Currency Index Review

Trading via: Telephone
International Clients accepted
Established: 2008
Currencies offered: 41
“Currency Index is the best rated small brokerage on our website. It’s t  important to note there is no online platform in place – all communication is made via email and telephone. A family office or wealth manager often prefer these types of relationships or just anyone looking for a personal touch. A lot of clients prefer to transact online (even larger transfer) – if that’s the case for you, have a look at World First.“
85% Editorial rating.
Aggregated reviews
Level of Satisfaction
Industry Awards
Minimum transfer:
Fees & Rates: No Fees if you use our link.
REGULATION: Financial Conduct Authority(UK)

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Is Currency Index Reliable?
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  • > Awards
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Currency Index Promotions
Do Clients Like Currency Index? Reviews From Across the Web
  • > Research, Pros and Cons
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Currency Index’s Exchange Rate & Fees
  • > Research: Fees, Guarantee, Exchange Rates, Limits
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Global Reach & Service
Additional Functionalities
The Overall

Is Currency Index Reliable?

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority HM Revenue & Customs (UK)
Company Size
Currency Index Ltd. (hereafter “Currency Index”) was founded in 2008 with the ambition to provide a better service than that with a bank and indeed , the currency exchange industry at large. Currency Index Ltd. has fewer than 20 staff, but manages to outperform much larger competitors by focusing on a specific client base and giving them a personalized service and tax savings opportunities.
Best Currency Company, OPP Awards, 2010 Best British Business Award, BBB, 2012 Corporate NTL Global Award Winner, 2014
Though it is possible to complete transfers electronically, Currency Index has no standalone online transfer platform. Instead, the company leads with communication directly by phone, email, and chat. This fact actually separates them from the rest in terms of individual attention from broker to client. So if you’re a UK resident or business, seeking out the best company to exchange currency, look no further than Currency Index..
90% Credibility Score.
Currency Index
Call: 01923 725 728
Exclusive to MoneyTransferComparison
Currency Index, a winner of a lucrative 5 star ranking on our website, now offers the following:
  • All international transfers are fee free. Receipts are also free of charge. This freebie is valued at £12-£17.
  • Large international money transfers, above £50,000, will be executed at a fixed margin of 0.495%. All Currency Pairings. This is the cheapest price in the market.

This offer is exclusive for – To obtain it, Call: 01923 725 728, and mention us.

Alternatively, click here:

RECEIVE FREE OFFER from Currency Index

Do Clients Like Currency Index? Reviews From Across the Web

With over 1000 reviews on, which appears to be a very reliable platform but which we haven’t tested beforehand, and a 99%score, it seems clients certainly appreciate the service. ReviewCentre gave the exact same ranking based on 23 additional reviews. The fact it has won a UK Customer Award just recently definitely backs up the claim it’s a service-oriented platform.
Advantages +4
Clients appreciate:
  • Comfortable Pricing
  • Friendly Staff
  • High Level Communication
  • Consistency of Service
Disadvantages -1
  • There are few reviews about the site and even fewer complaints. In fact, we didn’t find any. We went through the past 20 pages of reviews over at Reviews.Co.Uk but everything was glowingly positive.
Currency Index has uniquely cultivated a lot of satisfaction amongst its customers. Even though their reviews are somewhat few, those that are published tell us a lot about the remarkable service one could expect from Currency Index.
90% Client Feedback Score.

Currency Index’s Exchange Rate & Fees

Fees: Currency Index is in business to serve companies and individuals who are transferring large amounts of funds internationally. For transfers lower than £30,000, there is usually a £12 fee, discounted to £7 for Eurozone SEPA payments, and proof of payment is also available at request for £8. These are perhaps above average for private clients but given Currency Index make fewer payments each day than their larger competitors it’s likely they will incur higher payment fees themselves with the banks. Exchange Rates: For transfers under £50,000 there’s no fixed margin in place. Like with most companies, it would depend how much you transfer and for which currencies. Currency Index may not be the best solution for clients looking to regularly make transfers under £50,000. For large transfers above that mark, using our registration link, you will be entitled to a fixed rate of 0.495%, the cheapest in the market. Even cheaper than competitors like TransferWise which don’t offer dedicated dealers or hedging services. That applies for all currency pairings, and means savings of as much as 95% in some cases. For large transfers above that mark, using our registration link, you will be entitled to a fixed rate of 0.495%, the cheapest in the market. Cheapest than even competitors like TransferWise which don’t offer dedicated dealers, or hedging services. That applies for all currency pairings, and means saving of as much as 95% in some cases. Limits: There are no specified limits for Currency Index transfers. Our special deal with them makes transfers very affordable. Additionally, here’s information the company gave us about how they handle European payments and save money to clients.
A free transfer for all sizes, and a fixed low exchange rate for all large transfers? That deserves a near perfect score.
90% Fees, Exchange Rates.

Global Reach & Service

Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
Offices: UK Portugal
Ways to Contact: Email and Telephone. Translations: None Accepts Clients: Generally speaking, globally, with the exception USA. Currencies Handled: all. Client Reviews: 0 Complaints.
Currency Index is not the most global company we review on MoneyTransferComparison. They have offices in the UK and Portugal , but the exemplary service, done in a professional manner, really does convinces us things are optimally handled.
100% Global Reach, Availability, Service Score

Additional Functionalities

Currency Index uses a versatile take on Time-Option contracts to save their clients the most money over the length of their contract. Some companies offer more sophisticated hedging options on their websites. But I would expect that some of these might be available after a short conversation with your Currency Index representative.
Not offered and website is not mobile friendly.
Very nice offering for businesses but nothing beyond the norm for individuals.
90% Added Values Score

The Overall

Currency Index Review Summary
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