Relocating to another country is tough, as well as exciting. Those who have done so are aware of the charms and pitfalls, and some have managed to brilliantly portray their experiences in blog form. The following 20 blogs are our choices for each of their respective countries.


 Expat Blog of the Year Award australia

  Winner: Mia (A Swede Abroad)

Mia moved to Australia from the UK, having moved there from Sweden 5 years before. Why? She wanted a new adventure, with her British husband. It’s this sense of adventure (neither had ever visited Australia before the move) that makes A Swede Abroad such an engaging blog.

She’s another who is going “back” (to London), but her writing has kept us in touch with Australia for a year and a half, and we hope to continue reading about her undertakings in London.



 Winner: Gene (Expat Brazil)

Expat Brazil is a great blog about emigration and immigration, from both a personal and a universal point of view. The author, Gene, actually moved to Brazil back in 1964 for the first time, serving in the Peace Corps. Although he was drafted to the U.S. army a few years later, he returned in 1986 and has lived there ever since.

We chose it for the author’s passion and interest in the country, which makes it the go-to blog for anyone who wants to a) visit Brazil, b) move to Brazil, c) learn more about Brazil, or d) simply read tales of a very interesting life.



Winner: Emma and Stuart (Brown Bear Travels)

Emma and Stewart – authors of Brown Bear Travels – moved to Canada from the UK last year, with the idea of finding a job while using the opportunity to travel. They’re funny and adorable, and really do their best to understand everything about Canada (including the sports).

They’ve managed to uncover some of the hidden gems in Toronto and throughout the country, including all the bargains and freebies available to anyone on a budget.

We chose them for their excitement with every new day they spend in Canada.



Winner: Sonja (Riot Rules)

Sonja writes the blog Riotrules, and has done so for over a decade! Living in Shanghai, Sonja blogs about her travels around the world, reviews of books she’s read, snowboarding, and more.

Every post comes with quality photos, which truly do say 1000 words or more. The aesthetic beauty, along with the wide variety of the content, makes Riotrules our pick for China.



Winner: Alan  (Alan Hogan Art Garage)

Alan Hogan is the author of Hogans Blog. He’s also a painter and art expert. An Irishman living in Finland, Hogan shares his art along with musings over whether Ireland or Finland have the best Easter eggs.

Hogans Blog is full of dry Irish wit, which is why we love it, and therefore makes it into our top expat blogs.



Winner: Jennifer (American Mom in Bordeaux)

The American Mom in Bordeaux has a singular appreciation for her opportunity to absorb a “new” culture. She has been living in Bordeaux for 4 years already, but her enthusiasm for new experiences has not softened.

Jennifer brings insights into how to ease kids into a new country, as well as getting used to them becoming almost indigenous to the land.

Her unique descriptions and constant verve for French living made her the perfect choice.



 Winner: Victoria (The British Berliner)

Victoria is The British Berliner, a girl from Manchester in a city with barely any Brits. Being fascinated with culture, she is an accomplished traveler, and works as an intercultural life coach.

She has been featured in The Huffington Post, as well as many travel websites, and for good reason – her posts are funny, extensive, and cast a critical but positive eye on expat life.

We chose her for her wit in describing the highs and lows of a traveler across the world.



 Winner: Amanda (Olive, Feta & Ouzo)

Olive, Feta and Ouza is about Amanda and her family. Amanda lives in the Greek island of Rhodes, and gives a pretty full account of what she experiences as an expat, and a resident of Greece.

Not only does she write about her life and adventures, she tackles serious topics as well, such as the refugee crisis. Her eloquent opinions are not to be taken lightly.

We chose Amanda for her candidness and courage to tackle the hard stuff.



Winner: Shanon (A Kindle in Hong Kong)

A Kindle in Hong Kong is exactly as it sounds. Shannon is an American expat who always has her Kindle handy. She is also a writer, and has published nonfiction books about how she ended up in Hong Kong, travel memoirs, and her escape from student debt.

Shannon takes the time to review the books which she never managed to get around to before. These reviews, along with walking tours in Hong Kong, make up the majority of her posts.

Shannon was a particularly interesting choice, due to the innovative way she combines ingenuity with attention to detail.



 Winner: Jennifer (Open to Israel)

Another Jennifer, this one living in Israel, brings us the highs and lows of living in a country often beset by political turmoil and war. She also successfully shows us that it’s not a country defined by those things, and that life in Israel is pretty normal.

Of course, those things do have a very personal affect on her and her family – she wrote extensively about the period during 2014’s war in Gaza and, as a mother, contemplated her children and their required military service.

We chose her for the informative and emotional blogging that makes us feel conflicted and caring, and cry occasional tears of joy and sadness.



