FC Exchange Review

FC Exchange

Established: 2005.

International Clients: ✗ Not accepting USA clients. Accepting clients from other regions.

Currencies Offered: 50

Minimum Transfer: £1,000

Trading via: Online Platform or Telephone.

Offices In: UK (London, Berkhamsted, Cornwall), South Africa, Cyprus

Regulation: ✓ Financial Conduct Authority (UK)

Fees: £10 per transfer below £10,000 None, for our readers who used our referral link to reach the company.

Aggregated Client Reviews: 600+ reviews, mainly on TrustPilot’s platform.

Average Rating: 97%.

Credit Level A2, Dun & Bradstreet
Best Accreditation Standard ( Best Company To Work For 2016

Pros and Cons


  • Owned by Global Reach Partners (Rating: 82.6%)
  • Move 5.5bn per annum in Foreign Currency (W/ Global Reach Partners)
  • Dedicated Currency Dealers
  • Extended Office Opening Hours
  • Operating Since 2005


  • No App
  • Not Accepting USA-based Clients

Our Rating: 90.6% 

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Editorial Review Summary: “FC Exchange provides great service and true care for its client. They are quick to pick up the phone, always super-friendly and super-professional, and their rates are top notch. We can wholeheartedly recommend the firm for international money transfers of all sizes. “


 FC Exchange Promotions

FC Exchange

Clients that have been referred by us to FC Exchange are eligible for no fees on all transfers of all sizes. Clients who go to FC Exchange directly without applying for our promotion will have to pay £10 on all transfers below the £10,000 mark.



Do I need a Promo Code?

No, a promo code is not needed. It will be automatically applied to your account.

What if I already have an account with FCE?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to enjoy thi soffer.

Will this affect the exchange rates I get?

It will not. You will be eligible for the same rates.

Is FC Exchange a good provider?

Yes, read through this review to understand why we believe so.

What is

The world’s largest international money transfer services review site. Nice to meet you!


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Is FC Exchange Reliable?

Company size:  

London-headquartered FC Exchange (FC stands for “foreign currency”) was established in 2005, and holds an 1A2 Credit Rating from D&B. The firm is currently trading more than £5bn annually combined with its parent company Global Reach Partners.

The firms unique selling point is customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies in this industry which reward their dealers and account managers based on much profit they turned for the company, FC Exchange took a different approach. FC Exchange choose to measure their employees by the level of satisfaction and retention of the clients they are handling.

In 2016 Foreign Currency Exchange was acquired by Global Reach Group with backing from private equity investor, Inflexion. Together, the companies transfer over £5.5 billion each year, with FC Exchange specialising in private money transfers. FC Exchange has helped over 25,000 people move money since 2005. The seperation between the companies is follows – FC Exchange handles all private clients while Global Reach Partners handles corporate clients.

Regulated By: 

Financial Conduct Authority (UK)


Credit Level A2, Dun & Bradstreet
Best Accreditation Standard ( Best Company To Work For 2016


FC Exchange is a private client oriented currency dealership, which is deemed as very trustworthy by us. It has been in business for over 10 years now, properly regulated (as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution), and traded more than 4bn over this period of time, with a a higher-than-average trade volume per client . Clients are satisfied with service as demonstrated by their online reviews and surveys. The excellent credit score rating just adds into the level of high level of trust we feel about the firm.

On the flip-side of things, it’s nowhere nearly as large as companies like World First t when it comes to private clients (for corporate clients, its parent company Global Reach Partners is at around the same size). It is also not quite as diverse in terms of currency offering as them.

The bottom line is that FC Exchange is a very trusted company with excellent prospects for the future.

Credibility Rating


Located in Woolgate Exchange near Moorgate station, FC Exchange’s offices are right at the heart of The City of London. Here are some exclusive photos that were issued exclusively for showing the Foreign Currency Exchange’s dealers in action.

FCE offices – photos:




*These images are exclusive to If you wish to incorporate them in your website you may do so with attribution to this page.

Do Clients Like FC Exchange?


There are over 500+ reviews on TrustPilot, and less than 100 in Review Centere. The overall amount of reviews we have found is satisfactory, but we would have preferred to see a lot more of those  (Transferwise boasts 18,000 reviews on TrustPilot, at the time of the writing of this review, and going strong).

The rating the company has received on TrustPilot is an amazing 9.7, and Review Cetre’s rating is 4 / 5. It seems like there are very few complaints to be found about the firm online – and considering the fact they specialise in high-value transaction, that is really remarkable.


