Living In Spain: Pros And Cons

Does the thought of moving to Spain excite you more than all the other relocation options? Yes, but you’re unsure if Spain will be a wise choice for you.

The thought of moving to a new country and the reality of it differ widely. So you need expert guidance on all the factors to consider before relocating.

Keep reading as we briefly explore and explain all the pros and cons of living in Spain.

Pros Of Living In Spain

Cultural Diversity

Spain’s unique cultural footprint differs as you move across the country. Every part of the region promises a rich mix of cultures.

This also helps make Spaniards quite accepting of foreigners, tourists, and minority communities. People in Spain are helpful, friendly, and talkative if you speak their language.

Laid-back Lifestyle

Spain’s laid-back lifestyle is what international travelers and expats love best about the country.

Spaniards love spending time with friends and family. Their laid-back lifestyles revolve around 2-hour-long meals, tiny breaks throughout the day, and siestas. Additionally, Spain’s warm climate perfectly complements the relaxed way of life.

However, some people might find it inconvenient that no stores are open on Sundays.

Activities And Entertainment

If you love being outdoors and socializing, you’ll love Spain. You can enjoy many entertainment options in Spain, such as museums, bars, architectural wonders, and beaches. They are also popular with the native population.

Universal Healthcare

Spain’s healthcare is famous for its friendliness toward foreigners and retirees. Qualifying for public healthcare is easy and provides you access to all essential medical offerings.

The best part is even private health insurance is more affordable in Spain than in most other parts of the world.

Cities And Towns

If a road trip is your idea of having a good time, Spain’s the country for you.

The land is peppered with small towns and cities that each have something to offer, whether it is stories, food, culture, or architecture.

Public Transport And Connectivity

Unless you’re moving to the Spanish countryside, you’ll have no trouble navigating Spain with its myriad of public transport facilities.

Also, most of its cities are connected via flights to major hubs worldwide, so you can set sail right from where you are.

Weather And Climate

Spain has a diverse climate, so your experience will depend on the area you’re moving to. Spain typically experiences long, warm summers and brief, mild winters. However, certain regions in the north of Spain experience rainy weather all year.

Cons Of Living In Spain

Work Culture

If you plan on working in Spain, you might find the place more challenging than others.

For starters, getting a job without recommendations and contacts is an issue. Secondly, the workplace culture reflects Spain’s laid-back lifestyle. This means long working hours are pretty standard.

With most Spanish workers taking an August holiday, Spain’s laid-back lifestyle also extends to the workplace.


Finding a suitable abode in Spain that fits your budget can be difficult. Rent in city centers is relatively high since the demand is high and the availability low. Further, the accommodation situation is inconvenient for those used to living in spacious homes, as apartments are more common in Spain.

Poor Job Market

Spain isn’t the best place for job growth and career opportunities. It has high unemployment rates, making its job market very competitive.

But these troubles are also accompanied by low salaries, so these competitive jobs are often not worth the struggle.

Slow Bureaucracy

Getting paperwork completed in Spain will be one of your most taxing jobs—and an unavoidable one considering how many fillings you must get done.

The process is typically very long and doesn’t follow a set timeline. What’s worse is that most officers will speak only Spanish, so you won’t get through the process without the help of a lawyer or a fluent native.

Language Barriers

While English is prevalent in Spain, knowing English alone won’t be enough. You’ll need to learn Spanish and the language that is commonly spoken in the region you’re moving to.

Spanish Food

Spaniards love their food and flavors; however, not all foreigners share the sentiment. This is mainly because Spanish dishes don’t use a lot of spices, making them slightly bland compared to global cuisine.

Cost Of Living In Spain

cost of living in SpainSpain ranks 53rd on the cost of living index, making it relatively affordable compared to European countries like the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

The average family of four living in Spain will have to shell out about 1,348.84 USD for a 3-bedroom apartment in the city’s center or 991.11 USD for one away from the city’s center.

If you’re going to live alone, rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center is roughly 789.88 USD. It will amount to 645.20 USD if you live away from the city’s center.

Living near or away from the city center will also determine how much you have to spend commuting. Metro is the best option for commuters, with a monthly pass available at 42.76 USD.

You’ll also have to add utilities into your budget, which typically go up to 200 USD.

Families moving to Spain with kids will also have to consider childcare costs. These costs can go up to 389.40 USD for preschoolers and 7,970.69 USD for primary schoolers.

While the overall expenses are low in Spain, so are the wages and salaries. And with a poor job market, this can become quite a crutch for those relying on career opportunities to relocate.

These are the average living expenses for living in Spain, but the exact amounts may differ based on the region you relocate to.

Top 3 Interesting Cities To Move To In Spain

No matter what part of Spain you plan on moving to, you’ll want to explore other parts of the country. Here are the most interesting cities in Spain you must visit!


With its wide variety of entertainment, culture, and food, Spain’s cultural capital makes it to the top of the list.

Some of its top attractions include the Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. If museums aren’t your thing, you can have a relaxing boat ride in El Retiro Park or take a sightseeing tour. And if you’re looking for the big city vibes, step out for a taste of Madrid’s nightlife.

Madrid has a Mediterranean climate so you can visit anytime, but we suggest you plan your trip between September and November.


Barcelona is famous for Antoni Gaudí’s architectural marvels, but the Catalan capital has much more to offer visitors.

The city is a combination of the best of Spain’s past and its future. It is located beside the sea and has its fair share of beaches, seafood, and water activities. It also has plenty of parks and hills for some relaxing outdoor time.

Like Madrid, Barcelona also promises some of Spain’s best nightlife and entertainment. Barcelona has a diverse climate, so plan your visit between May and June.


Valencia is another iconic city in Spain that’s also known as the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. It boasts attractions like the oceanarium, planetarium, or interactive museum, along with beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

The city also offers a great selection of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Valencia may not be as famous as Spain’s two populous cities, but it provides a good range of attractions. It is best explored from March to June.

Tip: Interested in buying a property in Spain? We have created a transferring money from Spain to the UK guide that shows you the top companies to work with if you need to send large sums of money between the two countries.


Spain is a great place with plenty of outdoor attractions to enjoy all year round. However, the rent can be pretty high, and finding a job or accommodation of your choice is hard.

Living in Spain can be a dream, but only if you seek the benefits Spain offers.


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