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All Currency Transfer Service Providers List

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Review PageOur ScoreShort Description
World First Money Transfer Review97.80%Our top rated money transfer provider since 2014. Excellent service and rates, in addition to a very smooth sign-up process and a very intuitive online exchange platform.
Currencies Direct Review95.20%Currencies Direct is one of the largest and most established Foreign Exchange companies. Currencies Direct has dozens of offices across the globe, and ultra-friendly service that goes above and beyond for their clients.
TorFx Review93.40%TorFX offers a fee-free transfer with superb exchange rates, as well as exemplary client service. With over 100 in-house traders with more than 350 years of FX experience, and a 24/7 international service number, when you transfer with TorFX you would always get the support you need, on time.
MoneyCorp Review92.80%One of the oldest and most respectable currency companies in the UK. Known for providing outstandingly professional service. Holds an offshore banking license alongside its FCA authorisation.

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Currency Solutions Review92.60%One of the top currency firms in UK, with a specific focus for high-value transfers. Can offer tighter margins than others, and definitely exemplary service. Recommended by 99.9% of the clients who submitted online reviews – described by them as the most honest, friendly, and professional client service.
FC Exchange Review90.60%FCExchange is a great option for private clients because of the level of support it offers. Reviews about it online are unanimously positive – people just love dealing with FC.
OFX Review90.40%An Australian publicly-traded money transfer giant with one of the most extensive setups in the currency world. A really work-of-the-art platform, rates which can’t be beaten and a responsive staff.
Halo Financial Review87.00%Highest levels of professionalism. An ultra-smooth process either online or by telephone with very competitive rates and extra care for detail!
Transferwise Review86.80%Transferwise is one of the most promising startups in the UK at the moment. It raised in excess of £200m and is already boasting £1bn in currency exchanges every month. It is transparent, intuitive, and friendly. Great rates for all transfer sizes.
Currency Index Review85.00%Currency Index is a small boutique firm with excellent rates and ultra-professional customer service. The firm does not offer an online money transfer platform but does offer the type of friendliness and warmth you’d expect to find with a smaller firm.
Global Reach Partners Review82%Global Reach Partners is a solid, reputable, FX firm who is mostly geared at UK-based corporate clients, but is also recommended for UK-based private clients and British Expats abroad. They have a very wide offering and supposedly excellent service for all clients. A great choice.
Lebara Money Transfers82.00% Lebara is a relative newcomer but it is storming the market by offering the cheapest rates for the time being (combined with a first free offer promotion). Lebara’s parent company is quite big and established and we anticipate to see them being market leaders in the near future.
Payoneer Review81.5% Payoneer offers a truly unique solution for freelancers and businesses that need to receive a payment from abroad. You can withdraw funds from your Payoneer account directly into a Payoneer-issued Mastercard, making it a perfect solution for the unbanked across the globe, while providing a seamless solution for businesses that need to pay freelancers abroad.
Key Currency Review81.10% Key Currency is by no means the largest or most well-known company in the currency industry, but they appear to be a very solid company. Their main advantage is a knowledgeable staff with many years of experience, and personalised service to clients of all levels (including small private clients). It is worth checking out their pricing by signing up free of charge.
CurrencyFair Review80.40%

 Currencyfair is an innovative company in a very non-innovative space. What keeps it apart from its competitors is its Marketplace functionality that allows prospective clients to search for a peer to peer match for their transfer, resulting in very low fees and great rates. It is generally praised by its clients who appear to be happy with the service they have been provided with.

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Kantox Review80.40% There’s a big hype about Kantox and it seems like the industry is highly appreciative of its innovative idea. It’s biggest selling point – comfortable, fixed, pricing which is far cheaper than what other online competitors offer. It’s second biggest selling point – easy to use technology including hedging directly through the online platform (unavailable everywhere else). Its weak point – not enough track record and no client reviews were found. Out verdict – worth checking because saving could be potentially huge.
CurrencyUK Review80.10% CurrencyUK is a good trustworthy firm running from 2000 with hardly any complaints to be found about it online. It has above-the-average offering, mainly for corporate clients, and is sure to offer a great service. Still, it not our most recommended company because it’s not one of the largest firms in existence, without any international offices, and without even an online trading platform. Overall, a good choice.
HiFX Money Transfer Review80.00% HiFX is a very solid choice for money transfers. With 20 years in operation, 8 worldwide offices, and €100bn transferred, it is extremely reliable. Clients are consistently happy with the service they have received. The downsides? €9 in fixed fees per transfer, and a terrible app.
Travelex Money Tranfer Review79.00% Travelex is a highly reputable company, which uses a white-label version of UKForex for its money transfer services. That means you’ll get a good service and good rates there, but pay fixed fees on small-sized transfers. We advice going directly to UKForex instead of dealing with a company using them as their providers.
FairFx Review78.00% FairFX has great rates, strong reputation, and high level of professionalism. Still, it has a different focus than international money transfers – its world renowned prepaid currency cards. When it comes to bank payments, it has a few disadvantages: It has a single UK office, limited selection of currencies, and seemingly a more complex sign up process than its competitors. We think it can be a good choice but it doesn’t come in the most recommended FX company.
Smart Currency Exchange Review78.00% Though it isn’t the most global or sophisticated service, Smart Currency Exchange has some perks. Professional dealers who are not getting paid in commission to stretch out the margins. Strong hedging service for businesses. Overall good client satisfaction. On the other hand, there are transfer fees for smaller transactions, and most importantly – their website isn’t friendly at all, and in particular to mobile devices. It doesn’t even enable clients to send regularly timed transfers. Overall, it’s a professional firm with many advantages and two main disadvantages – a solid choice.
Ria Money Transfer Review 77.20% Ria money transfer is a solid remittance provider for those who want to send small amounts of money online from the USA to a developing country, or a remote place in the world. It is a far cheaper option than using options like Western Union. On the other hand, if you’re sending money to locations like Europe you could use companies like World First or Currencies Direct which offer cheaper rates and more personalized service.
World Remit Review77.00%