There are more than 200 client reviews we have discovered that appreciate different qualities that the firm has. Some feedbacks indicate that FC Exchange is:

  • Friendly and helpful currency dealer
  • Guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free experience
  • Helps save a great deal of money in comparison to banks
  • Taking the extra mile for its clients

It was quite difficult discovering complaints, per se, about the firm’s conduct. The only things we could discover are isolated reviews discussing the following negatives:


The complaints are quite obsolete, as all foreign exchange firms are required to process a lot of paperwork before sending money for a client. It doesn’t matter if it’s FC Exchange or another firm, these are regulatory requirements are enforced byt the Financial Conduct Authority. As far as not working with USA banks, it is simply a case of a mismatch between the company’s capabilities and the client’s requirements.

The positive reviews on Trust Pilot speak for themselves with a huge amount of customers finding the service extremely positive and recommending them highly. Many of the customers have said they would use FC Exchange again, or already utilise them for international money transfers on a regular basis.

User Rating


Read Enough?



Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees: There are fixed fees of £10 with each transfer below £3,000. Even though it’s not much of a gamer-changer when transferring above their minimal £1,000, it’s still pretty much a nuisance.

Our readers are now entitled to a fee-free transfer regardless of the amount sent.

Exchange Rates: FC Exchange are so confident in their rates that they offer a Best Exchange Rate Guarantee.

Limits: £1,000.


£10 transfer fees for small transfers would have made FC Exchange not recommended for small transfers, but since these fees are waived for our clients, it is absolutely recommended to use the firm for those as well.

Medium to Large Transfers: The exchange rate guarantee, combined with very positive client feedback regarding the rates they have received makes us believe you will get an excellent rates (or “the best price” if you bother speaking to a few other brokers and utilise the Best Exchange Rate Guarantee the firm has in place).

Exchange Rates & Fees Rating

Global Reach & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
  • Offices: UK (London, Cornwall, Berkhamsted), Cyprus, South Africa.
  • Ways to approach: Leave email and/or Telephone on website, Call directly (UK and France lines available), or trade online.
  • Translations: French.
  • Accepts clients: Globally with the exception of USA clients.
  • Currencies Handled: 50
  • Client reviews: Praising service.


FC Exchange’s Staff:

RyanMy name is Ryan. I’m a senior account executive and I work in the private client onboarding team at FC Exchange. My role within the company is to oversee the private client onboarding team, assist new customers to set up their account and introduce FC Exchange’s products and services. I have worked in the foreign currency industry for 3 years and am always happy to use the experience I have gained to assist people in understanding the benefits of using a broker and make the process as simple as possible for them. Please feel free to contact me direct on the number below if you have any questions.





Faye MTCMy name is Faye. I’m a senior account executive and I work in the private client onboarding team at FC Exchange. My role within the company is to assist new customers to set up their account and introduce FC Exchange’s products and services. I have worked in the foreign currency industry for 6 years in a variety of customer facing roles. My experience has allowed me to develop a customer centric approach to my work, and ensure every FC Exchange customer receives the highest level of customer service. Please feel free to contact me direct on the number below if you have any questions.


Call From UK



FC Exchange is a service oriented currency firm, which even rewards its staff by the satisfaction of the clients they are dealing with. On that aspect, based on client reviews aggregated from across the web and our personal experience dealing with their marketing team, they really excel.

On the other hand, their reach isn’t optimal. They do have some advantages like being able to handle funds originating in South Africa, which many other companies can’t… but the fact they are not able to take on Americans, and the fact they only have 2 offices outside the UK, makes them just average on that aspect.

Global Reach Score

Additional Functionalities

All corporate clients signing up with FC Exchange will be transferred to its parent company, Global Reach Partners, which offers a wide selection of FX options, Private clients can enjoy only Limit Orders or Forward Contracts through FC Exchange.


No trading app.


Not particularly glowing in that regard, just the basics.

Special Features Score



  1. Darren

    I need to register with you to do an international transfer from Australia to the uk
    I have registered with 4 others and am seeking the best rate ,no,ease get ack to me if you are interested .
    Kind Regards

    Posted on March 11, 2017
    • Compare - MTC Admin

      Hi Darren. Please click on “get a free quote” button on this page, and add your details there.
      You will receive a call back within minutes.
      We definitely think signing up with multiple brokers and comparing rates is a great M.O.
      Quite a few of our readers do that, so no worries, we are certain FC Exchange would be happy to try and beat other brokers on that!

      Posted on March 11, 2017
  2. Even though

    Curious to see that the company doesn’t have as many comments/reviews as the other competitors listed in this website (btw, good job owner of the site). They really provide a great service and helped me save a lot of money in my regular transfers overseas.

    Maybe the company is smaller than others and many people don’t know about it. Anyhow, I like how they handle my business so I decided that they deserve a review from me 🙂

    Posted on August 16, 2018

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