How To Close Your XE Money Transfer Account

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited Apr 16, 2020

Registering for an XE Money Transfer account at is simple.

Unfortunately, when you want to cancel your XE Money Transfer account, this is not quite so straightforward.

… Whilst everything about registering for an account can be done online through a simple registration process and your XE money transfer account (where you can even submit ID&V documents to your account if required), the same is not true if you want to close your account…

XE Account Closure FAQ

+ Is there an easy button on XE’s account to close down account?

No. To close to your XE account you would need to contact XE directly.

+ Should I close my XE account?

Not necessarily, even if you don’t use it, unless you have a particular reason. It doesn’t cost you anything to keep it.

+ Are there good alternatives to XE money transfer?

Yes. There are many great companies featured on our top 10 money transfer companies rating. They serve the same function as XE, but have some advantages over them in our opinion. You can read an XE review here.

The process

Those with an astute eye will notice there is nothing within XE’s ‘My Account’ section which looks like it will help you to close your XE Money Transfer Account. And upon clicking into each of the ‘My Account’ sub categories we can confirm this is indeed the case. The only option you have to close your XE Money Transfer account is to contact XE Money Transfer manually.

First you should ask yourself…

Do I really need to close my XE Money Transfer Account? It’s free!

There is no fee to open nor maintain an XE Money Transfer account so there is no financial harm at least in keeping your XE Money Transfer account open. You can simply logout – never to return again! If you opted in for special offers and promotions via email communications you can simply unsubscribe from the next email you receive from XE Money Transfer. You will still, however, receive important communications from XE Money Transfer which have an impact on your account, such as changes to XE’s terms and conditions.

If you would still like to cancel your XE Money Transfer account you have two methods of contacting XE but you’ll notice there are no contact details for XE within your online account itself.


To Close Your Account….

To find XE’s contact details and close your XE Money Transfer account you can follow this route….

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Common Questions’
  3. Once the FAQ’s open, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Contact Us’
  4. You’ll find the relevant contact details based on your region.
Click on the following pictures to enlarge them:

From here you have two options, either a) call XE Money Transfer and request they close your XE Money Transfer account or b) send XE Money Transfer an email and do the same.

There are a whole magnitude of reasons why you might be wondering how to close your XE Money Transfer account but there you have it, whilst not as simple as simply deactivating your account online, the process to close your XE Money Transfer account is possible.

If you still have international money transfer requirements (IMT) and are interested in exploring what other IMT providers have to offer – perhaps you are looking for more of a personalised service or the cheapest rates – then you can see a comprehensive breakdown of all  best international Money Transfer Providers through our homepage.

Alternatives to XE Money Transfer

The following companies provide very similar service to what XE money transfer does.

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We hope our guide on how to close your XE Money Transfer Account has been informative and easy to read. As always we try to keep our guides at MoneyTransferComparison up-to-date and relevant with the times. Should you notice any inaccuracies or simply have further questions on how to close your XE Money Transfer account then please get in touch.