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Below you can find a list of all money transfer reviews on Most of these international money transfer providers have been thoroughly reviewed by Money Transfer Comparison’s expert staff, and assigned a rating conveying the editor’s opinion about the quality of services they provide. We encourage you to read the full reviews, where available, to get a full understanding of the money transfer provider you are interested in.

International Money Transfer Providers List

Top 3 Money Transfer Service Providers, by Overall Rating:
Currencies Direct
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 39
  • Offices : UK, EU, USA, India, South Africa.
  • Our Rating : 97.8%
  • Most Global Offices and Reach

    No Fees from Anywhere

    96% Client Satisfaction
World First
  • Min Transfer: £/€ 1,000
  • Currencies Supported: 121
  • Offices : UK, EU, Australia, HK, Singapore. USA-based clients not accepted
  • Our Rating : 95.4%
  • Easiest Sign Up Process

    Great Online Sellers Offering

    Transparent Exchange Rates
  • Min Transfer: £/€/$ 100
  • Currencies Supported: 40
  • Offices : UK and Australia + Bank Accounts Deployed Globally
  • Our Rating : 93.4%
  • Friendly, Professional Service

    Corporate FX Expertise

    Superb Rates, No Fees

Additional Providers:

CompanyOur RatingRecommended forDescriptionVisit


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92.8%Medium to Large Transfers (Private and Corporate Clients)One of the oldest and most respectable currency companies in the UK. Known for providing outstandingly professional service.Visit Website

Currency Solutions

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92.6%Large Transfers (Private and Corporate Clients)Currency Solutions is the smallest firm out of our top 10 money transfer providers. The firm has more than 1,500 reviews with 99% satisfaction across the web and that speaks volumes about who they are and what they do.Visit Website


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92.5%Tech-loving corporate clientsAirwallex is a payment API with great rates and diverse functionality. Using Airwallex businesses can transfer and receive from abroad in 50 currencies.Visit Website

Global Reach Group

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90.6%Medium to Large Transfers (Private and Corporate Clients)Professional and Friendly. Highest Average Transaction Volume by Private Clients.

Visit Website


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90.4%Transfers of All Sizes: From Remittances to Large Corporate PaymentsHeadquartered in Australia and publicly traded on the ASX. Largest annual trading volume of 20bn. Recently rebranded and redesigned. Great online system and professional service.Visit Website


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89.1%Small to Medium Transfers, Online Only, No Dedicated DealersCurrencyFair is an innovative money transfer provider which has been growing and expanding ever since its inception in 2010. The company’s online trading system has sophisticated functionalities to match between currency exchange in both directions..Visit Website


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86.8%Remittances and low-value TransfersFixed, low, rates. Easy sign up process. Good reach. High credibility. No dedicated dealers, regular payments, or derivatives.Visit Website


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85.5%B2B Transfers, Overseas Payments to Freelancers, Receiving Money from Abroad as a Freelancer or SME OwnerA truly comprehensive and unique solution for business to business payments (including sole proprietors and freelancers). Using Payoneer you can pay your overseas employees or receive money from your overseas employer.Visit Website

Currency Index

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85.0%Larger Transfers (Telephone Only)A smaller firm with a genuinely nice and helpful staff and great reviews online. High level of availability and great communication. Boutique firm with limited functionality.Visit Website

Lebara Money Transfer

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82.0%Small Transfers, Remittances, Cash and Mobile TransfersLebara is a giant in the mobile prepaid cards area, and it has recently ventured into international money transfers. Very trustworthy company and good feedback about the service being offered.Visit Website

Key Currency

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81.1%Medium to Large Transfers, Corporate and PrivateKey Currency has a great website and online system, as well as good rates and overall a great service. Similar firm to World First just on a much lower scale.Visit Website


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80.4%Business Transfers, Online OnlyKantox offers businesses to transfer money abroad for seriously great margins using a transparent pricing system.Visit Website


