Global Reach Money Transfer Review 2021

Global Reach Partners is a great choice for international money transfers for both private and corporate clients. This well-established payments firm has been moving substantial volumes since 2002and hasn’t lost its appetite to stay competitive and friendly.

Note: Global Reach has merged with its sister brand FC Exchange in October 2018. This is a joint review of both the Private and Corporate services of the merged firm.

90.6% Editorial rating.
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This Global Reach Partners review will help you understand all aspects relating to the service, pricing, and process of making an international money transfer with Global Reach. From Global Reach exchange rates, through to safety and reliability, we have provided more information than you can find anywhere else online.

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Minimum transfer:
Fees & Rates: No Fees
REGULATION: Financial Conduct Authority Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre

Is Global Reach Reliable?

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority(UK) Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre
Company Size

Global Reach (officially: Global Reach Partners Limited) was originally established in 2002 as 4 separate brand names Corporate FX, Private FX, Smart FX and Travel FX, which were merged into Global Reach in 2012.

The company started off by focusing on corporate clients, and we assume this is still Global Reach’s largest audience as their numbers reflect very high trading volumes per client (with 25,000 clients and £5bn traded in 2018, each client is moving £200,000 annually on average).

Who is FC Exchange?

London-headquartered FC Exchange (FC stands for “foreign currency”) was established in 2005, and held a 1A2 Credit Rating from D&B. Since the merger of FC Exchange, Global Reach FX has been trading more than £5bn annually with both companies combined. FC Exchange’s unique selling point was customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies in the industry who reward dealers and account managers based on how much profit they’ve turned for the company, FC Exchange took a different approach. FC Exchange chose to measure their employees by the level of satisfaction and retention of the clients they were handling. FC Exchange has helped over 25,000 people move money since 2005. Most of its staff were retained through the merger.


Merged Company – Global Reach Group – from October, 2018

After the merge, it was decided that FC Exchange will handle all private clients, while Global Reach will be fully dedicated to corporate clients. This had been the situation until October 2018, when FC Exchange rebranded itself as Global Reach Partners UK private client desk. The two companies are now named simply Global Reach, and this Global Reach money transfer review entails both firms.
The current CEO, Nicholas Fullerton, was the previous CEO and co-founder of FC exchange. Following the firm’s buyout by Inflexion and merger with Global Reach, Nicholas held the position of COO with the Global Reach Group from 2016 – 2019. Becoming CEO of the group in September 2019. The senior leadership team has significant experience in the international payments industry – some having made their way through the ranks at Global Reach and other key hires made from some of the industries largest providers.


Global Reach is one of the top 10 largest money transfer firms in the UK. Its recent merger with FC Exchange and launch in Canada only goes to cement this. It has gained a high level of recognition in various categories:

Feefo 2019 Gold Service Award

Best Small Companies to Work For 2014 – The Sunday Times

Sunday Times Profit Fast Track 100 (2012)

Credit Level A2, Dun & Bradstreet

Best Accreditation Standard ( Best Company To Work For 2016


Global Reach FX is a highly reliable money transfer company. In fact, it is undeniably one of the top 10 firms of its kind in the UK. It has been in business for longer than the vast majority of other currency brokerages on the market, moving large volumes abroad each year, while maintaining great feedback across the board.

With FC Exchange’s acquisition, the company is growing at a staggering pace and increasing its presence in the private clients’ sector side. It is still less internationalised than some of the industry titans, with fewer offices abroad, less regulatory authorities supervising them and unable to take on American clients, but they are still up there at the top when it comes to reliability.

90% Credibility Score.

Global Reach

Fixed Fees Waived
Exclusive to MoneyTransferComparison
  • Do I need a Promo Code?
    No, a promotional code is not needed for this benefit.
  • What if I already have an account with FCE?
    Unfortunately, you will not be able to enjoy this offer.
  • Will this affect the exchange rates I get?
    No, you will receive the same rates as any other clients, but won’t have to pay any fees.
  • Is Global Reach any good?
    Yes. Read our Global Reach review to see why we have ranked them among the top 10 best companies for international money transfers.
  • Who are you guys?
    We’re, a leading currency transfer review website which serves tens of thousands of readers every month. You can read more about us here.

