Remittances and Expat Regular Transfers

If you live abroad and need to send money home, whether you’re a retired expat or an immigrant worker or whether your homeland is in Europe or Asia, we’re here for you.

Our company selection offers the best remittances providers for the following needs:

✓ Remittances: 

You’re working abroad and sending money home to family, friends, or your own domestic bank account. You’re looking for cost-effective solutions with great global reach, and you are looking to transfer money to a bank account or to a cash pickup.

✓ Expat Regular Transfers: 

You’re living abroad and need to transfer money from home to support your current living situation. You are looking for payment institutions that can handle these transfers on a regular basis with no hassle and no fees along with a winning exchange rate.

✓ Moving Pensions or Mortgage Payments

Pensioners who move abroad for retirement, people who relocate for work purposes, and foreign investors who have mortgage payments to make in a foreign currency can all use the companies below for these purposes. In fact, these scenarios are their specialty.


Case Study: NZ Expat


Prashant Lal, New Zealand expat


Sends money back to New Zealand and Fiji to support his family and in-laws as well as pay off the mortgages on two properties


Every month since September 2014


Remitting money home using the services of OFX

PlalPrashant Lal, an employee of OFX, moved to Australia for work in September 2014, bringing with him his partner – 28 years old, Manisha.

Originally from Fiji, Prashant moved to Wellington, New Zealand at age 13 where he lived for 12 years. In September 2014, Prashant was offered a position with OFX in Sydney and he and Manisha decided to make the move.

Having never been to Australia, Prashant was initially concerned about how to transfer money to begin setting up his new life here. Although he was able to set up an Australian bank account with his current bank, bank transfer fees between the two accounts remained high.

As I was about to start a job with OFX I decided to give the service a try. I looked into how much I was going to be saving compared to transferring with my bank and it was quite a substantial difference! We decided to use OFX to transfer money into our Australian account to help pay for moving costs such as our flat bond, new furniture and groceries until we received our first pay packets.”

Supporting Family Back Home

Impressed with the savings he was enjoying, Prashant began making regular transfers back to New Zealand to help support both his parents, still living in Wellington.

Having lived with and near my immediate family my whole life, it was a big step to move away from them to Sydney, so I decided to send money back regularly in order to continue supporting them. My wife and I also send a monthly amount back to her parents, sister, and nephew, which goes towards paying for utilities.”

We also own two properties in Wellington, which we are renting out. We use OFX to top up the respective mortgages and hope to have fully paid them off by 2025.”

A Proudly Recommended Service

When I set everything up I obviously compared the savings between my bank and OFX and still sporadically continue to do so, but OFX always comes out best. I have so far transferred about [$28,600] since September 2014 and I’ve made an estimated savings of [$1,000]. I proudly recommend the OFX service to any friends and family who are either travelling or relocating overseas, and continue to be impressed by the savings I make.”

> Read more about how you can remit money online with on our review here: OFX (Formerly OzForex) review, rated as one of the best online money transfer platforms by us.

Receive a Free Quote – OFX



More Top Remittances Service Provider Selections

  • Below are the top selections for people who need to remit money to developing countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil, or Poland.
  • If you need to have funds sent to wealthy countries in Europe, North America or Australia, click here.

Compare remittance transfer providers – bank-to-bank transfers alongside cash picks. Learn which companies are best suited for your requirements and needs. Send money home for 90% less than what you would have paid with traditional foreign exchange offices.

  • From: UK, USA, AUS, SA, EU.
  • To: Mexico, Thailand, Philippines and all Eastern, Middle East, and Central Europe.
  • Min Transfer:: £/€ 100
  • Automated Regular Payments Enabled
  • Sign Up to Receive Rates.
  • Online or by Phone
  • Bank to Bank Only
  • Top Quality:
    Best Service

  • From: UK, USA, Europe.
  • To: India, Middle East, Parts of South America, and Eastern Europe.
  • Min Transfer:: £/€ 50
  • Automated Regular Payments Enabled
  • Sign Up to Receive Rates.
  • Online or by Phone
  • Bank to Bank Only
  • Top Quality:
    Most Reliable

  • From: UK, USA, Australia and Europe.
  • To: India, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe.
  • Min Transfer:: £/€ 1
  • No Automated Transfers
  • Clear Pricing Before Sign-Up.
  • Online Platform Only
  • Bank to Bank Only
  • Top Quality:
    Cheap & Transparent

  • From: UK, Europe.
  • To: Globally - Dealing with 198 Currencies.
  • Min Transfer:: £/€ 1
  • No Automated Transfers
  • Clear Pricing Before Sign-Up.
  • Online Platform Only
  • Cash Pickup*
  • Top Quality:
    Widest Reach, Cash Pickup

* Azimo cash pickup option is available at the majority of destinations, but not all of them.