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80.1%Medium to Large Transfers, Individuals and Corporate ClientsCurrencyUK has been award the Best Money Transfer Provider by the British Bank Awards in 2018. A very smooth websit and sign up process, efficient staff, and good rates make it a worth-trying provider.Visit Website

Privalgo Money Transfer

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80.0%Corporate and private clients, large transfers of £4,000 or moreA new company established in 2018 which is still quite small but seems promising.Visit Website


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79.0%Small Remittances Transfers, USA OrientedTravelex is one of the best known money transfer providers for remittances and particularly in the USA, offering better-than-competitors rates on most currency routes.Visit Website

HL Money Transfer

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78.6%International Money Transfers (and investing)Publicly traded Hargreaves Lansdown’s money transfer services. Large and respected company that doesn’t have any particular speciality with foreign exchange.Visit Link N/A


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78.0%Remittances, Prepaid Travel CardsFairFX is a publicly traded company which is best known for its prepaid travel money cards, but also offers an international money transfer service.Visit Link N/A

Smart Currency Exchange

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78.0%Medium to Large Transfers, Corporate and PrivateSmart Currency Exchange has great feedback across the board by clients that have used it, good rates, and an overall good level of reputation in the industry.Visit Link N/A
#22Xoom Money Transfer
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77.8%Remittances and Small Transfers, Cash to Cash Transfers, USA and Canada OnlyXoom is a known online money transfer provider which supplies reasonable rates for small scale remittances outside the USA and Canada. Its rates are worse than of a specialised provider that focuses on higher-value audience.Visit Link N/A

Ria Money Transfer

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77.2%Remittances and Small Transfers, Cash to Cash Transfers, USA OrientedRia money transfer is a solid remittance provider for those who want to send small amounts of money online from the USA to a developing country, or a remote place in the world. It is a far cheaper option than using options like Western Union.Visit Link N/A

World Remit

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77.0%Remittances and Small Transfers, Cash to Cash Transfers, Widely GlobalWorld Remit is a great initiative that has helped immigrants to transfer money across borders for cheaper than before, with great global reach than before.Visit Link N/A


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77.0%Domestic Payments and Small Payments – App OnlyRevolut is a huge FinTech with over 6 million registered users. The rate at which it has grown is truly unbelievable. Revolut is definitely not in the mold of your standard money transfer company.Visit Link N/A


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75.0%RemittancesAzimo is an interesting company with a wide global reach and relatively fair rates and fees (in comparison with remittances providers). We have been receiving a lot of complaints about them throughout the years, and the company has made its utmost effort to address them.Visit Link N/A
#27Orbit Remit
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75.0%Remittances from £50 and upOne of the most promising remittances providers offering solid fees and exchange rates, comfortable-to-use website and app, and high level of satisfaction by clients.Visit Link N/A


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71.0%Remittances (USA based and oriented)Transfast is yet another remittances company focused on enabling immigrants to transfer money abroad online for a fraction of the costs of Moneygram and the likes. It serves its purpose well, but the spreads that its demonstrating are not always very competitive against similar providers like Azimo or World Remit.Visit Link N/A


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72.0%Small Remittances TransfersTransferGo has 8,000 reviews online with very high percentage of satisfaction. The fees are low, and the markup is only up to 2.2% per transfer. With a solid website and a helpful app, TransferGo can grow to become a serious contender in the remittances space.Visit Link N/A


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71.0%Medium to Large Transfers, Individuals and SMEsPureFX appears to be a solid FX firm, but it is not one of the largest or better known firms of this type. The firm incurs a transfer fee on transfers under the £3,000 mark making them expensive for such transfers per definition.Visit Link N/A
#31 (Foreign Currency Direct)

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71.0%Medium to Large Transfers, Individuals and SMEsAnother London-based firm focused on medium and large transfers. Great feedback from clients and strong offering on hedging. Large £15 fee per transfer.Visit Link N/A


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71.0%Transfers of all sizes – Individuals and Business – AustraliaInnovative Ripple-network money transfers company based in Australia with good user reviews but sub-par rates which is still relatively small and unknown.Visit Link N/A

