via telephone using your dedicated dealer.  Read more.



membersWe Compare International Money Transfer Services For:

Our main audienceAdditional Audiences

Overseas Property Buyers: 

Individuals needing to make large international bank wire payments, usually for an asset abroad. Money is paid either instantly, through a single transfer, or in installments.

These individuals require high levels of safety and trust, as well as solid guidance on how to hedge future payments. The larger the transfer is, the better money exchange rates the property buyer should expect.

Sending Money Abroad 

Small/Medium Businesses: 

SME’s that either import/export goods, receive payments in foreign currency, or pay salaries to employees abroad.

Business owners, and money managers, look for nothing but top-notch companies. The largest companies, which have been longest in business, highly regulated, with the highest liquidity that will allow them to provide the best currency transfer rates.

Business Foreign Exchange 


It is estimated there are over 50,000,000 expats worldwide., all who need to internationally transfer salaries or pensions, and make small or large payments, on a regular basis.

The company these expats will choose will have to have a wide global reach, easy sign-up process, and intuitive online platforms – and are undoubtedly will make their lives so much easier.

Regular Transfers 



It is estimated there are over a billion travelers every year. They need to exchange cash. Exchange beauruex provide horrible rates, so they seek an alternative.

What these individuals are looking for is pretty simple: save on expenses. The process must be easy, quick and secure. They sign up, load funds from their debit or credit card, and a receive cash delivery.

Buy Holiday Money 

Work Immigrants: 

With over 230m working immigrants worldwide, remittances impose a large effect on world economy (read more about the world remittance market here).

Working immigrants need companies that have high global reach, and do either bank-to-bank or bank–to-cash transfers with minimal fixed fees, and best currency exchange rates on the market.

Immigrant Remittances 


There are 123 mobile phones for every 100 UK citizens, which says everything. People are accustomed to perform all their daily tasks through their mobile devices, and international money transfers should be no different.

Techies expect a smooth mobile experience, by a native app that enables users to set a market watch alert on certain currency pairs and transfer promptly.

Money Transfer Apps 

Final words on International Money Transfers

Whether you have been conducting your money transfer abroad through your high street bank, or you have previously used a currency specialist and came to Money Transfer Comparison for a piece of advice, you are on you’re way to increased saving.

We have introduced the world of non-bank international payments to hundreds of thousands of visitors since inception, and helped hundreds of clients who used a particular money transfer site to switch to others. Whether they have used Azimo, XE or even one of our top recommended international payment providers – we helped them find additional services worth testing (and in our opinion sticking with).

We apply for as wide audience as we can. People who want to send money abroad just for a personal payment, those who need to move their salaries or pensions, and of course people who are looking to buy a property abroad or relocate somewhere. The responses we got for a rather diverse audience, geographically and demographically, is astonishing. We have been praised in forums across the internet from all over the world. People have used our advice to transfer money abroad to more than 100 countries.

So whether you want to send money overseas from UK to your U.S.A broker, or send money from Sweden to pay your bills in Australia, you are more than welcomed to use one of our top recommend international payment services. We truly do believe this is the best way to transfer money abroad.

Thank you for choosing to use us.


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Thank you, and enjoy your journey with us.



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