What makes these companies a great choice?

✓ Transfer online without having to go to your bank or foreign exchange office.

✓ Understand exactly how much are you going to get.

✓ Automated regular transfers can be set up with some companies.

✓ Wide global reach that enables sending money to even very remote locations in Africa, South America, and Asia.

✓ Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Approved Payment Provider, so you know that your money is safe.

✓ No upfront charge fees. You only pay in relation to the amount transferred.

✓ Satisfaction from fellow immigrants who used the service and high media attention and encouragement from established institutions, such as the World Bank.

Why are bureaux de change and banks a worse option?

 To trade with a bank you need to go through a lengthy account setup process.

 There is no personalised assistance in banks or in exchange offices.

 You don’t get a clear indication of the money you will receive in return for the exchange.

There are high transfer fees of up to £30 per transfer.

✗ These often have terrible reviews by clients online (true for most UK banks, Western Union, and Moneygram).

Read our FAQ page which addresses all concerns with international money transfers.


Remittance Provider Fee Comparison

Are the companies featured in this section really cheaper than traditional settlements like Moneygram and Western Union agents? The World Bank has a programme named “Remittances Prices” that has set itself a goal to reduce the remittances prices to developing countries that rely on that inflow of cash from its residents abroad (more on the remittances market here).

Below you can find statistics based on the World Bank Remittances Prices for 2017:

Example 1: Remit money online from the UK to Romania

TransferwiseTotal Cost 1.19% of total

AzimoTotal Cost 2.6% of total

Western Union (online): Total Cost 4.84% of total

Transfer- Fast: Total Cost 4.86% of total

Skrill (eWallet): Total Cost 5.67% of total

Western Union (Branch): Total Cost 12.58% of total

Xoom Money Transfer: Our research dictates between 1.5% and 5% in total of the total cost

On a 500 pound transfer you can save 56 pounds per transfer (data from World Bank)

(equals  based on Today’s Exchange Rates)


Example 2: Remit money online from the UK to Brazil

AzimoTotal Cost 2.4% of total

Small World FS: Total Cost 4.17% of total

MoneyGram (online): Total Cost 4.85% of total

MoneyGram (branch): Total Cost 7.59% of total

Western Union (online): Total Cost 8.22% of total

On a 500 pound transfer you can save 29 Pounds per transfer (data from World Bank)

(equals 2,535.6858 BRL based on Today’s Exchange Rates)



Example 3: Remit money online from the UK to Poland

TransferwiseTotal Cost 0.78% of total

Western Union: Total Cost 5.69% of total

MoneyGram: Total Cost 5.77% of total

Sami Swoi: Total Cost 7.99% of total

On a 500 pound transfer you can save 35 Pounds per transfer (data from World Bank)

(equals 2,470.1557 PLN based on Today’s Exchange Rates)


Example 4: Remit money online from UK to Thailand

TransferwiseTotal Cost 0.8% of total

Skrill (eWallet): Total Cost 5.5% of total

Western Union (Branch): Total Cost 11% of total

On a 500 pound transfer you can save 22 Pounds per transfer (data from World Bank)

(equals  based on Today’s Exchange Rates)

When remitting money from the USA to India, Thailand, the Philippines or other developing countries in Asia or Africa, companies like Ria Money Transfer or Transfast cost around 3% of the total costs, which isn’t bad but still much more expensive than the companies featured on this table that can accept U.S clients that send money home.

Newcomer: The Lebara money transfer service is breaking the market by offering very low margins and small fees on transfers from the UK to 13 different locations. It is even cheaper than Transferwise on the GBPEUR route.


Regular Transfers for Expats

Looking for regularly timed transfers, for things like pensions, mortgages or salary transfers?