Do Clients Like Global Reach? Global Reach Reviews from Across The Web


The firm boasts more than 3,500 online reviews from its clients, under both Global Reach Partners and FC Exchange – the two companies forming the new Global Reach Group. You can find over 600 reviews of Global Reach Partners and over 600 FC Exchange reviews on TrustPilot, and over 2,300 Global Reach reviews on feefo.

There are also more than 100 reviews on ReviewCentre, as well as more than two dozen reviews on Facebook. This is a very impressive amount which indicates it is indeed a large and respected company. In each of the review platforms, whether under Global Reach or under FC Exchange, there is a high level of client satisfaction.

Global Reach’s primary review platform is feefo, with a score of 4.8 / 5 (based on over 1000 reviews in the last 12 months). Global Reach scores 4 / 5 on TrustPilot (Great) and FC Exchange 4.8 / 5. Across all three platforms, only 2% of online feedback relates to complaints with the majority of users praising a quick and professional service.

While these numbers are definitely impressive it is important to remember that some companies, such as Transferwise , boast 90,000 reviews just on TrustPilot’s platform. This puts these till very impressive numbers into perspective.

Advantages +5

There are more than 1,000 separate client reviews online praising and hailing a multitude of qualities that Global Reach has. Below are some examples:

  • A Friendly and helpful currency dealer
  • Guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free experience
  • Helps save a great deal of money in comparison to banks
  • Taking the extra mile for its clients
  • Efortless Trading
Disadvantages -2

The complaints are quite obsolete, as all foreign exchange firms are required to process a lot of paperwork before sending money for a client. It doesn’t matter if it’s Global Reach or another firm, these are regulatory requirements enforced by the Financial Conduct Authority. As far as not working with USA banks, it is simply a case of a mismatch between the company’s capabilities and the client’s requirements. You can of course make payments in USD and to the US with Global Reach.

The positive reviews on Trustpilot speak for themselves with a huge amount of customers finding the service extremely positive and recommending them highly. Many of the customers have said they would use FC Exchange/Global Reach Partners FX again, or already utilise them for international money transfers on a regular basis.

95% Client Feedback Score.


Global Reach’s Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees: Global Reach charge £10 (or equivalent in currency used) for fixed wire fees, per transfer. Clients who have been referred by are eligible for an exclusive promotion and their fees are completely and utterly waived.

Exchange Rates:
Global Reach are so confident in their rates that they offer a Best Exchange Rate Guarantee. That means that if someone finds a better rate at the time of booking, they will match this rate – no questions asked. This is the strongest indication of truly low rates!

Limits: £1,000 per transfer, or equivalent in other currency.


Global Reach exchange rates and fees are as good as they come. Our clients don’t pay any fixed fees of any sort, and the rates you are offered are among the best in the industry or else – Global Reach money transfer services will match it!

87% Fees, Exchange Rates.

Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.

Ways to approach:  Phone (domestic and international numbers), Email, Online Form, or Online System.

Translations:  None.

Accepts Clients:  Globally, aside from the USA (all states).

Currencies Handled: 138.

Client Reviews: Very content with the service throughout.


Global Reach is a service oriented firm which is glorified by 98% of the clients who left reviews about it online. It boasts a highly personalised service and highlights the fact they are happy to offer bespoke solutions to any enquiry. Since it acquired key EncoreFX assets to provide the foundation for its launch in Canada, an impressive 8 branches immediately catapults Global Reach to one of the best offerings for local Canadian clients.

They are also very international in terms of currency offering. Together with rival firm World First, Global Reach has one of the most impressive offerings of more than 140 currencies.

