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Currency Solutions go above and beyond for their clients and as a result have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its users. The staff are pleasant and the transfer process is swift. Currency solutions have a solid online platform but the big value comes from the expertise of its staff and ability to place trades through an account manager.
92.6% Editorial rating.
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This Currency Solutions review will explain all about Currency Solutions exchange rates, offering, whether it’s best for corporate or private clients, how safe and reliable the company is, and whether you should consider it as a whole as your currency provider.

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Minimum transfer:
Fees & Rates: No Fees.
REGULATION: Financial Conduct Authority (UK) HM Revenue & Customs (UK)

Is Currency Solutions Reliable?

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
Company Size

Currency Solutions is a rather large Foreign Exchange firm, that unlike other companies who handle both smaller and larger payments, focuses primarily on large transfers.

With 135,000 registered clients and £6Bn transferred since its establishment in 2004 Currency Solutions has remained a trusted provider for 15 years and is especially recommended for large private transfers.

The company’s focus is on service, and the positive reviews it has received really reflect that goal. In comparison to all other companies in this domain, it has received the least amount of complaints. Also our personal impression of the company is highly positive, every inquiry we had was addressed in the most professional manner within hours.


Highest ranked company under the “Money” category by review mega-site TrustPilot:


When a company is operating for over 10 years, with 135,000 retail and personal clients, and there are 1,500 reviews online praising it, with close to no complaints, you can rest assured it’s a trustworthy company.

90% Credibility Score.


We went to visit their London Offices at Hobbs court over at Jacob street in London (close to the financial district of the city and the London Bridge). Our impression was highly positive. Everything is conducted in a professional manner and the team seems highly trained and efficient.

It should be noted that they are working closely with a payment processing company named Zoopay (, and we believe these companies have the same ownership.

Office Photos – Currency Solutions:



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Do Clients Like Currency Solutions?
Currency Solutions Reviews from Across The Web


There are 1,900+ client reviews on TrustPilot and ReviewCentre.

TrustPilot hhas Currency Solutions rated at the very top of the money category, with close to a perfect score of 9.9 / 10. There are literally no complaints. The vast majority of the reviews are 5 star reviews describing the perfect experience.

On ReviewCentre Currency Solutions rating is 4.75 / 5. There is a single complaint we could identify, and 61 positive reviews.

In total 99.9% of clients are recommending Currency Solutions, which is simply astonishing.

The single complaint we have received about the firm was successfully resolved. We were in direct contact with the company’s directors, who have later on met the client and has said they are extremely pleased with the outcome. Read more about our FX mediation services here.

Advantages +5

Clients love every aspect of the service provided by Currency Solutions. Often these things are mentioned:

  • Superb rate in comparison to quotes they have received from larger companies.
  • High flexibility on the company’s behalf.
  • Pleasant and polite dealers.
  • Helpful advice on the currency market that helped with saving.
  • Complete transparency.
Disadvantages -1

We could only find a single complaint through all our searches:

  • The claim is that the dealer was dishonest and made a trade at a different rate than agreed on.

It’s very easy to reach a conclusion in this case, since there are over 1,900 positive reviews, and 1 complaint. The conclusion is that Currency Solution offers the best service bar none, and deserve a perfect score in this category.

95% Client Feedback Score.


Currency Solutions Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees: No fees for transfers above £3,000.

Exchange Rates: The exchange rate offered by Currency Solution depends on the amount transferred, and the currency involved. Similarly to other brokers, there are no upfront quotes, as they often change. Instead, you can apply freely for a quote and be contacted by the staff within hours with an executable quote.

There are many testimonials that suggest that the quote provided by CurrencySolutions can beat other companies. It makes sense as Currency Solutions is a very specialised company, with little overheads and relatively small staff, and it is probable that very large transfers would induce very tight margins.

We also know that with certain currencies like the Brazilian Real – they have unique local partnership which allows them to quote much better exchange rates than competitors.

Limits: Limits: The minimum transfer amount is £1,000 which makes the service not accessible for those looking to transfer small payments or remittances. There are remittance-oriented companies that will happily take on smaller clients.

There is no upper limit at all for phone transfers but online transfers are capped at £20,000 for private clients. Business clients can trade up to £50,000 online.