We focus on regular transfers to popular expat destinations like France, Spain, Cyprus, and, of course, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

View Top Choices – Regular Transfers

  • Min Transfer (Regular Transfers): £100
  • Send to: The EU, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, Singapore & More
  • HQ: Moorgate, London
  • Automated Regular Transfer Functionality
  • Pay with Bank Transfer or Debit
  • Verdict:
    Most User Friendly

  • Min Transfer (Regular Transfers): £8
  • Send to: USA, Europe, Australia
  • HQ: City Road, London
  • Click on "Repeat" On Account Page to Repeat Transfer
  • Pay with Bank Transfer or Debit / Credit
  • Verdict:
    Expat and Immigration Oriented

  • Min Transfer (Regular Transfers): £1,000
  • Send to: The EU, USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, China, Japan & More
  • HQ: Millbank, London
  • Automated Regular Transfer Functionality
  • Pay with Bank Transfer or Debit
  • Verdict:
    Most Recognizable

What makes these companies a great choice?

✓ Easy sign-up is available on the website.

✓ You can choose whether to use an online platform or telephone.

✓ Automated regular transfers can be set up.

✓ Personal currency assistants for each client.

✓ Wide global reach, allows for accepting clients from most countries, and dealing with most currencies.

✓ Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Approved Payment Provider.

✓ Charge no transfer fees.

✓ Will beat a bank’s Buy / Sell rates any day of the week.

✓ Expertise in immigration and the transfer of pensions, mortgages, and salaries is avaliable.

✓ Great client reviews can be found across the web.


What makes banks a worse choice?

Not easy to sign up. You can only figure out the rates once you’re a client.

No personalised assistance is avaliable. Private clients don’t have direct access to currency dealers.

Non-transparent fees, consist of fixed transfer fees, commissions, and exchange rate markups.

✗ High transfer fees of up to £30 per transfer are charged.

✗ Worse exchange rates than commercial firms.

✗ Often, terrible reviews by clients online.

Word of Advice

 Beware of Honeymoon Rates: Some remittance companies will offer you tight margins for your first transfer, but as you use them more frequently, these margins will increase. Make sure to convey to any company you’re dealing with that you will expect the same margin for future transfers, and take a minute to compare between each transfer’s exchange rate and the real current currency exchange rate.

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Discover Even More!

Our comprehensive 100+ page guide will help you unveil everything you want to know about money transfers. Our magazine will provide free content tailored for you about immigration, expatriation and remittances. Use the links below to reach them!

Last Words on Sending Money Home

In a world that gets more global every day, opportunities are increasing and cultural boundaries are becoming meaningless. Indeed, as “the global citizen” concept takes more and more importance, millions of people relocate to remote places to work, live, discover, and pursue their dreams. As this movement entails opportunities, it usually yields financial gains and drives up international money transfers and remittances.

While some people send money home to help their families, others do so in order to invest their savings. However, regardless of the purpose, most expatriates rely on a bank or an international money transfer company.In fact more and more expatriates are opting for money exchange companies as they provide much more value than banks. They enable cost savings, risk limitation and quicker execution. However as hundreds of these companies have been created, it has become critical to identify the ones that maximise value.

Through our assessment, we could indeed detect some differences and we have carefully filtered and selected the companies that will satisfy any expatriate. As a result, Transferwise, MoneyCorp, Currencies Direct, and World First are all market players that will enable expatriates to make regular payments and hedge future exposure while providing them with state-of-the-art guidance and customer support.

Azimo and World Remit, in our opinion, are the best ways to send money to your family back home, and then pick it up as cash in India, Pakistan, Mexico, or Bangladesh. There is no other way to turn your pounds, euros or dollars into rupee, peso, taka, hryvnia, leu, zloty, lira or others. If you have already been using an international remittance company, then the reviews above will definitely provide you with insight and perspective. If you have never done it before, then your journey might begin right here!

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Mal N



I use moneycorp because I prefer the big household names. They’re alright, very responsive.


Where is World’s First? Best site.

Jeremy - ie

I transfer Euros to pound on a regular basis, currently residing in the great city of Barcelona.

I am paying 20 Euro per transfer, and about 3% in exhange rates. That means I get 950 Euro (value) for every 1000 Euro I transfer.

With either one of your featured companies, should I pay less? What is an FX company standard margin?

Kirk M.

Tried a few companies but I can surely say that, for smaller amounts (<1000 euros), Transferwise is the best option. This is how I get paid for my regular gigs. But for bigger paychecks, I highly recommend WorldFirst because I get a bigger saving overall.

Hope this can help other people.


Azimo is a great company and solution for money transfers here in India. Most of the people are using it and don’t really go to the banks for this type of services. You can send money with Azimo and have it picked up by the recipient in only 2 hours.

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