The downside to Global Reach Partners FX is the lack of offices in the US and Asia-Pacific and a lack of local bank accounts across the globe. Without the ability to provide in-country settlement it may mean transfers are slower and more expensive for clients outside the UK.

85% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score
FC Exchange’s Staff:
Ryan hello, dear sir / madam, my name is Ryan. I’m a senior account executive…
and I work in the private client onboarding team at Global Reach. My role within the company is to oversee the private client onboarding team, assist new customers to set up their account and introduce Global Reach’s products and services. I have worked in the foreign currency industry for 3 years and am always happy to use the experience I have gained to assist people in understanding the benefits of using a broker and make the process as simple as possible for them. Please feel free to contact me directly on the number below if you have any questions.

Call From UK


Faye MTC hello, dear sir / madam, my name is Faye. I’m a senior account executive…
and I work in the private client onboarding team at Global Reach. My role within the company is to assist new customers to set up their account and introduce GRP’s products and services. I have worked in the foreign currency industry for 6 years in a variety of customer facing roles. My experience has allowed me to develop a customer centric approach to my work, and ensure every Global Reach customer receives the highest level of customer service. Please feel free to contact me directly on the number below if you have any questions.

Additional Functionalities


Vanilla Forward.

Window Forward Extra.
Participating Forward.
Risk Reversal.


With some currency transfer providers, such as WorldFirst, closing their options business (given the significant capital reserves one must hold) Global Reach has chosen to invest more heavily in this area. With a dedicated markets and institutional team, Global Reach is required to be MiFiD 2 compliant following its introduction in 2018.

From an institutional perspective Global Reach has experience working with funds of all sizes, tailoring products to suit clients across a number of asset classes, including; Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Debt and Infrastructure.

Global Reach excels in this regard, by offering all normal transfers you would expect from a brokerage, in addition to a number of FX options. Since they deal mainly with corporate clients, they have a suite of FX options which are unavailable anywhere else like the Window Forward Extra.

Mobile App:

An app is unavailable at this time. For companies that do have a mobile fx transfer apps click here.


Global Reach offers a wider variety of forex options than the vast majority of its competitors. This is a strong selling point for experts, treasury managers, and traders who look for upside on some of their deals.

85% Added Values Score

Global Reach Partners Review
89 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility Score - 92%
  • Client Feedback Score - 95%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates Score - 87%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service Score - 85%
  • Added Values Score - 85%

Bottom Line

Global Reach is a great choice because it offers a personalised service people seem to enjoy. 98% of all customers, that is! The rates are great, the fees are waived through MoneyTransferComparison, and the offering is complete (all hedging tools are readily available).

The firm has been growing steadily for 15 years now with a very small percentage of complaints, and we believe it will continue to thrive in the coming years, especially after the successful merger with FX Exchange. At a time when a lot of companies are feeling the pinch it has also expanded its offering into Canada in 2020. The only thing we would like to see incorporated in the offering is a functional mobile app.

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4 years ago

quel est le montant des frais pour transférer 500€ mensuel vers le bresil?

Rachel burgin
3 years ago

Great company if you want them to send all your passwords over emails and loose 45k of your money to hackers due to their stupidity- then after being rudely told it could be our error – send all the proof along to a second person who is then “investigating”

Dalton Rogers
2 years ago

I tried to transfer funds for my daughter with Global Reach and it was very easy. The process went smoothly and she received the funds very quickly. You just need to pay attention you are choosing the right currency.

2 years ago

Great company to work with. Used them for a currency exchange and got a great deal.

Elizabeth R.
2 years ago

Only the second time sending money with them but it’s well deserved to give them a 10/10 because until now everything went smooth. Hopefully they will keep up this standard moving forward.

1 year ago

Very professional service provider. I have been with them for 2 months and communication has been outstanding.

Chris Rivera
1 year ago

I was using Global Reach since 2016 transferring funds between accounts in the UK and Canada with no problems but I moved most of my business to the USA and need to find another service provider. They treated me great and I am going to miss the friendly agents they have.