 Winner: Celia (Celia in Tokyo)

Celia in Tokyo is an Australian expat originally from a tiny dairy-farming town. Living in a city like Tokyo was her lifelong dream, and circumstances allowed her to fulfill that dream in March 2013.

Celia takes expert photos. She participates in a “weekly photo challenge” in which she posts photos around a theme. This allows her to show us around Tokyo, bit by bit, in a variety of different ways.

We chose Celia, because of the wormhole she provides for us to enter Tokyo with her.



 Winner: Stuart (Invading Holland)

Stuart is a British blogger who, with his distinctive wit, claims to have accidentally invaded Holland. He lets us discover the Netherlands with him, describing his adventures with a wide-eyed innocence that’s both charming and very very funny.

Invading Holland is full of insights about navigating a country in which you don’t know the language. Stuart is also a cartoonist, and his pictorial posts portray his reflections with nuance that cannot be expressed in words. We chose this blog for its both thoughtful and observant depiction of life for a Brit in a (not-so) strange land.



 Winner: Gisele (An Expat’s Noray)

Gisele was born and raised in El Salvador, but moved to Paris at the age of 18. Through a fortuitous series of events, she ended up in Norway, a move she has not once regretted.

It’s amazing how much she considers this country to be home, and is passionate about bringing its culture to people living around the world. As such, she makes it easy for anyone wanting to visit or relocate.

We chose G because she brings a vivid life to the page – her own and that of the Norwegians around her.



 Winner: Sine (Joburg Expat)

Sine lived in South Africa from 2010 until 2013, but still blogs about her experiences there. She does a particularly good job of clarifying the realities of living in a country, on a continent, that is often entirely misunderstood by outsiders.

Johannesburg, a city that is viewed as dangerous and unknown, is seen through her eyes as a “normal” city with its own very particular charms (mostly the sun).

Her clarity in describing the cultural context of the country makes her our choice for South Africa (also, her decision to name one of her daughters “Impatience” gives her a special appeal!).



 Winner: Mars Family (Mar{asia}ks)

In 2013, the Mar{Asia}ks moved to Ulsan, South Korea with their 2 pups, Minnie and Murray. Or, as they see it, it was the other way round. There they embarked on a great adventure, learning to love life as expats in Asia.

In case you’re looking to move abroad with your pets, they provide all the information you need, and how the experience was for them.

Unfortunately, they’re moving back to the US soon, but their (still growing) archive of South Korean adventures made them a must for our Expat awards.



 Winner: Suns in Sweden / My Swedish Life

My Swedish Life is the blog of a British mum, whose tongue is generally stuck in her cheek. Despite being caught up in working, studying Swedish, and parenting, Tracy takes time out to check in with updates about her expat life.

Although there are ups and downs, both to do with the country as well as life in general, we’re treated to insights and wit, keeping us entertained and coming back for more.

Tracy is fun and dynamic, and our choice for Sweden’s expat blog.



Winner: The Thailand Life

Tea in the Ancient World is, as you may have guessed, the tales of a tea fundi living in Thailand. John extensively reviews different kinds of teas, while giving us flashes of how they connect with his life.

John writes about his as a father, husband, and living as a monk for 2 months.

The fusion of tea leaves and Thai lifestyle makes John our favorite expat writer in Thailand.



 Winner: Suzanne (ChickenRugby)

Suzanne, aka Chickenruby, moved to South Africa from the UK in 2011. Then 4 years later she moved to Dubai. It was her husband’s work that took them from the UK, and then to Dubai, with her 2 teenagers. Leaving her job behind, she had to adapt to being a stay-at-home mum.

Chickenruby blogs about her interests, boredom, and volunteer work. She’s also working hard to clarify misconceptions about Dubai (wearing a sleeveless top while drinking Smirnoff).

It’s for her honesty in portraying the sometimes troubling and boring life of an expat’s wife that we chose her.



 Winner: Kamila (London New Girl)

Kamila, aka London New Girl, moved from Australia to London 3 years ago, and since then has been documenting her experiences. She takes us through her experiences as a young adult Aussie – active and constantly on the move.

Her blog is especially worthwhile, as she has extensive advice on getting and staying fit in London, finding your place, and traveling with pets.

Kamila was an obvious choice for us, with her very organised chaos proving fun and useful.



 Winner: Expat Aussie in NJ

Anne-Marie is an Australian expat who has lived in New Jersey since 2013. She is a mother of 2 and, aside from her move to the US, is a world traveler.

You’ll find expert advice in Expat Aussie’s blog posts. In fact, all you need to know when moving to New Jersey can be found in the archives, and that’s what makes this blog our choice.


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