Natwest Bank’s International Payments

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N/ANatwest Clients (UK)The only bank we covered on Money Transfer Comparison. Natwest is significantly larger than any commercial FX provider out there, and undergoes much stringent regulation. On the other hand, you would not get the same level of support with Natwest as you do with (good) commercial currency brokerages. Natwest’s rates have been consistently worse than any money transfer company we have tested.Visit Link N/A

Western Union (WU)

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N/ARemittances – Online and on Branch, Receive in Bank Account or CashThe largest and most global payments provider out there bar none. Western Union can reach regions other, smaller, providers, simply can’t. On the negative side, Western Union’s rates are in most instances worse than their online-only competitors and have been subjected to criticism for their ultra-wide margins in some currency routes.Visit Link N/A

Foremost Currency Group

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N/AInternational money transfers, focusing particularly on high end transactions.A relatively small, UK oriented, FX provider. Great reviews by clients, but very limited reach and selection of currencies..Visit Link N/A


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N/ARemittances – Online and on Branch, Receive in Bank Account or CashThe second largest money transfer provider in the world with hundreds of thousands of branches across the globe. High fees and sub-par rates on many currency routes.Visit Link N/A

XE Money Transfer

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N/ATransfer of All Sizes, Corporate and IndividualsThe largest provider of online currency qutoes has expanded to international money transfer using HiFX white label services. Mixed reviews from across the internet.Visit Link N/A

Voltrex FX (VFX)

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N/AMedium to Large TransfersVFX is a rather large provider of international money transfers with several firms operating under the brand, and employees, supposedly, hundreds of professionals. We have not been able to find any client feedback or media recognition of the firm online.Visit Link N/A


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N/AMedium to Large TransfersWe have been able to gather very little information about EasyFX online or thorugh the firm’s website.Visit Link N/A

Post Office Money Transfer

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N/ATransfers of all sizesThe Post Offices’s money transfer services are white label services provider by MoneycorpVisit Link N/A

Virgin Money Transfer

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N/ATransfers of all sizesVirgin Money’s international money transfer services are provided by World First in a White Label model.Visit Link N/A

Halo Financial

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N/ALarge Transfers, Corporate PaymentsNo fixed fees. Rated 99% by clients. Great online platform. Professional service.N/A

The Telegraph Money Transfer

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N/ATransfers of all sizesThe Telegraph’s money transfer services are provided by Moneycorp in a White Label Model.Visit Link N/A

Veem Money Transfer

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N/APrivate client transfers – domestic and overseasVeem is a new startup that facilitates international and domestic money transfers over the blockchain network..Visit Link N/A


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N/ATransfers of all sizesAfex is one of the largest currency transfer providers in the USA, but their website is very opaque and their support has not addressed our questions.Visit Link N/A


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N/AMedium to Large TransfersAxiaFX is one of the least known money transfer companies we have covered on Money Transfer Comparison to date. The company’s new website is attractive and the quality of service seems good, but without appropriate volumes of client feedback nor media coverage, it’s difficult to recommend them over much larger competitors like OFX.Visit Link N/A
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N/AMedium to Large TransfersSendFX is an Australia-focused money transfer company with a smooth website and big promises which has been receiving great client reviews until now. The company has been established in 2019 and is still too young for us to recommend, as our preference is with companies with long history such as moneycorp.Visit Link N/A
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N/AMedium to Large TransfersTransfermate is a fairly large money transfer service operating for almost 10 years in a variety of currencies and countries, getting good feedback, and is on a growth trend. With that being said, there are not enough online reviews to testify for Transfermate’s exchange rates to assign an appropriate scoring.Visit Link N/A
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N/AMedium to Large TransfersLow fixed fees, great user reviews and rather comprehensive and unique offering by this 2017-established money transfer company.Visit Link N/A


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N/ATransfers of all sizes, private and corporate clientsHiFX is one of the best known money transfer providers in the UK. Massive trading volumes, massive staff, and being owned by a Euronet Worldwide which also owns some of the largest money transfer companies in the world.Visit Website

FC Exchange

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N/ATransfers of all sizes (Private Clients Only)FC Exchange has merged with Global Reach Partners to form the Global Reach Group.Visit Link N/A

Global Reach Partners

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N/ATransfers of all sizes (Corporate Clients Only)Global Reach Partners has merged with FC Exchange to form the Global Reach Group.Visit Link N/A

Who is Money Transfer Comparison?