 World Remit accepts clients from more than 50 countries, and sends to 120. Similarly to Western Union’s business model, the target audience are immigrants and expats, sending small amounts of money home. World Remit definitely does it better than the industry giants by incurring less fees, and making the entire process hassle free.

We had some bad reviews here so we had to lower the rating.

Axia FX Review77.00% We think Axia FX could be a very good company, but without appropriate media coverage, and enough client reviews online, we cannot recommend it.
Azimo Review75.00%

 Azimo offers a much cheaper solution for cash transfers than anyone else. For bank to bank transfers its rates are just about average, while for cash remittances they are definitely one of the cheapest around. We are receiving a handful of complaints about issues with the service but the customer service crew is extremely efficient and respectful, which makes use feel like there is someone there for any inquiry or issue.

We had some bad reviews here so we had to lower the rating.

Afex Review75.00% Mega-large USA-based company that works with large corporate clients, and even national treasuries. In theory this could be the cheapest choice for large transfers, but we have found 0 client reviews to verify that assumption, and in fact the only review we have on our website indicates poor rates. Until there’s a lot more testimony online about their services, we suggest using other companies.
Transfast Review71.00% Transfast is definitely an OK firm for US based immigrants who need to send money home to their families in Asia or South America. For all other uses, the exchange rate spreads are too high, and service has too many complaints for us to recommend this firm.
PureFX Review70.10% When it comes to large transfers, which is our main focus – we prefer other larger companies with better reputation and offering. When it comes to large transfers, we prefer FX firms that don’t incur firms. Still, PureFX is a worthwhile company with excellent client feedback and could be worth testing. Review70.00% (Foreign Currency Direct) can be a decent choice if you were referred to them by anyone. The firm isn’t particularly large or global, but has good client reviews and appears to be trustworthy. They showed a good level of transparency by collaborating with us, as well. One thing you should be aware of is high fees of £15 for all transfers (besides really large £50,000+ transfers). All in all – it’s OK.

Natwest Bank Review (International Payments service)Pending
 Natwest bank is a British bank with more than 1,000 branches spread across the UK. It is a respectable establishment with more than 50 years of experience. Among its services, Natwest bank offers an international payment service with fees ranging from £10 to £30 per transfer, and exchange rate markups which are worse than what our recommended foreign exchange companies offer.
Western Union ReviewPending Western Union is the original money transfer transmitter, with bigger turnover than any other commercial money transfer provider. It has access to more currencies than any other company in the world, and is able to offer cash pickups almost globally. On the other hand, its rates and fees are not always welcoming and client-friendly.
MoneyGram ReviewPending MoneyGram is one of the most familiar names in the money sending industry, period. It has an immense global reach and 80 years of experience. ReviewPending XE is one of the world’ largest and veteran currency rates websites in the planet, and its money transfer services are white label of HiFX. The review is pending rating. ReviewPendingGain Capital is a global leader in foreign exchange, and is their international payments new subsidiary. ForeignExchange only started off in 2017, so there’s a lot more data to collate before assigning a rating.
VoltrexFX ReviewPending VFX has no client reviews, no media recognition and a website which doesn’t even load well on mobile. On the other hand the company boasts 10 years of experience in the FX field with a veteran staff.
EasyFX ReviewPending EasyFX provides very little information on its website, and there are no client reviews around, so in spite of a great online platform and app we cannot really give it any ranking.
Post Office Money Transfer ReviewN/A [White label company]
Virgin Money International Money Transfers ReviewN/A [White label company]
The Telegraph International Money Transfer ReviewN/A [White label company]
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