Considering moving abroad and living as an extradite? Consider the following destinations that were chosen by the Telegraph as the happiest places to in. This infographic is a part of MoneyTransferCompaison Expat Lifestyle Magazine.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in One of the World’s Happiest Countries

The World Happiness Report is released annually by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Below are the 10 happiest countries to live in, but why are people so happy there? And are there disadvantages to living in them?

1. Switzerland

1. Housing standards are particularly high
2. Excellent public education system (with many international schools for expats)
3. It is very clean and everything works

1. Difficulty finding accommodation due to high prices and strict rules
2. High cost of living and difficult (for expats) job market. Difficult to naturalize.
3. Stricter rules than many other Western countries

2. Iceland

1. Incredible natural beauty
2. No stifling summer days and mild winters
3. Sexually liberated and accepting

1. 20 hour nights in December (and vice versa in June)
2. No easy access to any other nation
3. Very high cost of living

3. Denmark

1. Excellent and free university tuition
2. Almost no crime means high sense of security
3. They have a forest school system

1. Some of the highest taxes in the world
2. Very high cost of living
3. A long, wet winter, which can bring on seasonal depression

4. Norway

1. Active lifestyle in the beautiful and clean outdoors
2. A 7.5 hour working day
3. Free, high quality university education

1. 25% sales tax one of highest in world
2. Rain and wind, and dismal winter temperatures
3. Very high cost of living

5. Canada

1. Large with a diversity of places to live
2. Extensive government support (health care, welfare, etc.)
3. A strong employment market

1. A freezing 6 month winter
2. Very high taxes
3. Government coddling might stifle some

6. Finland

1. Free healthcare and education
2. Low crime rates
3. Very little economic inequality

1. High cost of living
2. Long nights and short, dark days in winter
3. A lot of alcoholism (people drunk in the streets)

7. Netherlands

1. Great social environment
2. A cycling culture means no traffic woes and an active lifestyle
3. Thirty hour work weeks

1. Traffic jams and public transport cancellations
2. Expensive healthcare
3. Unpredictable weather

8. Sweden

1. High standards of living
2. Free, high quality education
3. Great government benefits (healthcare, welfare, etc.)

1. Institutionalised racism has been documented
2. Almost no diversity
3. Difficulty finding a home

9. New Zealand

1. Incredible, diverse scenery (think Lord of the Rings)
2. Very low levels of corruption
3. Easy-going lifestyle

1. Limited career opportunities
2. Distance from other countries
3. Everything is expensive

10. Australia

1. High minimum wage and great standard of living
2. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world
3. Abundant housing opportunities

1. High costs of private schools
2. Expensive health insurance
3. Very tight political control


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