We have been reviewing money transfer service providers since 2014 and pride ourselves in being the largest and most comprehensive website when it comes to reviews. We were also the first who came up with the concept – a money transfer comparison site whose focal point is the live rates offered by each provider, which is fairly easy to manipulate, but the trustworthiness of each of the providers. We have been receiving hundreds of positive comments on the site and have helped individuals and businesses transfer more than £300,000 abroad since inception. You are welcomed to read more about us on our about us page.

Here are some words about how the industry evolved over the past 5 years by our Managing Director, Alon Rajic:

When we started Money Transfer Comparison, there was a selected number of money transfer providers to choose from. Some of main players in the market such as OFX , WorldFirst, Global Reach or Moneycorp, had completely different focuses than they do today.

OFX had separate local companies in each country, World First just started building their online registration streamlined process, Moneycorp had a majority of their business still done on the phone, and Global Reach were serving corporate clients exclusively.  The largest money transfer provider of 2019, Transferwise was a small fry then, and the industry as a whole was doubtful the company would ever reach its critical mass.

The industry has definitely evolved and has become more competitive since these days and it bodes well with clients. Nowadays, money transfer reviews focus on different areas – the quality of online platform and smoothness of mobile app  – hence, even the smallest money transfer providers who have high aspiration, focus on these areas and they are significantly better than anything you could find 5 years ago. Additionally, the increased competition has lead to a “race to the bottom” and margins today are significantly lower than 5 years ago, almost across the board.

How do we create these money transfer reviews?

These money transfer provider reviews we have created have been based on a thorough analysis of each of the company’s websites, a comprehensive research and analysis in regards to the feedback each company has online, what has been written about the company in the media, and in most cases also via directly interacting with the company’s representatives. Additionally to the above, we are constantly getting feedback from content or disgruntled clients via email or our comment section allowing us to modify and improve the scoring and the review itself. We feel we give a well-rounded analysis of each money transfer service provider’s pros and cons.

How do you make money

In a similar fashion to almost any personal finance website on the web, such as Money Saving Expert, Moneysupermarket, or Finder, we get paid for introductions we make towards currency providers. Upon clicking on certain links on our website, a reader is referred to a company with out referral ID. We only establish such referral deals with our most recommended providers after they have passed meticulous testing.

How is this page different from top-list on your homepage?

This page details all the providers our staff has reviewed since 2014. This page is destined for people who want to see a wide array of options and a myriad of money transfer providers with different purposes. On the contrary, our homepage is mostly focused on our main target audience – individuals and businesses who need to move tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds (or equivalent). Our homepage has a smaller subset of only the best money transfer companies for the aforementioned purposes.

Do we intend to add more money transfer reviews to this list?

The answer is maybe. We are constantly being contacted by money transfer providers who are eager to be added to our list of global money transfer providers (and specifically to our top 10 money transfer provider list), but we are currently only be considering to review providers that demonstrate large transfer volumes and offer something else our current recommended providers don’t demonstrate.

Are these all online money transfer providers?

The short answer is that the vast majority of the providers appearing on our list have a solid online platform for money transfers, but not all of them. Some of the companies listed have no online platform at all (example: Currency Index) and some have a simplistic platform that doesn’t allow clients to conduct big transactions. We recommend that you will delve into the international money transfer company reviews of each company if you are considering to use it and want to see what we think about its online system.

Is the entire list composed of UK money transfer service providers?

No. Most of these companies are registered in the UK being the central hub of international money transfer providers, but some are registered elsewhere (example: Currencyfair in Ireland or Xoom and Afex in the USA).

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