It is reasonable to believe that the no-fee / tight margin combination will yield the best quote in the industry. The only downside is that the platform is limited and doesn’t allow larger transfers to be made. Given currency solutions focus on telephone transfers it’s possible, certainly for larger amounts, a better deal can be attained on the phone.

90% Fees, Exchange Rates.

Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
Offices: UK Cyprus

Translations: None.

Accepts Clients: Worldwide, with the exception of USA.

Currencies Handled: 29 appearing on website, but it’s possible to inquire about additional currencies.

Client Reviews: 99% of the clients who submitted their reviews online praise the level of support and service. Our first-hand experience with them was remarkable.


Currency Solutions is the expert when it comes to service, a fact we have already established in this review. The only downside in this category is the fact that there are not translations to the website. Even though it does accept clients from most countries, there’s a feeling it’s a tad UK-centric. Perfect for British expatriates particularly in Spain and Cyprus.

94% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score

Additional Functionalities

  • Forward Contracts. (Not limited to 12 months)
  • Participating Forwards.
  • Custom Structures for Corporate clients.
  • Protection Option.
  • Risk Reversal.
  • Contracts for precious metals.

The site is mobile friendly and loads perfectly on every mobile device and tablet, but an app is not a part of their offering.


A very strong area for Currency Solutions, which has custom offering based on the clients individual FX analysis.

94% Added Values Score

Currency Solutions Review
93 of 100 1 review
  • Credibility Score - 90%
  • Client Feedback Score - 95%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates Score - 90%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service Score - 94%
  • Added Values Score - 94%

Bottom Line

Our Currency Solutions review demonstrates that it is a great company to deal with. Excellent service, extremely high user satisfaction, and competitive and transparent exchange rates make Currency Solutions one of our top recommendations – and it has been such for the past 6 years.

Whether you are looking for a currency provider for your corporation, small business, or personal needs – if you have a significant requirement, Currency Solutions can fulfill it well.

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andrew pritchard

We have used Currency Solutions for a number of years, and although they can provide a good service it is not always flawless. On the last two occasions we have used them ( to transfer funds to the UK) they have failed to transfer on the due date to our account, which has caused us problems. They appear not to have any proper complaint handling protocols or procedures. Although they belatedly accept fault on the last occasion they still sought to avoid taking any responsibility for the consequences. A good company to use when things go right, but poor when… Read more »

Hussain Tutla


Did a GBP INR trade, they waited for the money to come in, Then stalled for couple of days. Then decided to reverse the trade. There was no discussion about this.

They then have spent over a week to “locate” the account the funds came from and to send it back there. Giving me a loss of over £400 and when complaining have told me pretty much do “do what you want”. whilst explaining to me the FCA allows them 8 weeks to “look into” any complaints

No explanation has been given.



These guys just took my money and closed my account without an explanation and charged me 50usd and yet to refund my money after 48hours which they claimed I will get my money back .

Guys please be careful.
This is becoming a pattern , I saw above that husain mutla also had the same issue .

Happy Customer

Flawless service and smooth transactions – could not be happier with them – professionalism and genuine care for their clients.


After visiting
Currency Solutions I found them very pro-active in the currency transfers


Flawless service and smooth transactions – could not be happier with them – professionalism and genuine care for their clients.

Arik Von Leiker

Really good. I often use them to send money to Scandinavia and Europe (Netherlands and Germany).

jorge bonalde


eudes rodriguez

El servicio es bueno, confiable, suelo utilizarlo a menudo para las transferencias.


I’d like to know the maximum transfer to Nigerian thanks.


Currency Solutions rated the best money transfer service provider Voted
100% by our users.


Currency Solutions rated the best money transfer service provider Voted
100% by our users.

Cyprus expat

We’re happy to say we’re Currency Solutions clients and have been for years. Fiona is our lovely dealer who transferred our funds for purchasing our dream home. She still takes care of transfers as and when we need them. Excellent company!


thankyou for the details, it is really useful


Thank you Lisa. Very helpful feedback indeed! Cheers!


How much it costs me to transfer money of 2M Euro from a UK Lloyd Bank Card to India .Are you tied up with Banks like Karnataka Bank ,Oriental Bank of Commerce or State Bank of India for transferring it my bank account in any of these ?


Not the best but surely not the worst -> the money arrived in 3 days. Too bad they don’t really work with small amounts. Otherwise I would have used them more.