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Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited Sep 15, 2016

MoneyTransferComparison.com is proud to present a new service – we will help you, whether you are a private client sending money abroad through a money transfer service, broker, or corporate fx client, to look into any issues you had  with any foreign exchange company  reviewed on our website.

Here’s what Richard Shortt, the Managing Director of large importer Intamarque, who chose FX company over bank, had to say about our services:

richard-shortt-photoIntamarque is one of the UK’s fastest growing Distributors’ of FMCG lines with sales growing from zero to £35m in just 10 years. We were award the Fast Track 100 award which identifies Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing sales. We’ve been successful because we offer retailers, wholesalers and pharmacies a unique combination of extremely competitive pricing, outstanding flexibility and a high level of personal service and attention.

We are located in the UK centrally on the M5 corridor between Birmingham and Bristol.

We recently had the pleasure of using the service of MoneyTransferComparison.com who helped us secure a successful outcome of an order which was challenged due to the economic climate at the time.

The professionalism and attention to detail from MoneyTransferComparison.com was amazing and Intamarque would thoroughly recommend them to anyone needing to use this service.

Kind Regards





Richard Shortt, Managing Director, Intamarque Limited

How does it work?

Leave a comment on our any of our reviews, or contact us directly via our contact form on our about us page. If the complaint / inquiry appears to be relevant, we will contact you back and ask for additional details about the case in question.

Then, we will contact the company on your behalf asking for clarifications. If needed, we will ask you to forward your entire email exchange with the firm, and if that doesn’t suffice for us to get a complete understanding of the case, we will ask you to request the audio recordings of your calls with the firm (which any FCA-regulated firm must provide upon request a client’s request).

When we will have all the information in hand, and we have made up our mind about it, we will report back our conclusions to both you and the company that you dealt with. If we believe the company acted in a non-justified manner, we will explain them how this will reflect on their rating on the site, and also that this case will become public (we will write about it). If they take responsibility over their faults and recompense you, it might have a minor effect, and if they insist they have done nothing wrong, it will have a major impact.

In essence, we will leverage our authority in the industry, as one of the leading review sites and referral partners, to help clients who have been mistreated.

Are you authorised to do that?

The nature of this investigation will be purely of a journalistic nature. It will be handled by the site’s staff, and an external adviser we hired for this purpose with more than 10 years of experience in the fx industry.

We are not authorised by any regulatory body, and cannot offer any personal financial advice. Our only purpose is to take real client reviews and complaints and look into them in order to gather more knowledge about the industry and offer better recommendations to our readers. We actually learn from this process, and as a side-product, in specific cases, we can persuade a foreign exchange firm of their wrongdoings.

Our service is not comparable to what the FCA or the Financial Ombudsman offers, let alone a court These are the official regulatory bodies to handle such complaints, and there is absolutely no conflict between using them and sending us the material as well to look into.

How much does it cost?

The service is free to use. Our business model (detailed in our about us page) is based on referrals to foreign companies. We do not charge money for any information or service we provide from our readers, including this. As we said earlier, we hope to learn and better this website, and the industry as a whole to some extent, through these cases.

Will you look into every case?

No. We reserve ourselves the right to be selective and choose cases which are:

  1. Relevant. A lot of clients don’t realise some things are just a part of the industry. Like payment delays which may occur and not really worth our time looking into.
  2. Relate to a foreign exchange company which has been reviewed on this website, and contradicts the information we have provided about the firm. For example, if you used a company which is poorly rated due to poor service, and you complain to us about the level of service, we won’t handle the case.
  3. Have depth. We will deal with complex cases where our expertise can come in handy. If the issue is too straightforward, it won’t be a learning experience for us.
  4. Detailed. If you approach us with information which is too generic, we might choose not to move forward and ask you for more details.

In addition to that, you must understand our time is valuable. That means we won’t be able to handle more than one case at a time.

Current Cases / Past Cases:

These are FX cases we are currently investigating:

– None: All Resolved 


These are cases we have looked into and were resolved:


Moneycorp: A complaint claiming Moneycorp took an excessive margin of 4% off a deal.


The data that was provided on this complaint wasn’t entirely true. In spite of that, the client was rectified, and to our best understanding, is happy with this resolution.

Currency Solutions: Corporate client whose account has been cancelled.


Currency Solutions have been very attentive to the complaint and gave us the chance to speak to several directors about it. They have met with the client in the offices, settled on a solution, and the client was “extremely pleased” with the outcome.

Azimo: Variety of complaints about money being delayed or never arriving.


Azimo have dealt with these complaints directly and responded to them on our review. Some were sufficiently resolved, and some not. The large number of complaints made us change their status from a recommended remittances provider into a non-recommended provider.

Payoneer: Mnay complaints about delayed response. We sent through a few monitored leads and mystery shoppers that verified such complaints.


We were in contact with Payoneer and even visited their office, but at a certain stage they stopped responding to our inquiries. We have decided to amend their rating negatively.

Looking forward for your inquiries and comments,

MoneyTransferComparison.com Staff

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