Aggregated User Votes

Matt Di Vincere (Chief Editor)
Last Edited May 22, 2022

Our Aggregated User Votes works in the following fashion –

We added this function to our reviews starting from May 22, 2022 when we moved into a new design layout.

When we added it, we have “injected” all the user reviews we have collated from other sources such as TrustPilot, Google Reviews, and so forth (including our own reviews in this website). Each positive review turned into a “thumbs up” vote, and each negative review was translated into a “thumbs down”. We don’t plan on making any more “vote injections” after this point.

Now that the component has been implemented and introduced to our audience, we let readers on do the voting internally. If they like a service they can vote it up, if they dislike it, they can vote it down. We do not use any special means to prevent fraud* on this vote but if we identify what we believe to be malicious activity (fraud by either the company reviewed or competitors) we will reset votes in this period where we suspect frauds have been made.

* Other than limiting number of votes to 1 per year based on IP and Browser checks.

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