Halo Financial Money Transfer Review

Trading via: Online Platform Telephone
International Clients accepted
Established: 2005
Currencies offered: 30+
Halo Financial supplies its clients with one of the smoothest and most streamlined money transfer processes in the industry. Everything about them is highly professional – the staff, the online platform and the way they conduct their business. If you need an FX payment provider, Halo is an excellent choice.
87% Editorial rating.
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Minimum transfer:
Fees & Rates: Free for our readers.
REGULATION: Financial Conduct Authority (UK) HM Revenue & Customs (UK)

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Is Halo Financial Money Transfer Reliable?
  • > About the Company
  • > Awards
  • > Conclusion
Do Clients Like Halo Financial Money Transfer?
Halo Financial Money Transfer Reviews from Across The Web
  • > Research, Pros and Cons
  • > Conclusion
Halo Financial Money Transfer Exchange Rate & Fees
  • > Research: Fees, Guarantee, Exchange Rates, Limits
  • > Conclusion
Global Reach & Service
Additional Functionalities
The Overall

Is Halo Financial Money Transfer Reliable?

Regulated by: HM Revenue & Customs (UK)
Company Size

Halo Financial has been distinguishing itself as one of the top rising British currency transfer companies since its founding in 2005. Its founders have met during their previous job at Moneycorp. With just 50 employees, and trading over 30 currencies, Halo Financial proves its value to customers by providing personalized, jargon-free counsel on all the financial factors that maximizing savings when moving currency. The company boasts £500m in trade volumes per annum.

Halo Financial won awards such as the Best Customer Focus Award in 2016 and from 2014-2017 Feefo Gold Merchant Status awards. It is also a partner of FXStreet, one of the better known currency magazines online. It has a regular feature in London’s City AM newspaper and has featured in many Nationals including The Telegraph, The Times and Yahoo! Finance News.


Feefo Gold Merchant Status 2014-2017

Best Customer Focus 2016

Re:Locate Magazine Expat Awards 2014

OPP Awards in 2013 and 2014


Very credible company with a long track record and almost always positive reviews, winning multiple prestigious awards and deserving our attention as an industry leader in the UK.

85% Credibility Score.

Do Clients Like Halo Financial Money Transfer?
Halo Financial Money Transfer Reviews from Across The Web


There are 877 reviews on Feefo. About 5 of them are complaints, and the rest are highly positive. In addition, there are another 25 reviews on ReviewCentre. With over 3/4 positive, a few negative – overall score 4.2/5. On Facebook they have 19 reviews with a score of 4.5 / 5 stars – a strong performance.

There are quite a few expat forums discussing Halo’s services (example). Most of which are positive.

Advantages +5

Those who enjoyed Halo’s services mentioned the following:

  • Professional staff – expert knowledge with a personalised solution always available
  • Smooth and speedy money transfer – often sameday otherwise within 24 hours
  • Helpful dedicated dealer – will advise you when to move or not move your money
  • Good currency exchanges rates – competitive and will always aim to beat the nearest competitor – always worth phoning for a comparison
  • Seamless experience – prompt, helpful and highly recommended
Disadvantages -2

The several complaints we have reviewed have discussed a variety of topics. Including:

  • Trouble signing up
  • Confusion and errors in particular cases

Most of the reviews are of satisfied customers thanking Halo Financial for the service they provided them with. They were happy with all elements including service, pricing, and the overall experience seems highly positive.

There are about 10 complaints we have located online overall, which make up less than 2% of the reviews we have found. Those are quite fierceful claiming Halo messed up the transfer, but we tend to believe these are either isolated cases or untrue reviews.

Overall seems like clients love doing business with Halo.

90% Client Feedback Score.

Halo Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees: Though Halo’s “normal” fees are high, our readers are eligible for a fee-free transfer as long as they pass the minimum hurdle of 1,000 Pounds, similarly to our other top companies like World First, Currencies Direct, and Moneycorp.

Exchange Rates: As with all companies, you absolutely can’t tell what’s the exchange rate you’ll get before you come with your specific requirements and ask for a quote. Halo is not different in that perspective. The difference is that they have hundreds of reviews attesting for their claims of saving clients up to 4% in comparison with banks.

Limits: The minimum transfer amount is £250 for regular transfers. The minimum for one-off transfers is £1,000. They have an online platform (no longer in beta mode) and when it is fully launched the lower limit may reduce.


No fees and seemingly very good rates as witnessed by client reviews. Seems like Halo financial is doing well on that aspect.

90% Fees, Exchange Rates.



Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
Offices: UK

Ways to approach:  Email, Telephone (sign up is available online).

Translations: No.

Accepts Clients: Worldwide.

Currencies Handled: Most.

Client Reviews: 98% positive.


The Halo brand  is truly a service oriented company.

  • Dealing with “all trade-able currencies” as they mention on their website, and also taking up clients from anywhere in the world including the ever-so-problematic USA, means Halo is a truly international company.
  • Their services must be very good as clients love them, and we also know that the sales/dealer training happening in Halo is extremely professional in nature. This is why they stress on, and quite successfully, gaining themselves a very good name in the industry.

The only disadvantage for non UK clients is the lack of offices outside the UK. We would recommend international business clients or those transferring large amounts frequently to seek out more internationlised firms like Currencies Direct.

85% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score

Additional Functionalities

  • Rate Watch.
  • Limit & Stop loss Orders.
  • Forward Contracts.
  • Regular Transfers
  • Combinations of the above
  • Guidance on Emigration and overseas property purchases – including several unique 15+ pages Free guides.
  • Risk management service for businesses.
  • Daily updates on the market.
  • Regularly updated blog covering Industry news, Emigration, Overseas Property and more
  • Quarterly white papers on the major currency pairings such as GBPEUR, GBPUSD, GBPAUD

Halo also uniquely offer a free business FX audit for companies, which is a personalised and meticulous service. Otherwise it is a pretty standard hedging offering for businesses, but all the basics are provided and we know for certain the level of professionalism is higher than the industry standard. Their white papers help to differentiate them from other competitors in the market and show that they are experts in the FX market and are always looking to improve and develop.

The Halo Website is already fully responsive and mobile friendly, they don’t have an App as yet but we know that one is in the pipeline and we have been assured that the website user experience is being considerably improved upon for 2019.


Good business value with a free currency audit service and now with a fully functional online trading platform too. Great rates and great service, what more could you want!

80% Added Values Score

The Overall

Halo Financial Money Transfer Review Summary
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My initial communication with Halo Financial was positive but their lack of transparency regarding exact currency amounts and dates caused me to cancel my order with them. For clarity, my advisor (Removed for privacy reasons) emailed: “The rate on EUR into GBP now is 1.3170 and we will take the £5 fee off at the Sterling end. This means E 500 will equate to £384 per month. ” Then after agreeing I received a confirmation email which quoted €510.73 per month for 384GBP. After rejecting this confirmation I received an email the day after the agreement from my advisor saying:… Read more »

Naomi J P

used their web siet to learn how to transfer cash to my sister in the philippines. was veyr good


Definitely one of the nicest websites. I contacted a few companies but with Halo the process is just outstanding.


I am using Halo to transfer a portion of my salary every month and it has been a smooth ride so far (2 years)

Niel O'suman

This is by far the nicest website out of all the different websites listed here


Great service with very good rates. My contact Charlie was quick to deal with all of my needs.
Too bad they don’t have an app so I can easily make my transfers without staying on the phone. I don’t complain about it but it would be a big plus for me.

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